Weekend Wishes for Daphne: Guest Post by Julie

Happy weekend, everyone!

I'm Julie from Brown Eyed Belle filling in for our sweet Daphne while she's away frolicking in one of my favorite cities, New Orleans! I hope this post finds you well this weekend, and that you have some fun plans for the Halloween holiday.

Daphne has been such a wonderful friend to me since our paths first crossed a few months ago. I think I speak for us all when I say she is a one-of-a-kind, darling lady.

When she asked me to come over and post today I simply couldn't resist! I often do a special segment called Weekend Wishes over at my place and thought I should carry on the tradition over here.

We all know this lovely blog is bursting with pink and green goodness so what better way to celebrate the weekend?

Pink and green weekend wishes just for Daphne.....


(Other images here, here and here)


I hope you're having a wonderful time in Nola, lady! Can't wait for a full recap when you return!

Happy weekend, dolls!

Love Always,



  1. Gorgeous guest post, Julie! Oh, those interiors are soooo happy! I could easily live in those cheery rooms. Looks like Dapne has a fun blog.. I will be following. xo

  2. What and adorable post! Love Love Love! xo dCc

  3. Absolutely beautifully bright phtoso

  4. A gorgeous eye candy filled post. Just what I would expect from Julie!

  5. Such a treat to have you both in one place! Great post, glad I visited ;)

  6. Swoon! Can I save about half of those images (okay, all) to my archives? So pretty!