Tour My House Tuesday: Fall Decor

I don't decorate the way I use to since my kids are older and could TOTALLY.CARE.LESS.PERIOD. But I still have to do a lil sumthin' sumthin'!

How fun would it be to take a peek into each other's home each week? Maybe a new theme.....Tour My House Tuesday.... we shall see!!

2 little witches on my wine rack

i love this old antique looking thing

my front door....love my corn stalks-
they really have CORN IN THEM!!

orange flowers on foyer table

other foyer table....

the front courtyard of the flip flop house

i love love love bows!

notice the witch on the far right....she is wearing pearls ;)

happy happy everything platter

more bows...

i heart my metal ghosts!

So girls, what cha' got?? Link a post of your fall {even if it's old, share with us!} decor
and let us see  your goodies!


{tomorrow I will play catch up with my weekend!}



  1. Yeah! I am so glad you are doing this! I will post pix soon and link to you :) Wendy

  2. I love your decor!!! Such a cozy home :) Can I come visit? I'm loving the metal ghosts, too - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You and my momma have similar tastes - always bows, and always a pretty candle burning :)

  3. I die over your front door! Love those corn stalks and bows.

  4. @TOL, good deal girl!! OHHH we need to talk about this future also, LOL.

    @Steph, thank you!!!! Be looking for VIP mail arriving soon. Trying to tie up the loose ends ...... nothing has been easy! LOL

    @Lauren, thank you. I saw them at a shop the other day when i was out running and thought, I MUST DO THE SAME...so I set out on a mission for corn stalks:)

  5. Your home is beautiful! I don't have a ton of decorations up so anything I posted would be boring in comparison but I can't wait to see more photos from you!

  6. such gorgeous details!! i love the glass jar full of wine corks!

  7. Why didn't I do those corn stalk-y things in the urn with the gorgeous bows??? That is absolutely beautiful and the classiest Autumn deco I've seen...I totally love it! I love all your decos; however, now I'm anxious for a bigger peek inside your home--it looks beautiful.

  8. I love ALL of your Fall decor! I have a Happy Everythign platter too and it is fabulous! I am buying the witch for October!

  9. Getting ready to link up too as soon as my pics finish uploading! Love all your fall decor!

  10. You did a fantastic job! all looks so ready to welcome Harvest, Thanksgiving and even some witches and gobblins.... This is a fantastic idea... with renos, all I would be able to show is studs ( and I mean thw framing ..lol) dry wall..hopefully by Christmas I will be able to play along... xo HHL

  11. Your house is adorable! I love the idea of tour my house tuesday.....if you decide to do it I will design your button for it if you would like!! :)

  12. Super cute! I love the bowl full of wine corks!

  13. I am so glad you are doing this. Maybe I will get inspired to finally climb up into the attic to get my decorations down. And then join the party a bit late.

  14. Yay! I love Halloween/Fall and seeing other people's decorations! Super cute!!

  15. I haven't been doing the Halloween decorating much the past few years, but you have totally inspired me to get busy! Your front door looks great. I'm your newest follower...love finding a blog with kids about the same ages as mine (most seem to have toddlers)!

  16. wow absolutely LOVE your decorations!