SWAP- discounts & a lil FYI & GIVEAWAY Info

whew y'all, that's a mouth full.....

{i have decided to postpone the "show me your fall decor" post til MONDAY...just incase anyone missed my post, i want to give others time to snap their pics & get in on it...be sure to link up}


I am so happy to announce that I have some discount codes for you to use!! You can 1. use them for your swap partners gift(s) 2. start your Christmas shopping!

I am so thankful to the sweet ladies who have offered up deals for FF&P readers!
Please go check these gals out Y'all!!

The Pink Giraffe

15% off your entire purchase

Ink Obsession Designs

10% off your entire purcahse
code: blog10

10% off your entire purchase
code: FLIP10

15% off your entire purchase

Carolina Clover

10% off your entire purchase
code: PEARLS

How awesome is this??

On another note.....I am still getting emails about  people who have tried to contact their swap partners to no avail. IF YOU STILL HAVE NOT HEARD BACK FROM YOUR PARTNER REPLY TO THIS POST. I had 120 emails this AM {just in my blog email} and I don't want it to get lost in the shuffle} I will have this resolved. If I can't get them, I will pair you with another who couldn't get in contact with theirs. I know we are alllllll busy but some people are getting concerned b/c of the amount of time that has passed with not even a quick reply to their emails/blog comments.

Be sure to stop back in on this weekend b/c you like me and that's what you should do  I am going to be blogging about a giveaway.... a giveaway you don't want to miss!! ESP if you have been thinking that your blog was in need of a "pimping out" :) That's all I will say......

I have been running here, there and everywhere. I will catch up tomorrow and hopefully have a breather and come see you all- I have missed you! What's going on girls? What have I been missing?  I will be packing up for the beach Friday....going to see some friends and BON JOVI:)...the things I do for my friends! Well, as for now, I have to scoot! Today is my "Bible Study, Travel an hr, See my Friends, Mom, MIL, lunch, shopping and ME day!!" 



  1. Have a great time with your friends!

  2. Thanks for the great discounts! I Love the pink giraffe! Ill have to check out the others as well :) And have a blast this weekend!!

  3. oh wow -- thanks for the fun discounts!! i must check it out!

  4. Have so much fun at Bon Jovi! I would love to go and stay for Brad Paisley on Sunday night!

  5. Uh... did you see you won my give-away? ;) xoxo

  6. What great discounts! Thanks for sharing :)
    Hope you have had a lovely week!

  7. I hope you had a fabulous day!!

    BON JOVI!!! AHHH!! I absolutely ADORE him! I'm his biggest fan, you know.

    Unfortunately, I have not heard from my swap partner :-(.

  8. I haven't heard back from my partner...I cant even get the email to go through

  9. Ha! So YOU'RE the reason my swap partner is cleaning her house & getting ready for Bon Jovi!!! ;) LOVE IT!!

    Y'all have a blast!!

  10. I haven't heard back from my swap partner, I have commented a few times on her blog but I'm going to send an e-mail :) I am also going to check out the discounts!!

  11. Love BON JOVI!!! can't wait to read your post on the week-ends adventures!!!!

    Grove Gals , I'm here!!!! I've been emailing to your info email!!!!! I'll keep trying... I'll drop a comment on your latest post...

    XO HHL

  12. Hi Daphne

    Thanks for organizing the swap! I emailed my swap partner, but sadly haven't heard back from her yet.

  13. Wow, thanks for so many great stores with coupon codes! Happy Shopping!

  14. Thanks for the coupon codes! I havent heard back from my swap partner and have tried to contact her multiple times.