It's Caturday!

I haven't been able to log in to blogger since early today. I keep getting an error 400 message everytime I type www.blogger.com. Anyone ever have this happen?? Thank God for my phone:)

We have had a great day at home with a house FULL of kids. 6 extra:). I wouldn't have it any other way!! Now, everyone is out, hubby just went to get all the girls. I'm in bed in my jammies waiting on COPS:)

I just LOVE this site....I can has cheezburger Happy Caturday friends:)

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  1. hey i emailed you about the swap but you never responded! can you please email me at sarah_lam@sbcglobal.net thanks!

  2. Honey, I haven't received an email from you:(
    I have replied to all my swap emails too!

    I will send you over an email though!

  3. the problem will following me could be cause im in the process of swapping over my url from http://fuyumeuk.blogspot.com to http://fuyume.net

    did u go to http://fuyume.net becaust tht 1 seems to work while my old 1 doesnt anymore xx

  4. The other link worked :)
    BUT google friends wont connect:(

  5. I haven't missed any swap updates during my week o' chaos, have I? Thanks for sharing the kitty funnies. I don't know why I never look at that site, I guess because I don't think of myself as a cat person, but I am always so amused when I see one of those that somebody has shared! =)

  6. Hey Hon! The swap partner email is going out the first week of Oct!!
    I'm so excited:) Just had 2 more join!!

  7. Have I mentioned I love your header????

  8. I have this issue all the time too. For about a month I had issues with my password. It might take me all day to retype it a dozen times. Though lately it's been better.

  9. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a Happy Monday!
    All the best,