GUCCI sling backs or NBT's??

Ha!! Is that a serious question or what? Absolutely NOT!

If I were going for looks, like the past 37 yrs of my life I'd say Miss Saks, ring me up! {well maybe not that far cause I personally don't own a pair of G shoes, lol}

I am to the point that I need some shoes that I can stand in all day & at this point looks just can't stand in the way!! I refuse REFUSE REFUSE I tell ya to have fugley feet!! No corns or bunions happening over here!

So, what is your favorite comfort food shoe?? I bought a pair of Miphisto and well, those are good for a few hrs but too many.
I am seriously thinking of getting .... (((gasp))) these!

{if you need some google MBT, they are really good for you...
just don't look good for you!}

rather these...... waaahhhh



  1. Love the heels. *sigh*

    Tagged you! :)

  2. Oh, I know... I know... I am blessed with pretty feet BUT b4 you get all mad at me for that...I have the ugliest farmer hands you EVER saw.

    So, we're kind even that....

  3. haha I know what you mean!! Such a balance with the shoes... comfort or looks?? hmm.

  4. oh and thanks so much for your prayers!! They are most needed!!

  5. LOL....yeah....I am about to order my MBT's...... mercy......LAWD...help me!

    Kristen, you are so welcome sweetie!! XXOO

  6. Cool Gal- THANKS!! Let me go check it out!!

  7. Popped in from Lady Bloggers! I run and dance a lot, so I'd go with the sneaker!