Who does this look like?

If I had 1 person comment I had 101 ALL say the same celebrity, the Mr nor I see but it's funny that people who really don't know me, all thought the same thing. I was always giggle when someone would leave a note & say "Has anyone ever told you that you look like..." cause I don't think I do AT.ALL. although I'll take that compliment:)

So take a stab, who ya think??

This was my profile picture on Two Peas In A Bucket, lol a few years ago. {when I was    crazy scrapbook OBSESSED} I also used it at ProPhotogs as well. I just loved it b/c it was at fun night @ my little brothers birthday party.....I think margarita's may or many not have been involved. Moreso though I loved it cause people thought I looked famous, lol!

Happy Thursday Friends-
I'm going to build an ark and attempt my treck to Bible Study & then it's my echocardiogram & stress test. Praying I walk away w/good results!

PS-few days left to enter my blog make-over giveaway hosted by Posh Palm!



  1. Hi sweets! Cameron Diaz? Good luck with your tests today! And enjoy Bible Study. I adore my Bible study group and look forward to it all month.

  2. Okay, I would have to say Lauren Hutton minus the gap in your teeth.

    Am I right???

    Happy Thursday. Thinking of you today.

  3. Hope all goes well today!
    Let us know please.....

  4. In my opinion you look like you :)

  5. I can definitely see both of the resemblences mentioned above Cameron & Lauren) ... but I also see Reese Witherspoon ...

    my sweet friend sending postive energy and blessings your way ... may your day today be filled with wonderful joyous news ~ hugs.. HHL

  6. CAMERON DIAZ!!!! New career, stand in!!!

    Have a great day supa-star :)

  7. I'm not sure who you look like... maybe I don't see it either!

  8. I see Cameron Diaz and Sally Fields - are we close?!!!

    Thinking of you while you are getting your stress test and praying for good results!

  9. a cross between hillary clinton and cameron diaz

  10. Totally Cameron! You are too stinkin' cute girl!
    I was going to ask ya who did your blog.
    I need her desperately!!!
    So I'm off to enter to win : )
    Bible Study & echiothingy sound like you have them in the right order.
    Praying you feel His peace today.

  11. Hillary Clinton??!!! Bahahahaha!!! No way... Cameron Diaz all the way! =)

  12. i'd go with cameron diaz… it's super obvious.
    how to enter your blog design giveaway? i totally need a new look!