It's been 19 days since I Facebooked and...

Lawdy lawdy.... I had to delete!!
This was meant for another blog, sorry!
If you read my family blog, that's where it's at:)

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  1. I'm tired of reading other people's drama stuff. It just keeps coming and coming and always from the same people. And then there's the stupid ridiculous updates and the self promotion. Maybe that's what FB is supposed to be all about and there's something wrong with me! Either way, I rarely go there any more and I have no idea how to unfriend a person and I'm not willing to take the time to figure it out.

  2. HAHA, I have to say "most" of my FB encounters are positive....but not everyone feels the same way! :-)
    Come follow me over at Shopaholic In Alabama - I found you through CarolineGrace on twitter. We just might be neighbors! XOXO

  3. my niece tried to teach me facebook today. I told her, I'd do the basics, but forget it...with blogging and commenting and posting and visiting...no way I can take another thing on. I've heard people blog, twitter, and FB...and how do they do it all?????

  4. I personally have never had words, issues or anything with anyone.
    What bothers me is what I read they people say about others/how they talk trash/befriend people they DO NO KNOW...ugh I could go on....LOL
    I think tomorrow I may blog about FB pet peeves!