Eating out VS buying groceries

I am mobile blogging today as I am riding with my hubby 3hrs away to pickup some YOLO paddle boards:) The rep is a good friend of ours so they are up front being my chauffeur.

Sadly I am missing BSF but I get to spend the day with my love and..... He's taking me to Saks & Lacoste outlet:))) YIPPEE SKIPPEE

Anywho, I am curious as to your thoughts in this subject. Surely I can't be the only one.

I took the kids grocery shopping last evening. We ha to go to 3 stores to get all we needed. We don't have a Whole Foods or everything would have been under 1 roof.

I spent a total of a little over $300. I only ended up with TWO packages of ground turkey. Thats for my turkey loaf (next weeks Tasty Tuesday!) and a whole bunch of nonsense!! I am not even sure what we got!!

I really just had to stop and wonder last night if it wouldn't be easier (that's a given) and cheaper (if not the same) to just buy some staples and eat out!!

Ugh. It's so aggravating. Cause I know what I spent and Lord knows well be eating out today, tomorrow and all weekend LOL!

My kids are starved when they walk through the door. They will either go eat as they leave school or I'll have something made when they walk through the door. Then they will have a snack before bed. They don't eat at school either.

So, how do you do it? What are your thoughts on the matter?? I love to cook just as much as I love to go out to lunch/dinner. But the plus is not prepping and cleaning!!

Also, since the MR is in school and not at dinner every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday so the eating out is nice on those nights. ( I can rationalize things y'all!)

So, spill it! What cha think??

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  1. First of all: Saks and Lacoste? You lucky lady! As for groceries, Husband and I used to eat out A LOT. We have tried to get better and cook more at home, so now we mainly limit our dining out to weekends and try to cook during the week. (Which reminds me... I must try some new recipes soon.....)

  2. Yeah for new YOLO paddle boards... You are one active lady, good for you !!!

    Hmm.. eating out has many advantages (no prep, no actual cooking, no clean up)- unfortunately it also makes going to restaurants the "norm" so when you go out for a birthday or special dinner its like any other time you go out to eat. Also you are not always eating the healthiest foods.

    Eating -in requrires more time to shop, prep, cook, clean up .. But you know what you are eating and it can be fun to cook together as a family (also clean up as a family. When you go out to eat it will seem a little more special and the munchkins will also appreciate going to a restaurant as special/treat instead of an everyday - all time accesible thing.

    I know its hard when everyone is active and not always together.. this is something we are trying to make time for "family meals".

    This is a great post I'm sure many of us have often been based with this... xo HHL

  3. I sometimes wonder that myself. Especially as I am cooking for just me. But then I realize I would probably be as big as a house if I ate out all the time.

  4. You hit the nail on the head! I think it's a most common issue in today's society of running around and raising kids!

    I used to be good about keeping it at home and not eating out much. As the kids get older and busier and husband is not around for certain meals, yet, we eat out our fair share.

    BUT, you're right, the cost of groceries is crazy and if you order right and use coupons, it IS cheaper many time to eat out. So, I still eat at home mostly, but I often defend and justify eating out...more....and more :)

    Great post!! XOXO