I had more free time when I worked!!!

Let's me say..... War Eagle and Who Dat!!!!!

Ok I am out of town taking school pics allday. I have a friend who has a contract with a big private school. We both shot last yr and he called and asked me to shoot school/yearbook pics again this yr. I have an hr drive so I will be a lil MIA but will be back Friday. Have a great week friends!!!!!!

Ps. Thank you all for your sweet comments, texts and prayers for mini- me. They were greatly appreciated!!

xxoo Daphne

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  1. oh how fun with taking the pics! I want to be a photographer!

  2. good luck today!! picture day was always my dreaded day in school... but i think with a photographer like YOU it would have been much better.
    hope your mini-me is doing well!

  3. I agree with LMCBW above .. these will be the most fun school pictures these kids will be having taken!! Your wonderful spirit and humour will have them smiling ... XO HHL