in less than 24 hrs....

I will have probably cried for an hour......

My kids will both be walking the halls of new schools
{1 high & 1 middle}

My heart aches {esp for my son} knowing they will be walking in somewhere
NEW....and..... A L O N E...knowing about 2 students in the entire school
{although mini-me has gotten out & met some kids, lil mr., has not}

He is driving her to school, which instead of praying for 1 to arrive safely, it's 2...what if he forgets to call when he arrives? 
{guess I will be riding by every morning!}

I know it's this time for everyone, if it hasn't already happened. 
I say a special prayer for all you mommies out there like me:)
Where does time go? 
HOW have my children gotten to 16 & 13? 
{I don't feel old enough to have teenagers!}

Tonight we are having a special dinner for them this evening.
{sure it will include lots of wine for me}

Mercy....now I will leave on a positive uplifting note:

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. (1 Pet 5.6-7)



  1. I feel your pain. I woke-up one day and my son was 13. I get emotional all the time knowing he will be gone in a few short years and I will be stuck with the mister (haha...). Seriously, it flies by so fast!

    I am thinking of your children and wishing them a great first day. As difficult as it may be, kids are resilient. I'm sure they will make new friends quickly.

    Chin up, my friend. It will be okay! :)

  2. I remember last year when I asked for prayers of strength. The youngest was moving into his dorm room and I did not want to be tearful. You were so kind to pray for me. Of course I will be thinking and praying for you!!
    Enjoy this precious time.

  3. I'll be thinking about you! Where does the time go? You blink and it's gone.

    Come over and hang out at the pool. I have wine!

    (too bad we don't live closer!!!)

  4. Thanks for the follow through Follow Friday! I am following you back and can't wait to read more!

  5. I cried my eyes out after dropping off each one of my children at kindergarten.It's harder on us than them.

  6. Hope it goes well! I can't even imagine my little ones getting that big, but I know they will... :(

  7. To all the families who have been blessed with children ~ enjoy their first day of school ... and may these most wonderful blessings you have gifted by God be safe throughout the school year ahead and always!!! HHL

  8. I have a slight panic attack when I think that in 4 years my baby will be leaving for college!! I think I'm more nervous about her starting high school then she is . . . I'll be praying for a wonderful school for your kids!

  9. I hope tomorrow goes well for everyone!

  10. I think you should do something extra special for yourself tomorrow. A mani pedi, new shoes, lunch with a friend...good luck!

  11. Good luck to you and your kids! I hope they have a wonderful first day of school!

  12. I don't know that feeling yet as a mother but can understand as I get a teensy emotional realizing how quickly our little one has grown. I hope they have a wonderful first day!! It is amazing how kids ease into change.

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  14. I know how you feel! My girls will be in 4th grade this year. I don't know where the time goes. Kids are so easy going and I know that your two little darlings will make fast friends at their new school. Today's my first day back at school, too! xoxo

  15. I hope school went well! I had a little friend start middle school and I was worried about her but she ended up loving it!