This is my current view....

I am down on the gulf coast taking a few days off for a little R&R... it's sad. It's dead. I am right past the flora-bama in FL.

Y'all, please support the coast. It's NOT as bad as the media is making it to be. Heck, I only live a little over an hr away from here and although I am close to home, this was my home for 4 I loved on Ono Island in OB. It's devastating to see our home like this. It's horrible to witness what it's doing to peoples futures.....

Where is the sunshine??

It's ok. I am just glad that I am here. Doing nothing. Thank you Jesus!! We are in the penthouse with our best friend and some good drinks..... LIFE IS GOOD! My kids are off with old neighbors, just like old times...wish it didn't have to end so soon!

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  1. What a gloriously peaceful way to spend a Sunday. Nice.

  2. What a great view!!!!

  3. Great view! enjoy your time ... I love your bracelet - "Blessed" is how I feel about my life and know just how precious each day is.

    XO ...HHL

  4. Wooohoo!!! Relax and Enjoy :)

  5. Beautiful. Post the recipe for green drinks - they look sooo yummy! Also, post where you got the awesome Blessed bracelet. My nephew would love it!

  6. Jealous! Have a wonderful, relaxing time!

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  8. I've been in the Gulf for the last week and a half...it's not bad at all! I'm glad we're enjoying the same view..and rain clouds :) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! XO

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  13. I just hopped over from High Heeled Life and really enjoyed scrolling through your blog. LOVE the top picture of your reclining feet :)

  14. Looks like a little slice of heaven, storm clouds or not. BEAUTIFUL!!

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  19. I'm jealous too - wish I was at a beach!

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  21. OMG, I am so freakin jealous too!

  22. Oh I'm so jealous. I am desperately desperately needing some time away. Time to be ME!
    Enjoy. I've heard similar things from my brother/sister-in-law about the gulf. They're in Crestview FL and get down there often. It's such a sad sad thing.

  23. just found you through bumpkins blog. I'm gonna miss her too.

    I live in the Florida Panhandle. Hope you got the chance to see our beaches. they are beautiful.