Miscellany Monday

Hope your day is blessed beyond measure!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.i am a bad girl-
i am so behind in my blog readings.....
i am a bad blog friend.
bad bad.

2.wearing big ben on my arm
if you saw saturdays post, you saw my new garmin
running watch. mercy me, that thing is huge but
and it's a BIG BIG, it's worth it! that thing is awesome-
if your looking to invest in one, check it out....
i am super impressed with all it does.
{yes, i found this out after i ordered it}

3. just cut it off already!
fyi, for those whom have asked, my ankle is not healed,
i had to ice it last night....
right now it's sore......grrrr
i can run so-so on it-
never imagined it still being this way 5 weeks later.

4.i am so thankful-
for the little things this morning, like-
my THYMES frasier fir candle burning...
my delish coffee- fresh ground beans by the mr, my love!
{although we need a new bean grinder, any suggestions?}
that lil mr {age 17} staying home to hang with his family all weekend...
my shopping day yesterday with min-me at our downtown open house...
and you!

5. home tour tuesday!
don't forget that tomorrow is THT!!
this weeks them is
grab our badge and share the love on your blog-
the more the merrier!

6. have seen shalla wista?
her jewerly designs?
if your in birmingham you have a better chance.
i was lucky enough to score a precious cross necklace
last week at a jl shopping event.
they had a booth.
they don't have a shop, only are sold in boutiques.
keep an eye out y'all...
good stuff!
kate hudson is wearing some of her stuff in an upcoming movie:)

lawdy lawdy lawdy
can't miss this event!
click here for your personal invite to the par-tay just from me:)
mark your calendar y'all for nov. 23rd!



  1. I'm sorry your ankle still isn't feeling right! I am right there with on the cut it off already! I've felt like that several times....been close to 3 months for me now! Although I was able to get through an entire hour practice skating with my team yesterday, so that's progress! Sending you love and healing vibes!

  2. Ug. I have felt like cutting off parts that will not heal:) Hope your ankle gets better!

  3. I love the little things too. :) I fell instantly in love with "Big Ben." It's on my Christmas list!

    Please stop by and sign-up for my giveaway. Awesome MikWright items! Yay!

  4. That's a bummer about your ankle. I would love a garmin watch! I'm coach cross country and can't ever tell exactly how far we've gone!:) i stopped over from Carissa's. Enjoy the week.

  5. Tory Burch is on Ru La La!? Are you sure it's not Christmas yet? No, just Thanksgiving. I'll take it anyway. Ha! Have a good one!

  6. Oh my dear friend .. ankles can be most difficult to heal. I know its difficult to stay off of it , but know you must ... Try to keep it elevated as much as possible. Going to check out TB ... sending lots of hugs and ankle Angels ... blessings..HHL

  7. That sucks that your ankle is hurting still =/ I did something funky to my upper leg/quad/hip area about 2 weeks ago and I still haven't gotten back to normal which is ultra annoying!
    I really want a garmin gps watch -- my friend has one and it has been fabulous when we were training for our half marathon.

  8. OMG i cannot WAIT for tory burch on ruelala!!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing your post today!
    Have a great rest of your Monday well, what's left of it anyway :)

  10. Drooled over Shalla Wista at the jubilee!! LOVED their stuff! They had an adorable fleur de lis leather cuff bracelet that I was sooo tempted to get.. =/

  11. I am sorry your ankle is still hurting. I hope it is better soon.

    I am just catching up on blogs. I had a migraine for the first 3 days this week. ugh