Your questions answered......

I hope you all had a blessed weekend...mine was awesome! It's amazing at just how great it can be when you cut off all the outside world & enjoy all the beauty that's right within your reach-xxoo

Without future ado:
You asked, I answered!

@ High Heeled Life:
If you could choose one of your personality traits to pass on to your children, what would it be?

There are so many things that I want for my daughter and son. We all want everything for our children, right? I tell you all, THIS is one of the hardest questions to answer because it's difficult to choose just one. NOW DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I fall short every.single.day. It's what I strive to do, that counts! right?

I will go with, Fear of the Lord. If my children live for Him w/their entire heart & soul then many of the other traits must surely follow!! Like, being honest. I will not lie, do not lie & can not lie. although i may say i like your outfit when i really dont 

 With this following of Him, I pray that they be different from many b/c they will show: compassion, contentment, dependability, determination, faithfulness, forgiveness, generosity, gentleness, Godliness, greatfulness, honesty, joyfulness, loyalty, love, patience, sincerity, thankfulness & wisdom.

Ha, how's that for an answer?? Told ya  it was HARD:)

@ Michelle:
What would YOUR last supper be?

Well, I seriously love to eat. I eat mainly organic/natural foods. I indulge on Whataburgers with cheese filled to the rim with jalapenos. But if I knew I couldn't eat again, I'd probably eat about 10 corndogs covered in mustard :) and some skinny french fries, lots of skinny french fries w/lots of mustard :p

Here is my corndog from the past weekend @ the music fest.....
{and I ate TWO}

SO AFTER I ATE 2 OF THESE and thought I was going to die, I had to go to my favorite organic deli and eat one of these...my fav.,  portobello , avocado, feta, lettuce & pesto mayo sandwich!

@ Jessica:
So I'm a complete movie junkie....my question is, what are your 5 all time favorite movies?

1. Annie
2. Sweet Home Alabama
3. How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days
4. The Cutting Edge
5. Grease II

@ Wacie's Way:
Describe your "perfect" day by yourself and your "perfect" day shared with your daughter!

By myself:
I'd start out with a mani/pedi. I'd have lunch at Whole Foods and SHOP.THE.ENTIRE.DAY.AWAY. Until everything has closed. Believe me, it can be done. It has been done! And it's time to be done again, soon!

With Mini-Me:
I could say same as above cause when she and I hit the road, who knows when you will see us again!! Something I'd like to do that we haven't done together is go to a Womens Conference. She is a little girl of large faith. I know she would just love it. I would love to go to a Women of Faith and take her. Just think she may need to be a tad older.  Just a special time for the 2 of us. Even better would be the mother/daughter trip to JH Ranch!! So, til then, I'll take the lunches, mani/pedi's and shopping!

@ Whitney:
Will you tell us a little about your photography? 
Photography was my PASSION. Once I started a business, Flip Flops & Pearls Photography, I created my website, policies, logo, packages, labs, yada yada....... it was nice for a while. THEN IT WAS A JOB! So, I really lost my passion for it. Took down my site. Threw out my cards. It ended about 10-11 mths ago.
Now, I love it again:) and I will happily take anyone's pic that asks....just not advertising. I'll take them, edit them and put them on a disc and tell you the best online lab to use:)

What type of camera do you use and what are your favorite lenses? 
I shoot with a Canon 5d.  I use a battery grip and a 580ex II flash.

My favorite lense is my Canon 24-70 2.8L, this is the only lense I use now.

I just recently sold my Canon 70-200 4.0L & my Canon 50mm.

Do you have any good websites for tips and tricks?
The best thing I did was  join ProPhotogs. Although you have you pay, it's SO SO SO WORTH EVERY DIME.  I learned probably 99% of what I know from it. It's ProP's. I attended their convention 2 yrs ago in Orlando and made some amazing friends. Learn so much....hands on shooting....watching the Pros..... Extremely talented people. People who love to help in all areas. 

As far as learning, this is where I would go. There are many many many different categories and I'm pretty sure anything you'd ever want to know it listed somewhere there:) If not, you can ask & will usually get an immediate response.

You may want to check these sites out for tricks-
Six Revisions
Photoshop Tricks
Photoshop Lab
Tutorial Wiz
Smashing Magazine

You can go to YouTube and find a ton of tutorials. I have PS3 {tried 4 and didn't like it} and I bought the book...big thick expensive book....worth every $$.

@ Telia:
Well since I'm the newlywed (4 months down..and a life time to go!!) What do you know now that you would you tell yourself when you first said "I Do?"

Great question!! In April, I will have been married for 18 years!!! I can't believe that. Any ho, I will tell you in 3 sentences what is the glue {which it took me a little while to find this out} to a {my} successful marriage:

1.  God has to be the center. Not me. Not him. BUT HIM.
2. Marriage is sefless NOT selfish.
3. Being each other's best friend.

