my heart is breaking....

for my sweet baby girl....
seriously, some kids need a butt kicking some home training.....
mini-me has been loving LOVING LOVING school....
{her first year...coming in 8th grader}
each week someone has been extremely ugly to her.....
as far as throwing a bag of cheetos at her...
she keeps smiling and plugging away....
she says people stare and say things....
i tell her they are jealous cause she is the newest & cutest thing
in the 8th grade and they are just stupid  scared.......   {that's what mommas do! :)  }
she is best friends with the quarter back {that doesn't help!}
all afternoon she has cried and begged not to go back....
she said some girl said that the school isn't the same since she started...
wants to go to her old school.....
won't talk to me & is in her room crying....
i have been crying....
i am heart broken...
i know this is life....
but why....
why are people so MEAN??
she chooses to go to church when others go skating/get togethers....
she is always the one smiling and getting compliments & has the best manners....
i feel her pain at times b/c being "good" doesn't always get the most "popular" vote....
just like Jesus was persecuted for doing what is right & being a good person; i feel this
is what is happening to her....
although i think there is more to it, like making so many friends so quickly & becoming known & liked by many......EXCEPT A FEW MEAN GIRLS.....
so, instead of ironing or working on the swap email, i am sitting here crying wondering WHY & how can i make this better for her? all i can do is pray....
i am a bigtime worrier....incase you didn't already know this, let's get that outta the way!
i pray and try to let it go BUT ITS SO HARD WHEN ITS YOUR CHILDREN!
God love her big heart and precious spirit!

those who can't, criticize!
keep looking up baby girl!! xxoo


  1. my prayers go out to her. I was the new kid a million times when I was little. its a hard spot to be in. I will be praying for her

  2. My heart is breaking for her, too. Girls can be so mean. Horrible. Terrible. Ugly (Even as an adult, I find women can be difficult to have as friends.) Apparently they missed the whole "If you don't have anything nice to say..." speech. I can probably figure out why. "Apples don't fall far." Seriously, who would throws cheetos at another human being? That's just awful. Cowards.

    I admire your little girl for keeping her chin up and plugging away. Even though I can imagine how difficult it must be for her, that is the message I would continue to send. Tell here not to let them get under her skin (I know that is easier said than done.). They are not worth it. Total losers, if you ask me.

    Oh, and obviously very jealous. She is gorgeous.

    As a mother, my heart would be breaking, too.

    Thinking of you and wishing you all brighter days ahead.

  3. Oh I wish I could say something to help or make it easier! I think that is becoming more and more common and it is just so heartbreaking. Have you considered speaking to the school? I will keep her in my prayers tonight!

  4. Aren't little girls so CRUEL?? I'm so so sorry for your little one (and for you, too! that powerless feeling is TERRIBLE).
    I wish I had some fabulous advice, but I don't. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to both her and to you (and grudgingly towards those CRUEL children, maybe their hearts will turn and they will realize how terrible they are being).

  5. I am so sorry that your daughter is going through this. I can relate 100% because I am going through the same thing with my son (he just started junior high). He is such a wonderful, kind, loving boy and it breaks my heart to see that a few mean kids are making him feel so sad. I will be praying for your daughter and sending good thoughts her way.

  6. I can't imagine what it must be like to feel so helpless. Your daughter is beautiful and you have done a fantatsic job of instilling good manners and values.

    These girls obviously are very insecure and do not have the home support they probably so desperately need. Thus they are acting like scared rabbits and lashing out at someone whom they wish they could be more like. Hopefully in time these girls will find the peace (or mothering) the so need.

    I will keep both you are your daughter in my thoughts and prayers that not only you keep the faith and strength, know that you are on the right path! But also that you are able to find a way to understand these lost souls. I will also say a few little prayers for these Girls ~ as they are in need of of some guidance..

    Stay strong my friend..XO HHL

  7. She's a beautiful girl, inside and out! I promise you, when she gets older, she will realize that she is the bigger and stronger person and that the people who are being mean to her really were jealous and insecure! It always breaks my heart too to hear stories like this. I don't know why kids are mean. :( I'll be thinking of you both!

  8. Aw, I hope things get better for her. I completely feel your pain. If she's sad, you're sad.

  9. Bless her heart! I feel for both of you. I was bullied a lot in school as well.

    Having some experience, working in the (high) school system. I've found out that most children that act out like that are the ones that are abused at home or like you said, get absolutely no raising. A lot of times the children's parents are too busy to discipline their children and they are looking at a way to get attention (bullying).

    The big person in this story sounds like your "mini me". It was very adult and mature of her to back off and not say or do anything that will make matters worse for her.

    More chances than none, these girls don't have Christ in their life. I will pray for your daughter that God will give her the wisdom and strength to get over this stage in her life. Meanwhile, those girls need prayers as well. Prayers that God will intervene and his spirit will end up dwelling in them.

    BTW, your daughter is very beautiful. I love those blue eyes. Hang in there. Prayers are headed your way.


  10. I know I may seem very mature and old, when I really just graduated in 2005. Your daughter will be okay! Middle school was horrible for me. HORRIBLE. And I was definitely going through an awkward stage and not as beautiful as your daughter!

    She'll be fine. This year may be rough, but she'll tough it out. Everything will be okay!

  11. My heart is breaking for her too! Girls can be so mean. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful inside and out. I'm going to be sending prayers your way for things to get better.

  12. Oh my stars! We are living on the same ugly middle school planet. My daughter is in 8th grade too. She cried through dinner tonight! All thanks to a lovely new cheerleader friend who is a complete control freak. Mine sweet baby is the child always wanting "everybody to just get along...let's ALL be friends." She ends up getting taken advantage of due to being tooooooo kindhearted. Oh how a hate growing pains! Hang in there, and keep your sunshiny outlook for HER sake! :)

  13. Bless her heart! I feel terrible for your daughter. Girls are REALLY mean and especially at that age. :( If she can stay strong and make it through this phase, she'll be a better person for it! I'll pray that God continues to give her strength and that things get better!

  14. This makes me want to cry. My heart just breaks when my babies get their feelings hurt. She is so beautiful! Those girls are surely jealous. I hope things get better.

  15. Girls can be so mean!!! It just baffles me at times of the behavior of these girls. I have a teenage daughter who has a kind heart and thinks of others before herself. She has been taken advantage of because of this and it breaks my heart.

    I hope things work out well for your daughter soon.