I'd like to thank the people...

that are a big part of my life!!!
{i was pretending I was at the Academy Awards for a moment}
After a week of the new blog hitting the net I have been awarded 2 awards!! YAY & thanks to my new friends!! I don't think I knew many/any of you from my private blog {black hole} but at last I HAVE COME OUT!!

Thanks to Cool Gal over at It's the World I Know for the Sugar Doll award!

Now I have to list 10 things about myself and tag 10 blogs-
I am going to tag my first 10 followers
{if you've been tagged disregard but know I think you are awesome!}
1. photog
{stick around long enough & you'll see!}

2. ocd a tad
{everyone is a tad, right?}

3. wine cork collector
{big collection & sadly that are ALL mine!}

4. scrapbooker
{my life is scrapbooked expect the last 3 yrs,
and it's in the works}

5. always smiling
{always, always}

6. never meet a stranger
{never ever}

7. don't use ugly words
{for 16 yrs clean mouth}

8. love chirstian & oldies music
{great combo!}

9. i stick to my word
{always no matter what, unless I forget,
which I do sometimes}

10. always compliment people
{it may be the only kind words they hear all day!}

I tag:
1. Beth @ Social Climbers
2.Melissa @ Our Blessed Family
3.Holly @ A Cajun Belle
4.Sue Mac @ SueMac on the Run
5. Tara @ Thats Why Her Hair is So Big
6. Michelle @ Shell Sells
7. A Preppy Princess
8. Katherine Bee {WHY can't I find your link!!}
9. Kate @ Southern Belle Simple
10. Kristen @ Lady Bug Blessings

And then there was another AND I CANT' FIND IT!! I cant remember whom it was from!!
If you tagged me, please let me know...

i feel this little!!
{well even smaller but you couldn't read it!!}

Thanks to all my new followers! I will come visit you all tonight when I get home....
A girls gotta do what a girl don't wanna do...
that ugly 4 letter word...

w o r k!



  1. I like your list esp the Never meet a stranger...that explains a lot about you.

  2. Great List!!

    ~Perhaps Me

  3. thank you darling!!!!! i feel so honored! love your adorable blog so much!

  4. Aw! Thanks cutie. Like your list, very cute

  5. Congratulations on the award. You are very deserving. Running late to babysit with one of the grands but I'll be back later.
    Blessed afternoon. Stay cool. 102 in Augusta, GA

  6. It looks like this is a week of well deserved awards for you. I mentioned you on my site as well. http://laura-outloud.blogspot.com/

  7. Congrats on your lovely award!!! Love the way you started it off! Classic!