Oh Drama Book......I mean face book...

Seriously....is there anything too personal that some people
are not afraid to share?? {as their status} I try to stay away {I was a HUGE 24/7 FB'er}
but the things I would read would make my hair stand up and leave my blood pressure boiling!

{click to enlarge full screen}

here are my top 5:

just because you know me doesn't mean you know my husband/child/ mother/uncles cousins neighbor!
{when they don't accept, DO NOT RESEND!!!}

umm hello....whom did you tell your every move to before face book??

well, here's a thought: instead of telling the entire world wide web that you have ISSUES, get off face book and work on the problem!
{yeah, you only thought it was complicated...now that you posted that, let's see how "complicated" it can really get :p }

TRUE STORY- someone posted the # of dirty diapers her child had had in a short period of time and how gross it was.....REALLLLLLY??? REALLLLLY??

yeah...let me post my profile picture of me in a string bikini....
{AND I have many of them and NO, probably shouldn't be wearing it...maybe
more like a MOO MOO}

LOL...now I will be probably update my status with something someone hates:)
It's been 21 days....I am doing GOOD! If you remove it from your phone, it
really helps and your a better driver as well!

so, what bothers you??



  1. oh my goodness, I couldn't agree with you more! There is way too much drama and TMI going on these days!

  2. Amen! The things people say on there just amazes me. One of the things that bothers me is submitting several lengthly status updates back to back. If you have that much to say, use a blog or the notes section of your FB page. I love twitter's character limit. Makes you be short and straight to the point.

  3. Yep!! I agree! Maybe they should make it to where you can only update ever so often....a limited amount of updates in a 24 hr period! LOL

  4. UGHHH I am really starting to hate facebook. It was nice when there was no newsfeed or status updates or applications or anything. I've gotten to the point where I'm deleting people if they're being drama queens or I don't talk to them or if I get too many Farmville, Frontierville, or whatever-ville notifications from them.

  5. i hate when people feel the need to share TOO much information about their periods....omg...we don't need to know that.

  6. I hear ya!! I would "hide" them and the game crap on my news feed but when I get on from my phone, THERE IT IS AGAIN!

    Seriously, who has time to plant FAKE peas when I don't have time to cook REAL peas!

    Sherri, OMG....yeah...save it please...gag

  7. I hate when people put TMI! Do people not really realize that it's out there for the WORLD to see? I know the little comic is supposed to be funny, but I have zero sympathy for someone who gets in trouble for oversharing. Seems common sense is not so common nowadays?

  8. So true! I'm constantly annoyed by all of the games that it seems like I block one application and yet another "-ville" has been created.

    And just for the record, Facebook, no I don't want to be friends with my ex from college. There's a reason we're not together 15 years later!

  9. You are sooo right, all of you! I've deleted so many people from my newsfeed, I almost don't have a newsfeed anymore. It is a reality dramedy, and I've turned the channel! =)

  10. I hide everyone who bothers me.... makes my life better! There's one guy who writes love letters to his girlfriend on her wall. Seriously, poems and stuff...... yes he's hidden. If Hub did that to me, I'd divorce him! (not really, but would be soooo mad!)

  11. Well said!! Thank you for this post. I couldn't agree more. My personal pet peeve are those that take politics to facebook to rant and rave about their opinions and stir up commotion. Or the "duckface" picture that girls do.

  12. LOL this is cracking me up! Esp when people friend me that I don't know (but maybe they go to church with my mom, or work with the hubs) I DON"T KNOW YOU!!!

  13. I don't get being friends with someone on Facebook just for the count. If I am not friends with you in real life or know you I hit ignore.
    And there is way to information shared by some people. I get the cute stories about the kids and vacations. And other random things but there is a point you go to far.
    I have a friend who a co-worker and friend of hers got bad at her and defriended her. Hello you are in your 40s grow up

  14. This is too funny! My husband says that I'm addicted and I guess he could be right! Had a person post all her business about her husband cheaing on her and she was soo devasted and didn't know how he could do that to her but yet she was in the relationship because she cheated on her husband. Ummm, hello - what goes around comes around...LOL! I have really though about deleting my account as well - if not, I'm about to seriously cut my "friend" list down to true friends and family (not my mother's, brother's, next-door neighbor's daughter that I meet one time! HAHAH!!

  15. I looked into Facebook one time and decided it just wasn't for me. I can't see that there's any point in it. I like the creativity offered by blogging. No interest what-so-ever in facebooking.

  16. I won't lie, I Facebook. But, I agree with you on all points. Especially the "me, me, me" stuff. Friends from high school have pictures of their cars & crap on their FB pages or they post things like, "Benz, Bentley or Beamer?" Um...really?

    No, I'm not jealous. I just don't think it shows much class to be "bragging" about what you have and what others don't have.

    I also hate people that want to have political discussions via Facebook. Um, no thanks.