Make your blog ready for Mobile Phones

I came across this and thought it was a must do!
I get on my phone vs the computer 80% of the time. 
I usually only get on to either bloghop or shop:)
But now I may not have to thanks to the ever growing world of technology!

All this info below found Blogger Ticks-
it was super super easy!

"As you know, millions of people use their mobile phones to access internet. The mobile internet speed is also very fast these days with 3G's , mobile apps,etc.

From this, we can say many of your readers are coming to your blog through mobile phones..But, if you don't make your blog mobile friendly, .you may lose all your mobile readers because in a mobile phone, a normal blog takes lot of time to load and there are other issues that your site not fitting properly in the mobile screen"


  1. Wow ... who knew?? technology ....

    Thanks for taking care of us and making sure we are cutting edge ready!!! XO HHL

  2. oh wow super useful im gonna try that xx

  3. um....maybe I'm slow but what code? I see a box with numbers in it. I can't copy anything. Please help because this would be really great to add to my blog.

  4. BWAHAHAHAAAAA Ok...so the type didn't come out!
    I just realized this....too funny!

    Just click the link and it will take you there:)
    SORRY!!! I was trying to help....lotta help that was! ha

    Oh, I forgot the link too!!! mercy!


  5. So you get the most helpful tip of the day award! I just did it, I hope I did it correctly!! You never know. I don't receive email on my phone so I can't check it out, but thank you anyway! XO, Kelly

  6. FYI--pls set up your links to open in a new window rather than migrating away from your site. I tried to right click to open the link in a new window, but got the scolding warning.

    Thanks for sharing the Mobile tip.

  7. Thank you for sharing, you tech-savvy wonder! ;) I should probably do it...

    (I am in the dark ages here...I *hate* using my phone for blogging - posting OR reading!)

  8. Kelly, your so sweet:)

    I am not sure if I did it right either but I got on and it looked good, lol, and my blog roll was rolling;)

    SDP, I don't mind it so much cause usually once I sit down at my laptop, everything is DONE WITH! lol Next thing I know, an hour or 2 have passed!!

    Carole, I didn't realize they weren't opening in new windows-
    thanks! I will go ck my settings. Also, you should just "click" the link. You don't "right" click it- that's on my images when the warning pops up. BUT you can click to enlarge them.