pink & green thursday

So glad I stumbled upon Trish @ Pink Preppy Lilly Lover, thanks  for Pink & Green Thursday!

happy happy thursday friends!!
after composing this post, i feel the need to go shopping....
and i think i will:)

well duh.....
ofcourse PINK wine!
my absolute favorite is white zin, beringer to be exact!
i don't care how much is cost, i haven't found anything that i like
as much as this...and that's probably a good thang !

next, I own both of these...... every preppy lady need to own some Kiel Patrick James:)

when he first requested to follow me on twitter, i thought he was a stalker... LOL
turned out to be a pretty cool fella with awesome taste for design!

now my pampered pooch {yellow lab} doesn't own this but 1 of these may be in her future....

this can be found at Four Preppy Paws...how cute is that??

and all the following can be purchased from The Preppy Princess.... oh how that site is about to get me in BIG trouble....

i own several of these plates & bowls......love them!! i'd love to have this particular one for meself:)        

and if your a candle freak like myself, these cuties are always on stand-by!



  1. Oh my gosh - I love it all! Especially the collars - I think you should definitely get one!!


  2. White zin is my favorite too!! Except I drink Sutter Home, which is cheap!! But like you said, I don't care, it's yummy!

    What a great P&G Thursday celebrating so many adorable things! I have got to get some KJP earrings, they are so cute. And my puppy would love that collar, she's such a priss.

    Thank you for linking up today and commenting on my post for Trish :) Happy P&G Thursday, lady!


  3. I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog too! Yours is fantastic! I love when ordinary household objects like matches become something fancy to display! These are perfect.

    And Who Dat right back atcha!

  4. YAY! I am so glad you have joined us for pink & green thursdays! It is so much- you are going to love it! Thanks for following me sweet girl! Love, E

  5. Thank You Ladies....I must say, y'all are a great group of P&G's.... y'alls posts/images are great!!!

  6. Yes mam- I am in Mobile LOL Are you?

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  8. I love all these things too! Happy Pink and Green Thursday!

  9. Those collars are too cute!! It is about time for me to get another for my pet so I want one.

  10. I love those earrings! I might just have to get a pair!

    I also left you something on my blog today, check it out! have a good weekend!

  11. I love Berringer's too. I also found one by Gallo Cafe I love.

    The collars are to cute and Ms. Belle needs a new one. But I think she will get a Ole Miss one first since football season will be here shortly.

  12. My girl that invited me to Kiawah last week is a Beringer White Zin girl, too! She loves that stuff!