yesterday went a lil something like this-

{tks for your sweet comments/emails, they meant to so much!!}

i wake up at 2:28am...can't go back to sleep
{i decide to get up cause i am stupid can do so much with these few hours...ha}

mini-me is up and running at 5am....
little man not so much...
she was up late crying about new school...
he gets sick to his tummy b/c of new school....
he asks again please not to go :(

i am planning to go to my friends house for
mommas, muffins and mimosas after kids are at school...

we get ready to take mini-me and lil man is driving alone since it's the first day and he needs to get a feel of it before taking her {schools are right by one another}

he is upset cause his hair won't lay right.....
{it's the curls....}


he's off....i hold back the tears
{til he turns......}

i come in and am on my knees crying praying, the phone rings, it's HIM! 
he forgot his schedule...he's coming back!

now it's mini-me's turn but wait.....

hood up.....
ofcourse, there is smoke coming outta the hood....
{this pic was after i composed my self and the smoke
had subsided....}

tow truck comes and takes away my new-to-me car...grrrrrr
{last call from BMW repair center yesterday, est @ $700...not sure what else they found}

baby girl gets to school via daddys suv and is nervous with tears in her eyes as we drive..
{this is really where your thoughts and prayers pay off cause i kept it together}
til she got out.....

i go home and think THIS DAY IS GOING TO GET BETTER-
i take hubbys car and am gone.....
{not much time cause HE starts school today also....but not til the afternoon!}

i hit my favorite store, it's your 1 stop--loose-all-your-money kinda store!
i come home with-


and these go-cups cause no one is taking my tervis tumblers unless we live under the same roof!
we are HUGE saints fans & LOOK at the gulf coast ones..LOVE!
picture isn't doing justice but they have etched fluer de lis,
1 red wine glass for hubby and 1 white wine for moi!

yay, i am feeling better....
i go home...put on my correctionals MBT's
and go walking...everyones in school except me and the dog!!
i text lil man cause i think school is getting out soon...
no reply....
no reply....
i see him coming up the street as i am out walking..
he drives up and starts to explain....

his phone was taken up about 1 hr into school!!
his alarm went off in class...
he had one set for summer so he didn't sleep late...
ringer was off but alarm STILL sounds....
hopefully he gets it back today.....

LUNCH....he didn't see his friend so he didn't eat...
stayed in class and then the bathroom....:(
Lord, help me....

praying for nothing but happiness and ALL THINGS GOOD!
i am going to the dentist so when i am smiling, 
it will be a fresh white smile:)

and speaking of giveaways.....
let me just say that i love giveaways...
esp when i win:)
i won SIX over the past several days!
6....yes....i need to get a lotto ticket stat!

umm hello...it's got a flip flop on it!!

then i won a $20 credit to doodle bugs paper from The Tuckers Take Tennessee!!
Great stuff at her store.....I have her recipe cards.....awesome!!

then i won an inquiring minds cup of joe

LILLY CUP AND $20 GC to Starbucks...love love!

and then i won DC GOP girls giveaway
how fun is that??

yesterday i won Grammy Girlfriends book giveaway!
Def 2 books that I would love to read!

and then i got an email this am from my sweet friend Lori
over at Shopaholic in Alabama
and i won this!

from the Pink Giraffe!!

so, today is starting out on a better note:)
{it's not ALL about me!}

Be sure to enter my Dippin' 4 Diva's
Pamper Pack givewway below!


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