Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Now, I am not sure if that's Southern Slang or just plain
ole REDNECK!!!

1st, I won Lauren Nicole's Lilly giveaway last week-
this is what arrived in my mailbox!
the monkeys are too flippin cute!

thank you LN!! Your generosity is beyond measure! This is the 3rd giveaway
I have won from her-check her out ladies!! Great gifts!

Then last week I won 2 more blog awards.....
dang....I have been a "public blogger" for only 16 days...
never knew what I was missing with my private one!

1st I received:

Mucho Love-

The rules say that I am supposed to tell you a few (7-10) things about me & then
pass the awards on to 10 other great blogs that I love.
I once again will go with the next 10 that started following my new blog-

Things about me:
1. Today is 156 days til Christmas...I started my list at abt 12:30 am last night!

2. I am a list girl. I like lists. I need lists.

3. I just started working again after being "retired" for 16 yrs:)
Only been working since March 1st....ready to retire again, LOL

4. I never take out my diamond earrings. Although I think with football season coming up, I will be in the market for some very special fluer de lis ones...maybe..

5. I am only 4'11.....
yeah, I wouldn't make that up!

6. I have been married to my best friend for over 17 years & I am only 37
{how lucky am I? and he loves to shop...HELLO!}

7. I only wear Cajun Shrimp on my nails during the summer and
dark shades of brown in winter {or nothing at all}

8. I don't say ugly words....
never...no matter what!
{stopped the day my son was born}

9. I don't gossip.
{I try not to listen to it, hence my removal from FB}

10. I love JESUS & am not afraid to say it ✟

So, if you're still here after #10, then your my kind of friend!! ♥

The 2nd award was:

thank you sweet girl!! xo

Now I am suppose to describe where I will be in 10 years & pass it on to 5 bloggers-
{will go the next 5 that started following me cause I truly love
reading all my new followers blogs!!}

{I must say typing this will bring me to tears!}

-I will be 47 {mercy}
-I will have a 26 yr old and 23 yr old
{and the tears start!}
-I will have been married for 27 yrs
{tears of joy}
-I pray that my oldest will be finished with law school
{thats the plan now}
-I see my husband & I traveling alot
{we hate to leave our kids now}
-God willing, living on a boat
{that's out goal & has been for many years}
-Our plan, when the kids are in college, we will probably be
living in NOLA or the surrounding area {dock!}

To make this easier-I think these have made their rounds, so if I tag you and you were already tagged, forgive me:) you don't have to play along unless you just want to PLUS if you have gotten 1 & not the other, take the one you didn't get!

1. Bethany @ Maryland Pink & Green
2. The Empress @ Good Day, Regular People
3. Reyna @ Fashion Mist
4. Wacies Way
5. The Caffeinated Globe
6. Julie @ Brown Eyed Belle
7. Gwen In Love
8. Emily @ Love, E
9. Laura @ Laura- Out Loud
10. Cool Gal @ It's the World I Know
11. Sarah {your blog isn't showing on your follower profile}
12. Melissa @ The world according to Missy
13. Laur @ Sweet & Treats
14. JME @ Brunch at Julies
15. An Inquiring Mind

Thank you ladies for being some of my followers of
my new blog...
I appreciate it so much-



  1. I have an LP bag in the same monkey print...it's so fun! Congrats on your win.

  2. 4'11"??? You're cute and petite and I'm a big, fat cow...... pics will be interesting for sure when you come to the 'ham! (I have another 4'11" friend and I feel like a giant around her!) Oh, and I very rarely take my diamonds out, too....... very rarely.

  3. Thanks for the mention!! :) You are too sweet!

  4. Congrats on the two blog awards and that bag is just too cute! I love your list. And your public blog is great. I enjoy reading it. And you being at 4'11" I would definitely feel like a giant around you - I am 5'11".

  5. He loves to shop??? You lucky lady!!

  6. Thank you! You're the sweetest :)

  7. I love reading lists like this!! I realized last night I had 6 months until Christmas and I want to handmake all my gifts!! I am actually planning on writing a "handmade pact" and signing it, haha. I'll probably even post it on my site and let people join, who knows!

  8. Cute lists! And your Lilly winning is darling. Have a great day.

  9. Aww, thanks girl :) You are too kind.


  10. Congratulations on your awards! You deserve them. Love your choices...traveling and living on a boat. FABULOUS!

    Loved your FB post today too. :)

  11. Thanks so much for thinking of our blog. We really appreciate it.

    We have already been awarded the "Versatile Blogger" Award, so we accepted the "You're Going Places" Award from you.

    We will do a post about the award, your blog, and the passing along. It should be within one month. Once the post is up, we will let you know.