Also, you shouldn't have to always have to go somewhere to have a good time. {being a busy body, this was hard for me to understand} / Things will not make you happy / Stuff is just that, stuff! / The things that money can't buy are really the gifts to each other that are P R I C E L E S S! / Being best friends is essential. Period.  Good Luck, Sweetie!!

@ Semi-Slacker Mom:
If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 things (not people) would you want with you & why?

{I am assuming my iPhone and Mac are outta the equation?? If not, those are the top 2, lol}

1. tootbrush/paste: for obvious reasons, lol plus I couldn't die with bad breath!
-this is the only kind I will use-

2. Bible: I am sure on a desert island, alone, I wouldn't feel any closer to God anywhere else BUT I would still need/want to be in His word daily & that would be my strength while I waiting my my yacht to come recuse me
this is my personal bible...my Prince gave it to me....
see the inscription? love him!

3. an endless supply of WINE  MertoElectro water: Honey, I am not drinking sea water!! This is my newest expensive obsession....$2 a bottle, thank you Starbucks-

4. running shoes: I thought about flip flops but I couldn't run in them & I will need to try to keep my FAT  shape while waiting to be rescued....no more excuses that I can't run b/c I don't have time... BUT IF I ONLY DRANK WATER I'D REALLY BE IN SHAPE SO I MAY TRADE IN MY RUNNING SHOES FOR WINE

5. a picture of my kids and husband: for HOPE

@ MonogrammChick:
Sweet Daph, I want to know all about your photography skills. When/How did you get started? 

I started scrapbooking in about 2002-03. I quickly b/c good friends with the owner of the semi-local newly opened scrapbook store. It quickly became my hang out. {even down to over night crops!} The more I scrapbooked the more I started focusing on my pictures. Well, that led to a new camera, then another THEN another:) Long story short, people could see my pictures and say "you should do this for a living, yada yada"....eventurally I gave in. I started doing mainly beach photography. 3 weddings under my belt, that is a # that will never go up, lol.  Talk about stress!!!  All & All I was a business girl for about 2 yrs.

What gear do you use? What is your go-to lens? 
Please see above:)

Are you a photoshopper?
I like to play in PS. I love actions. I love to see the transformations. I think my favorite is portraiture. It's worth every dime. Sometimes I think a good b/w action and a quick swipe of portraiture is all ya need. I also enjoy playing with textures. I use PhotoShop 3. I tried 4 and quickly rebought 3 {Abobe is really stick about protecting their products, you have to "destroy" your current version before upgrading, thats why they are so rich, lol- just kidding, totally worth every cent} Now 5 is out and I am not sure about it. I am happy with 3 and as much as I use it, it's perfect for me. 

 How did you get to be so good?
Oh BLAHHH SARAH! You give me more credit than I deserve! Although you have been around a few yrs and seen some things;) Thank you, I appreciate  your compliments. Pretty much self taught. Period. No 1 on 1 classes. Just reading. I have attended 1 convention. Watched some Pro's in action. The rest is just luck! {Still planning that Atlanta trip!}



  1. It was fun reading your answers to the questions! Enjoy your monday!


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  3. @FME. thanks girl, you too!!

    @TOL....girl, what am I going to do with you?? LOL
    Let me get into my mail and shoot it to ya!

  4. I love your advice for a happy marriage and you are just too cute!! Girly, I'm still waiting on your answers for the swap info!!!

  5. I love reading your answers!! I want a nice camera but will wait until we have a child to splurge and get one! I got married this past April on the 17th...what day is your anniversary!

    I LOVE the Cutting Edge and Grease II. My sisters and I sing the goofy songs from GRease II randomnly and our husbands make fun of us!!

  6. What a cute blog :) I enjoyed your post.

  7. The fear of the Lord! Good one!

  8. Great post! Thanks for your sweet comment today!

  9. Loved this post! So fun to get to "know" you better. About your photography and I know you mentioned snapping pics for SPS, but do you do private family photo shots as well? I mean I have been wanting to get family photos on the ES since GG was born and seeing/reading this has really got me itching to schedule something! By the way...shesh, what a great looking family y'all are!

  10. OH. MY. GOSH!!! That inscription brought tears to my eyes! So beautiful!

  11. Hi there my friend .. we just returned from spending Cnd. Thanksgiving with my sister and her husband at their Florida vacation home. It was a very hot one!!! ~ it was a computer free week-end , so I'm trying to catch up and visit all virtual friends.

    Thank you for answering my question... I loved your answer. I agree with faith and belief in HIM all else just seems to fall in line.

    I so enjoyed the Q/A from other virtual friends especially learning that you have a passion for photography! your photos are gorgeous.. I'm just starting to get the photography bug, so all your tips and knowledge were very much appreciated!!!

    P.S. if you have not yet received your package - it should be there within the next day or two ~ I mailed it out last Thursday...

    Hugs.. HHL

  12. I knew I liked you when I saw how much mustard you put on your corn dog but i REALLY loved you when I read about the FEAR of the Lord, seems to be a voice so many shy away from these days :) But I really enjoyed getting to know you a little through this post! & your family is truly beautiful!

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