Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. More excited than a kid at Disney!
I arrived in Houston on Saturday. I'll be here next Saturday. No agenda. Out hotel is across the Hwy from THE GALLERIA:). In the middle of everything. Kids are home with their grandma & the Mr is out here working. Nothing but good food and good shopping!

2. If your tree is leaning, don't start to decorate it!!
I learned this the hard way. I was determined to get it decorated for the kids before I left town. Well, it was slightly leaning and I thought I'd get started while I waited for mr to come fix it...... 9ft tree with glass ornaments.... Right in top of me! (tile floor)

This was at the end when it was almost all cleaned. I got sidetracked getting glass out of my hand.

3. I'm a little OCD like that :)
I function better with routine. I like things done the same way, the same time, everytime, yada yada. Since my Wednesday posts usually involve words and aren't so wordless, I'm doing a semi wordless wednesday. Be sure to come link up!!

4. You're outta sight but not outta mind!
I haven't been blog hopping in a few days. Doesn't mean I don't think of my friends. Isn't it funny show you see something or hear something and it makes you think of a blog friend? :). I can't get my Mac to connect to the wifi in the hotel & so it's a lil difficult to come visit. I will catch up soon!

5.10 hrs prep & 15 min to eat......
Grrrrrrrr it amazes me allllll the time I spent getting my menu together, hitting a few grocery stores to get allllll I needed, allllll the $$ I spent, alllll the time I spent cooking & baking FOR IT TO TAKE 15 MIN TO EAT & then clean for the next 1.5 hrs! Next year, I'm either taking a trip or it's being catered :p

6. Home Tour Tuesday y'all is tomorrow!!
Be sure to come and link up! Tomorrow Shannon and I want to see your relaxing space. Relax, what's that??

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  1. Hey! So jealous that you're in Houston, so fun! And the shopping, wow! Swing by my blog, I'm hosting an ornament exchange (looks like you could use a new one or ten!)! Sorry about your ornaments, had the same thing happen to me last night! Talk to you later about tomorrow!

  2. I love your blog. You are SO creative (:

    I have a new blog. Please come check it out.



    And I'll def be linking up tmrw (:

  3. Jen and I need to make a road trip to the Galleria!!!

  4. right across from the galleria… hubs is working and kids are with g'ma?? girl, you're not in houston… you're in HEAVEN!!

    have fun.

    and i totally hear ya on all the prep/clean up only to have it scarfed down in 13.5 minutes. it's all we can do to get the kids to sit still (and they're all over 12 and most are 20) and chat over a meal… sheesh.
    hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving and enjoy the city! celebrate!!

  5. Sounds like fun.

    Just want to let you know you were one of the winners in the MikWright giveaway. Yay!

  6. Oh, you are so right, I've thought so often about all the time in preparation and then the 15 minutes to inhale it. Just something not right about that.

    Enjoyed stopping by and so sorry about the tree. Ugh!

    Blessings for a beautiful week!