pink & green thursday - today, I celebrate!

because I received THIS in the mail!! I have tears as I type....this is a shot of my letter....
{I secretly was scared to death...death I tell you}

PRAISE GOD! I will blog about why I was so worried about these results later....that's a whole 'nother days post! Let us all be aware of our "girls" & get our mammograms scheduled- I just had my first one like 2 weeks ago @ age 37..... but from what I have read you can get BC @ a much earlier age, so if you have INS and it will cover it, WHY NOT?? JUST DO IT! {that's my slogan, not to be confused with NIKE}

 I will now leave a tribute to my Grandmother {the Mr's g-mom} who went in for a mastectomy almost 2 yrs ago and unfortunately, never made it back home from the hospital but rather to her Heavenly Home. Once again, another post @ another time :(

{photos found via google & weheartit}

*be sure to post your "getting to know me questions" here, I will answer them tomorrow*

Well, this is my "travel day"! I go to BSF a city an hour + away. I get to see my dearest friend in the world, My Mother & My Mother In Law....go to lunch and go shopping. I get in no rush to get back to my city. {although I try to get back around the time my kids get home from school} Thursday is DAPHNE DAY!! I hope your day is blessed girls ;)



  1. This had me a little choked up - you're such a doll, i just love your posts because they're always full of heart, care, and love. I'm glad that your fears were calmed :) Enjoy your day!

  2. You're right, that is the best email you cound ever get!

    You've sent a wonderful message today, thank you!

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Oh my friend .. I'm so happy to hear your news! You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Your post today is a reminder of just how precious life is (though I never forget).

    Enjoy your Daphne day ... and Bible study group! Safe journey ... happy shopping... XXOO HHL

  4. What a wonderful email and tribute to your grandmother. Getting it done early is such a good message because we have people in their 20's coming into the cancer hospital with BC so it can happen young!

  5. Wonderful news! Cancer doesn't show any prejudice, it's mean to everyone. Thank you for your uplifting post today.

  6. I am so happy to hear your good news. You're such a wonderful, strong, caring person, Daph!

  7. What a wonderful post. I lost my mum to BC when she was only 49 so been having mammograms since I was 35. Each time I go I am just as terrified.
    Please may I urge all of you wonderful women to read the book 'Your Life in Your Hands' by Professor Jane Plant. It really can save your life and saved the lives of two of my girlfriends who had BC (friends the medical profession had said there was nothing more to be done! I have no affiliation with the author. It's just a book I swear by and recommend to all "friends" especially during this month.

  8. I'm happy for you. I know how scary it is to wait for a diagnosis or biopsy result.

  9. Wow! What an amazing post! Thanx for sharing. God bless!


  10. Great post! I loved those photos. Especially the kitties and the heart sunglasses. Thanks for sharing!