My Bucket List

This has been harder than I expected it to be:) tried to stay realistic. I am still going to add to it but wanted to post what I have come up with this far b/c one of them, God willing, is about to happen!!

1. Go to NYC during Christmas: shop & see shows

2. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen on Thanksgiving or Christmas

3. Have a wedding (same man ofcourse) on an island, preferably, Isla Mujeres on our 20th anniversary

4. Visit Italy. Experience a gondola ride with my husband ( ofcourse we will have wine)

5. Run a marathon. I ran a 1/2 but would love to get back (knee and hip allowing) and complete a full

6. Learn to surf like a local

7. Take my kids to Atlantis

8. Take a trip across the Napa and visit vineyards.

9. Sit front and center and watch Federer play

10. Photograph the Golden gate Bridge & ride the street cars

11. Shop on Rodeo Dr. (limitless $$ would make this experience more pleasurable)

12. Write (blog) to each of my children telling them what I want them to know about life and the lessons I've learned. (already started private blogs to them, they don't even know about it-one day I will share it with them)

13. Get my weight to 105 ( I only weighed 112 when I gave birth!!) so technically I should be about to have a baby:)

14. Go back to BSF. ( I attended for 4 yrs and was a leader. It's the MOST LIFE chainging thing ever) www.bsfinternational.org

15. Go in a mission trip

16. Leave a 100% tip

17. Own a Viking or Hatteras (I may be dreaming BUT it's my dream!!)

18. Get a box at the Superdome for an entire season.....WHO DAT??

19. Have another apartment/condo in NOLA

20. Learn to eat onions
(I have a better chance at all the above!)

21. Host a family reunion in Spring (for his & mine)

22. Sit and watch both my kids graduate college

23. Own a Range Rover (I had a Land Rover and it was a BIG piece but I'd like to try again!)

24. Witness the birth of my grandchild (ren)

25. Retire (I've technically been employeed since March 1st, but still.....it's not for me)

26. Smock a gown for my grandbaby to wear home from hospital (I still have the first one I did for my daughter)

Well, that's it for now!! Have you started a list??

Hope everyone has a blessed Saturday!! xxoo Daph

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  1. Beautiful list Ms. Flip Flop.

  2. Love it! I would love to learn how to smock. You should do a tutorial!!! :)

  3. It's very hard to come up with a reasonable list. I've been keeping a list, short as it is, for years and it can be quite discouraging if you really pay attention to it. There's just so many others to take into consideration when you try to make something happen.
    I love you, you know that. You make me smile.

  4. Great list.. and what a fabulous idea.. may have to borrow it!!

    Yes, someone else who is not crazy about onions!! I don't think I would likingthem to my list..LOL... Happy week-end..HHL

  5. Love it! I've tried a few times to start a bucket list but seem to just sit and stare instead of actually making the list. This inspires me to start working on mine!

  6. I agree with Preppy Princess... i'm inspired to start my own list! Because a lot of your to-dos are some of the things that I want to do, too! Especially NYC at Christmastime... i want to shop, drink coffee, walk, take pictures, and go ice skating at the Rockefeller Center! :D

  7. Wonderful list! We honeymooned on Isla Mujeres...the best!!


  8. I completely agree with the part about retiring. I haven't even started my career yet (still in nursing school) but I'm thinking that enough is enough. I need to lounge on some hot sunny beaches now...

  9. I love...

    -The fact that you have a bucket list!
    -Your header and the fact you didn't forget to include the wine (I'm a wanna be vino)!
    -That I'm a new follower of yours!