Giveaway in the AM

I just haven't felt too well this afternoon/evening. I was out shopping and had to come home!!
(that speaks volumes) I will post the giveaway in the morning.

Hope you all have had a great day. The Mr flew out to Houston so it's the munchkins and myself til Sunday.

I'm resting cause tomorrow is MY KICKOFF to the holidays. It's the jr leagues huge Christmas shopping gala. It'll be my 17th yr:). (I know, I have an addiction, it could be worse though!)

Good night, sweet dreams and God Bless you my friends!

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  1. Hey Daphne... i hope you good sleep and feel better. have a good night!


  2. Yes, there are worse addictions... ;)and in fairness the holidays will soon be upon us and you need to get a few (ok maybe lots) of items.
    My friend - how is your foot doing? I have been focusing on your cardio tests and keep forgeting to ask.

    Sleep well .. sending many hugs, blessings and prayers for a peaceful sleep. xo HHL

  3. I hope you feel better!

    P.S. I think we live in the same city!!