HAPPY LABOR DAY- this & that!

My life has been non stop since Friday. 
It's been a fun- filled few days.
{with a lil SAKS, LV & Chanel thrown in!}

It will end on a great note: THE JOHN MAYER CONCERT!!

We are about to unpack and REPACK & travel to the beach soon!!

I am hoping that you all have a SAFE and HAPPY holiday!

{if you've joined, you can take this & add it to your blog- click to enlarge and the you can right click. I will also be sending it out in the email tomorrow/Tuesday}

I will be posting more about the Preppy Christmas Swap
 {to clarify, it doesn't have to be preppy items, it just was a cuter name!} 
 tomorrow so if you haven't yet
joined, shoot me an email with your blog url & info!
We have 52 entries thus far!! I'm so excited!!



  1. Sounds like a wonderful ice-cream sundae kinda week-end with the Cherry on top Mr. Mayer himself!!! Can't wait to read about the concert adventure!

    That is great news .. 52 and counting! You are just wonderful to me coordinating this exciting Christmas Swap! I'm so happy to be participating..

  2. Have fun at the concert tonight.

    I am so excited about the Christmas swap.

  3. that sounds like a super awesome weekend to me! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. ahhh John Mayer would be lovely to stare at for hours!
    I tagged you in my blog!