iPhone Apps....let's discuss:)

If you have an iPhone, you feel me, right?? Here are my pages below- I am sure there are so many that I am missing out on & sometimes the name of it may be misleading {so I don't explore it} so tell me {us} what are some of your favorite apps?

-words with friends name is flip flops & pearls :)
-the blogpress app is GOOD!
-the google reader is good to READ but you can't comment:(

well...sometime you just don't have your camera:)
i shoot with a 5d and it doesn't fit in a purse!

-great verse & quote apps
-kindle app is good and FREE 
{although i would like to have a real one but this works just as well}

-pretty much the only way i keep up w/news
-gotta have the football apps to see
what the Saints & Auburn/Ala are doing:)

-gotta love AAA

Well, if you have emailed me/called or texted over the past 2-3 days, the numbers above show why you may not have gotten a rely!! I am off to check my email..... Have a happy Sunday ladies..... This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!! xxoo

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  1. I'm SueMac99 on Words with Friends!

  2. WOW! You have SO MANY Apps! I just upgraded to iPhone 4 and gave my old phone to my son. I loaded it with toddler games and he loves it.

  3. Try Urbanspoon it will help you find a restuarant in most areas of the US (my uncle told me about it.)
    ESPN score center you can load your teams and see thier scores first.
    Goodreads will let you log in the books you are reading and get suggestions from friends either who are on the site or use the app.
    My Library you can load all the movies, books, and cds in it that you own. Helpful to me so I don't buy a duplicate again.
    I will have to check out some of the ones you have as I don't have many.

  4. Wow... Ok I'm still trying to get use to my "blackberry" ~ there is so much selection with the iPhone . I am have to check it out... HHL

  5. Have you discovered the joy of creating folders on the iPhone? All you have to do is drag & drop apps on top of each other and it creates a folder for them that you can rename if you like. For example, I have my social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, my blog...etc in a folder called social networks. Then I have a folder for favorite blogs that I read & all those are in there, then there is an entertainment folder where utube, Redbox, movies...etc are in. I generated a folder for things I don't use often; ie. settings...etc.
    I put all of my photography stuff in one folder, so if I want to edit or crop a photo, I just go to that folder & select the app. Makes life so much easier than having to flip through so many pages.

  6. I am now following you!!

  7. I don't have an iPhone, but I have an iPod Touch. My fave apps are Twitter & FB (of course, Foursquare, MobileRSS, Chicktoniary, Bejweled, RunKeeper, Amazon, At Bat Lite (gotta keep up on Red Sox scores!), Yahoo fantasy baseball and Tesla Sleep apps. :

  8. I love your background on the iPhone. Where did you get it from??

  9. How did you change your background? It's so cool!! I'd love to know how to do that!