Miscellany Monday: not how I planned it to start :(

Hello my sweet darlings! I hope this post finds you all well, blessed & refreshed from the weekend. I tell ya, mine didn't start out on a good foot but I woke up today with a pulse, so THATS A PLUS!!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters 
I found this and decided to incorporate it into my weekend review - it seems so fitting!!

{ONE} THANK GOD FOR INS!! Thursday consisted of 4 dr appointments....1 @ cardiology 2 @ derm (mini-me and I both had 1) & 1 @ dentist for mini-me} At the dentist, mim-me haaaaad to do her own papaer work, I cracked up when it got to her health part.....she checked all the NO's and ofcourse it had a comment section:

{TWO} WHAT HEART DAMAGE??Friday afternoon I was out shopping & was just out of breath. Yes, I was shopping but no need to have to catch my breath. It was exciting but not that exciting!! I had yet to hear bk about my chem stress test so I called them.
{I think someone needs to design a designer hospital gown!}

It was getting close to the end of day & I knew I'd have to wait to entire weekend before I heard back. Talked to them, totally didn;t "get it". I get home and call back so the Mr can hear the convo-  So, I called......long story short:

I was told that I was having some "abnormalities" due to my "prior damage". PRIOR DAMAGE?? I have no knowledge of prior damage. She goes on to call it a "Mycoradial Fracture" I shouldn't have googled that.......

this was a few min after i hung up the phone....at this point, this is all i had going for me-
faith & wine!
{i felt like i have been given a certain amount to days to live, lol}

I have an appointment for Wednesday to go back. Well, when 8am hits, I am calling them b/c I need to go TODAY. I was soooooo close to going to the ER last night. I sat at the bar talking to the Mr, crying and slighting panting. After a while it went away and I went to bed. He has to leave for a business trip and wants to go with me so I hope/pray I can go sooner than Wed.

So, how's that for a start of the weekend?

{THREE}  LETS HAVE A DATE! He decides a nice quiet  dinner is what we need. We go to this little quaint restaurant on the river. Counldn't get the kids to join us. {it's sad when they get older and don't require you to put them in the car!!}  Ofcourse I am on pins & needles. He orders a bottle of wine......

 and eventually  got this:

{FOUR}  WAHHH ALABAMA!!! Saturday we went to a friends house to watch the Alabama game.....ugh that wasn't too pretty. The best part about it is that they just built a 30,000 sq ft house! I had fun admiring every single inch of it. She is an interior decorator so you could only imagine. Made me want to come home and throw a match to mine!! THIRTY THOUSAND.....can you imagine? {at least those of us that don't have one, ha!} 26,000 under roof... mercy!

{FIVE}  CHILLAX-Sunday was a family day at the house. I ran out for a short while and then came back home and we cooked out on the big green egg and then started to feel bad again....


-PREPPY CHRISTMAS SWAP - today is the day you should be getting your swap partners gifts in the mail!!
I hope that everyone is on the same page with their partners if todays date didn't work out for shipping....DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE PICS WHEN IT ARRIVES!! I will do a link up soon for us to show off our goodies!!

-be watching b/c I am teaming up w/Shannon over at Webbisodes for a Tuesday Treat you don't want to miss!! It'll be your time to show off your house. We will have a different theme each week. We are going to try to have the kick off on the 16th. Stay tuned for details!!

Let me publicly & personally thank you, those whom have sent me messages on FB, email, twitter & blog. I appreciate your concern for my health more than you know. It means the world to me. Who would have ever thought that some of my most thoughtful friends, live in my Mac?? Actually, you have a special place and it's in my computer, it's in my heart!! 



  1. I hope you are able to figure out what is going on with you. Just breathe, say a couple prayers and try to be patient...I know easier said than done!
    Dates always help me to feel better! =) Hope the rest of your week goes well

  2. Ok my friend .. the week-end is thankfully behind you. I wish I could just come and sit with you and share some of the waits I've had,in hopes that it would make things seem not so bad on your end; but know that I'm sending you hugs and blessings... and am asking God's helpers to work overtime to make things just fine for you!!!

    Yes, I'm getting my parcel out.....

    To a wonderful and blessed week ahead!! xo HHL

  3. The waiting is the worst. I do hope they can fix what's going on with you. Until then, we'll just continue to pray & drink. Hugs!

  4. Oh no, I hope you are able to figure out what is going on soon! I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this.

  5. You're nerves have to be shot with that news. Wine -ing and praying with you and for you. Thank the Lord, Jesus was able to turn water into wine. Where would we be without it? Sending you some love, luck, hope and faith from Carolina Clover :)

  6. Praying for you. Hope they figure out what's going on! Hugs!

  7. I am so sorry to hear that you had to go through all that and the chem stress test. Keeping you in my prayers!

  8. I am finally catching up on my reader. I truly hope you find out what is going on and that your husband can be with you. Just know we are lifting you up in our prayers my friend. XOXO