not-so Wordless Wednesday-NOLA

if you know me or have ever read 1 word of my blog, you know i'm anything but wordless!
we had an apartment in NOLA after Katrina  b/c my hubby was there working....it's our home away from home....miss it sooooooo much! it was a rushed trip....he had 2 appointments while we were there.... thankfully we were able to squeeze in some good food and shopping!! {or should i say we squeezed in his appointments!}

great weekend with the love of my life-xo

ahhhh the bridge, we have arrived!!!!
whole foods....THREE times in less than 24hrs....
{we have major food issues}
my foot couldn't take too much.....there is ice under that rag......
upon arrival we ate at equator thai...to.die.for.period.

our shoes seemed to be a hot topic......he had converse, i had true religion....uh but ofcourse!

oh my lawd.......superior grill....need i say more? these margaritsas are like the major bomb!
i'll just say 2 large is the right amount......that's all i'm saying...... :)

ok.....if you hit nacho mama's......pina colada's would probably be the last thing you'd want to order but let me tell you, it should be the first thing you order!! i told the mr that we needed to be laying in sun with sand between our toes drinking that...all we were missing was a lil umbrella, the kids & sand!
[look at his closed eyes!lol]

lunch outside whole foods....
i seriously would live there if we had one...
i mean LIVE THERE.....
ughhh po dunk towns.....
we hit WF 3 times in less than 24 hrs...
the first night to get stuff for breakfast , wine and snacks....
the next day to eat lunch.....
that night for some groceries to bring home....
you'd never believe that in that tiny buggy in 3 bags and 1 cooler bag
is $214....
{vitamins & coffee beans & lunch meat is expensive!}
LAWDY MERCY we need to own a whole foods for the crazies like us!

{that or the look after 2 supder duper strong large margaritias!}
he had taken my pic like 20 times in a row and was pretending he never got one, i was looking like a freak SMILING like there was no tomorrow!



  1. Oh my goodness! Y'all are as cute as can be!!! I love it!! I've never been to New Orleans, but I've always wanted to go..maybe someday soon! Oh, and I share a love for WF as well! :) Happy Wednesday!

  2. Looks like an awesome weekend!!! SO happy the two of you got away and to your FAV Town to boot!!

    Hugs and Love, N

  3. OK Y'all!!! I can't reply back to you both cause your email isn't linked girls! I shall post about how to do this one day soon :)

    @Cory, thank you, you're too sweet! Come this way & I will meet ya there. Better yet, since our hubbys both like to shop, we can make it a couples trip!

    @Margie, thank you. I was, rushed, but good! -sidenote, I am waiting on the MR to let me know about a trip to Houston and as soon as he gets the details, I will let you know....its probably going to be the weekend of the 12-13th. (hopefully like by end of today/tomorrow) xx

  4. That looks like such a FUN weekend! And I love that last shot with the 'tude... ;)

    WW: Halloween Fun

  5. such a fun trip!! i live for whole foods (and trader joe's!) glad to see you had a great, great time. those margaritas sound TDF!

  6. @Stacy, LOL. You know those "in between" shots are never flattering...I can't believe I posted that, BWAAHAHAAAA

    @LMCBW girl, ahem, I miss not being able to go there for lunch or grab groceries or just to go, LOL! And if you ever pass a superior grill, you must stop!!!

  7. how fun is that. NOLA… it's been years. years i tell ya!! must go back soon. you made me hungry (and THIRSTY) to go.
    looks like a great time and yeah… i went to natures market yesterday and dropped 28 bucks on peanuts, almonds and two essential oils. oy vey!!

  8. Never been to a whole foods but I see it all the time on Top Chef and since we're so grocery store deprived here in Mobile, I'm always drooling over how nice it looks! Don't even get me started on grocery shopping though...we have to drive an hour just to hit a decent grocery store (Publix). Anyway, your trip to the Big Easy looks fantastic! Such a fun place and we're lucky it's so close!

  9. I just gave you an award on my blog!! Come and get it!!


    P.S. I want one of those Margaritas! Looks like y'all had a blast!

  10. I loved all of your pictures and what you had to say!

    Have a great day!

  11. omg i LOVE Whole Foods!!! If there was one near me, it would be ridiculous how much money I would spend there!!!! It's so fun to just wander...which of course leads to suddenly needing so many things haha!

  12. This post is full of the happy!

  13. Wonderful pictures... looks like a really fun trip!!

  14. Looks like you had such a blast!

  15. Hey, it looks like you had a great time... and I LOVE the shoes ;P

  16. I have a Whole Foods two blocks from my house and I can say I never get tired of just cruising that store! I go several times a week, even if its just to buy carrots.

    This is a beautiful post, looks like you had a great time.

  17. Y'all are too cute! I LOVE Whole Foods, I drive 45 miles to shop there and always spend a fortune. Trader Joe's is another fav of mine. When I visit mama in Georgia during Thanksgiving, I will drive 2 hours to shop at TJ's! I have serios food issues also:)

  18. So glad you had fun!!! Visiting New Orleans is on my list of things to do before I die. XOXO