this is how today went down....

  • woke up & it was storming, i am not missing bible study...not...well maybe...no, i am not
  • scramble out the door with 2 arms fullllll of stuff....the only that that falls is my ipnone
  • one more shattered screen
  • bible study is awesome
  • lunch at my absolute favorite organic/natural cafe 
  • come home and exchange my rainboots for flip flops
  • oh, i looked for my water at 5 places...finally found some, bought the last 3 bottles
  •  {ocd sucks, starbucks is the only place that carries it around here and apparently i have cleaned them out}
  • head to the dr
i just walked back into the door. i just had the echocardiogram done today and the stress test will happen next thursday, ankle allowing. the test took a while...which scared me, ofcourse.when it was all said and done, the tech said she didn't think there was anything that she saw that she felt the need to call the dr in to look at.

she also said that if "she" had to guess, she'd go with anxiety BUT don't quote her. now i wait....if i don't hear back by next wed, she said to call. great! i am a lil at ease though knowing she didn't freak out or anything. if it's anxiety i just wish someone would give me something so i can get on with it!

i did learn something today at bible study that really put things into perspective.....

now in other news, i just took mini me a football game, lil man is holding down the fort with khaki and daddy is at school.....God love that man! he works & goes to school fulltime and still finds the time to be the B E S T & make me feel like the QUEEN :)

oh- and a big PS the answer was cameron diaz...ha...i don't see it, but i'll sure take it!




  1. Thinking of you! I see the resemblance!!!

  2. I wonder how many women have problems with anxiety. Is it all of us? What is going on? I feel like soooo many women I know, including myself, really struggle with it!

  3. So sorry about your rough day, but anything that includes bible study, is a big plus! And see, look how reading the word strengthened your understanding and meaning of things!

    Enjoy your wine and chocolate - wish I had some sitting in front of me right now. :)

  4. Aww I'm sorry about your day and your broken phone!! I wish I could give you big heads; ooops i mean big hugs. I could've just deleted that but I thought you would get a good chuckle. :)

    I'm sorry about your anxiety, I'm feeling so anxious lately too, I don't know where it has been coming from, I just know I hate it.

    Thanks for all the tips with photography. :)

    Elle Thomas Photography because my mom and dads' names are Ellen & Thomas, but I didn't think that flowed and Ellen is kind of old fashion so I went with Elle. I still don't know how I feel about the logo, I am almost wishing I had gone with the first one. We'll see... I got the logo off of etsy.

    Miss you. :) Wish I was moving to Bama.

  5. Your totally a Cameron Diaz; I see it now. I think your much prettier though! :D

  6. I'm going with anxiety! Prayers, hugs, & fingers still crossed:)

  7. Sorry to hear about your day but wine and chocolate fix everything!

  8. Dear Friend.. I don't know how I missed this post ... I was just wondering how everything went at the doctors.. started scrolling back ... and here it is .... I'm glad that there were no alarms that went off ... usually the techs are pretty good at not making you worry if there is no reason to!

    Loved the ending to your day!!! xo HHL