The countdown is on.....

146 days....9 hrs....15 min.....

have you even started shopping?
even thought about it?

i bought my first 2 a few days ago....

i was really thinking about doing a 
"preppy Christmas swap"
anyone interested?

-with the economy the way it is &
so many people effected by the oil spill
we could keep it to a $20 min (before shipping)

takers? thoughts? 



  1. Ooh a Christmas swap sounds fab! And preppy too? Delightful!

    I have bought one gift thus far. And am very impressed with myself! Ha!

  2. Hey girl!

    I love the preppy Christmas look! Anything with lime green and fuschia is so fun and cheerful. Normally, I start my Christmas shopping in July because I have so many to buy for. I'm hoping to get on the stick this coming month.

    A few people, from North Alabama, told me that the press ruined all of the Gulf's business by reporting false information. That all the beaches were ruined with the oil. Some of my friends and family members went ahead and went down anyway. They reported to me that the beaches are clean and the gulf was just as beautiful. We had a condo reserved for the first part of the month. I only had a month to cancel, so I could get my deposit back. We were afraid that 1-we'd just be in the way and 2-we have children and didn't know what we would be exposing them to. I hate it now that we cancelled. I absolutely hate it for everyone down in your neck of the woods. If there's one thing that is for sure, us Alabamaians find a way to survive anything. Our thoughts and prayers are with y'all in the gulf area.


    Thanks for coming by and visiting me. You've got such a cute blog.

  3. A Christmas swap sounds like fun! As for shopping, I think I've finished it for the three younger ones...

  4. Sounds fun!
    I bought my first item last week. I love trying to get mine out of the way before the malls get to crowded.

  5. I think about Christmas 24/7! LOVE IT! And i'm in - preppy christmas swap sounds perfect!

  6. Bah humbug. ;)

    A preppy swap for the holidays sounds like a lot of fun. I have not even begun to think about the upcoming holidays...and I know they'll come fast (like they do every year). This year will be a really creative Christmas considering we're making less than half of what we have been making. Sometimes, however, less is more...

  7. Good idea! I have started thinking about it and that's about it... the smart thing to do would be to get moving now!

  8. I've started my Christmas list!! I already know the "big" gift teenage daughter is getting and possibly what hubby and stepson are getting. Everyone else will be gravy! Love love love the preppy Xmas swap idea!

  9. A preppy Christmas swap sounds great to me!!!

    I too, think about Christmas all the time! I have my list made and my list is growing for our family/friends!

  10. i love a good swap....especially a christmas one! count me in!

  11. That would be so fun! I actually was in Tuesday Morning last week and picked up two huge Christmas decorations! Great time to buy them!