Walkers, Joggers, Runners, Whatevers...check this!

after several years off because of a stress fracture in my foot upon completion of my first 1/2 marathon, gave up, quit  I had to take some time off.
After my foot healed, my hip & knee started giving me fits so I was hit or miss on the running circuit.
That 1/2 reallllllly did my body in.
Guess I'm a wimp ;p
I recently decided to try to "trick" my body back into running.
{so far, I think it's working!}
I saw something about the C25K on Facebook and read more into it..
"Couch to 5K"...
great concept......
Baby Steps......Baby Steps....
{my knee and hip are a pain I experience weekly}
BUT so far, pretty good!!

You will learn, when I start/do something, I have to get all the gadgets, etc :)
I feel if I invest the $$ I'm more likely to follow through!
i really just like to shop and buy neat stuff

So, I started out with a good pair of shoes, I pronate so my choices weren't huge at the running store BUT I decided to go with NIKE this time around. I have only run in NB. But it was something about this shoe that looked good! felt different.

you can find it HERE
I realllllly love this shoe!! The fit & feel is great:)

Devour the distance ahead in the Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 13 Women's Running Shoe, designed with lightweight cushioning and enhanced stability. Eating up miles never tasted so good.

Nike Triax +13 Features:
  • Ultra-lightweight and breathable mesh upper with heel strap overlay for added support
  • Nike Zoom unit at heel and forefoot for low-profile, super-responsive cushioning
  • Segmented crash pad to absorb shock at impact and help provide a smooth transition
  • Ortholite sockliner for comfort, support and a custom feel
  • Blown rubber outsole for durable, firmer cushioning
  • Nike+ Ready

Then I got this Nike sportband-
This amazing device allows you to track your distance, pace, time and calories burned during your runs. With a sensor in your Nike+ Ready shoe and Nike+ SportBand on your wrist, you're ready for a better running experience. Connect with nikeplus.com to log runs, track progress, set goals Review last run data, weekly run data, and total miles/kilometers Includes Nike+ sensor Rechargeable battery via direct USB connection  I pop it into my computer and VOILI! It automatically opens the NIKEID site and loads my info!!

you can read more HERE

Next, A Rod ID bracelet-
After about loosing my life to a woman WHO COULDN'T DRIVE, (she didn't see me, but still) I though for $19.99
this was a great investment!

This is very cool
 {pray I never need it's assistance}
Road ID Interactive allows you to build a fully updateable, secure Emergency Response Profile (ERP) that is available to first responders via telephone and internet. You can also personalize the first 2 lines of text.

And just all nerds need a pocket protector, I figured this was the equivalent...
just for good measure!

You can get the above & below items HERE

A FireFly Supernova

I ordered the clear as not to stand out toooo much but to be seen...
The Supernova is hands-down the brightest, lightest, most durable safety light available in the market today. Featuring rugged construction, flashing and steady modes, long-lasting lithium battery and waterproof up to 300 feet {hope I don't need that!}. The Supernova easily attaches to your waistband, belt, pocket or shirt collar.

Well, there ya have it! I think these few essentials will make runs a little better.

OHHHH I almost forgot, DUH! 
This is the plan that I am taking to get me back in gear. It's the C25K.
C25K, is a fantastic program that's been designed to get just about anyone from the couch to running 5 kilometers or 30 minutes in just 9 weeks.
What's so flippin cool about this AND HAS TOTALLY BEEN WHATS KEPT ME GOING FOR 3 WEEKS is that is has an iPhone app!!
It talks to you! 
Keeps you moving...
Plays your music....
Counts down...
Is your buddy!
Today I start week 4!!

So, what am I missing??
What do else do I need?? :)
Please share your MUST HAVES, motivations, etc.
with us!!

I'm off to Bible Study....nice hour & 10 min drive...
when you LOVE it, it's worth it!

Happy Day My Sweet Friends!!
For The Love Of 4


  1. Wow! Those are all great pieces of gear. You just gave me some good Christmas gift ideas for the runners in our fam!!

  2. Like you, I get all the gear as well! I've always had the Road ID in case I "fall out "

  3. Smiling* I too always "need" to get all the gear... did not know about the Road ID .. that is a great item...XO HHL

  4. Not a runner myself (or jogger - or anything else, for that matter!) but I hope you reach your goals! Really liked that tip about making your blog easier to load for mobile viewers - did you add the code? Pulled up your blog on my phone and it was pretty quick! Stopping by from "Thirsty Thursday" and following!

  5. Oooh I'm just like you... I love all of the goodies that comes with a new goal or hobby! Perfect shoes - and that iPhone app? I'm definitely checking into it - I pulled it up on my computer, now it's time to read. I would like to have more endurance as a runner, but I feel like I job aimlessly at the gym. This might be just what I need!!!

  6. Hello there, I'm your newest follower from the Thursday blog hop!! :) Great blog!


  7. I think you have it covered! Very impressed and I'm a runner too. Not as much as I used to be. Maybe I need some of this cool gear to get me siked! Did I really just use that word? I probably just spelled it wrong too!! Okay, running away from the commenters circuit now :) XO, Kelly

  8. The Nike Sportsband sounds amazing! How have I been missing out on it for so long? I also really should invest in the id bracelet because you never know what could happen. Glad to hear you are getting back into running, good luck!

  9. Just found your blog...LOVE this post...I need to check out the Nike sport band for sure....not sure where you live here down south, but there is a great running store in Atlanta called Phidippides, (Jeff Galloway's store) that evaluates your running..pronation,foot fall, etc and then helps you choose the best shoe for your style...I got into Sauconys from Nike...My favorite new running gear is a running skirt...you probably already have one...it helps me put my running clothes on first thing in the morning and squeeze a run into a busy day...if it ever gets cooler down here, I will leave the treadmill running behind and get outside!!