wordless wednesday: past 4 days....

playing catch up.... been from Al, to FL, to NOLA and bk to Al in about 96 hrs....whew...I need a vacation:)

{ready to roll}

{this was HILARIOUS! these baby crabs were "kicking" the tiny tar balls
back into the water....non-stop}

{my FAV TB flip flops, ev-ahhhh!}

{mini-me and Mr ...there's nothing she won't try!}

{SERIOUSLY, I do NOT have 3 chins... it was
the way I leaned for this pic, bwahahaaaa!!}

{unexpected business trip, had abt 3 hrs to get there...}


{oh WF, how I have missed thee....we use to have an apartment
here and this was our hangout....}

{this is THE best Thai}

{my fav...Pad Thai XXXX hot}

If you came by while I was away, I will be stopping by later to say hey:)



  1. Looks like so much fun! I have those TB flip flops. They are my fave!

  2. Oh you are a busy lady! That pad thai looks delicious. And I want your TB flops!

  3. Sounds like a busy time but definitely fun!! I was chuckling over the 3 chin comment ... the camera always seems to catch me in a weird pose too! glad to hear it doesn't only happen to me!!! The magazines ...LOL... Hubby often asks why do I need somany magazines ~ my answer forthe pictures!!! Pop over for a visit ... I'm having my first give-away and its LillyP..XO HHL

  4. Hilarious about the crabs! I'd have loved to see that!!!

  5. Looks like SO much funny!!

  6. OMG, I love your TB flip flops & your pedi color!

    I also feel your pain on the odd photo angles. It's like there is the most minute little degree tilt where you go from your normal face to a double-chin-looking angle. Cute photo of you, though, nonetheless! I probably wouldn't have even noticed the angle if you hadn't said something!

    Oh, & that seriously could have been my floorboard from any road trip we take! I do the *same* thing...all the magazines I've been meaning to catch up on always serve as my road trip entertainment! Glad you're back!

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! LOL at all the magazines. Did you read them all?

    I heart Pad Thai, too! So good. The hotter the better! :)

    Cute flop, by the way!

  8. A great vacay always must have a pretty pedi :)
    Looks like great times!

  9. Even with 3 chins, you're still gorgeous.

  10. You crack me up! And the "entertainment" shot, looks just like me. My car mats ARE magazines. It baffles my husband ;)

  11. FUN!

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