Preppy Christmas Swap Goodies

Good Morning Y'all!

I have enjoyed the emails/tweets/posts about swap goodies arriving - the excitement just thrills me to no end!

I was like a little girl at Christmas tearing through my box as the Mr brought it into the house. I just LOVE getting mail that doesn't require a check to be inserted and returned:)

So, as I am opening it, HE is all up in my stuff.....helping...ya know like those kids that would come to your birthday party and try to open your goods, like it was for them?? Yep, I think he was THAT kid! We laughed and brabbed from one another as he pulled 1, then 2, then 3 and then a 4th individually wrapped gift!! I was totally blown away & in ahhhhh at all that sweet Miss Janice had done for me. So went WAY WAY ABOVE her duty as a swap partner! I am so thankful for all she bought me & all the time and thought that went into my gifts. I will think of you everytime I put on my apron, wear my Pasmina, look at my sign & stick goodies in my precious server. I wish you were here cause I'd give you a great big (((HUG)))!

 Fler de lis apron.... she knows me well!

How flippin PRECIOUS is this sign??
Not sure where to display it yet.....

LOVE this.....and inside it has a mix for Southern Praline Pie
w/a  fluer de lis spreader

and a monogrammed pashmina!!

Mercy Y'all....
talk about blown away!

Link up your goodies below, even if it's an older post.
If you haven't received yours yet, I will re-post this and pop
it up top in about another week:)


  1. I left my link up. You got some great items!

  2. WOw, looks like you really scored! What was y'alls limit? Love all the fleur de lis....and that sign...too cute! Happy Friday!

  3. such sweet gifts!! i am taking pictures and posting mine soon!!

  4. Love that adorable apron! I collect them and I get excited over every new pretty that joins my collection! Here's your surprise btw: http://www.bonbonrosegirls.com/2010/11/what-do-pink-green-and-pearls-have-in-common.html

  5. very cool! what a great gift swapper =)

  6. I just linked up!! I am so excited to see everyone's...your gift was fabulous!!

  7. Oh my friend what wonderful treats!!! I adore visiting Miss Janice's blog, I have learned and been inspired with each visit, there. I'm hearting all your fluer de lis items ~ especially that apron!!!

    Your sign would look great in an area for your home office/photography studio area!!!HUGS ... HHL

  8. What great ideas. I am linking up once I know Katie got hers. I can't wait to see everyones.

  9. Love the pie saver. It keeps the bee's out!

  10. You are soooo welcome!!! Actually, I want that "Flip Flops and Pearls" sign back:):) Totally kidding. It is flippin' cute if I say so myself! I may get one for moi!
    Enjoy the loot.
    Chin Chin,
    Miss Janice

  11. Love the new look. Very chic chic! Happy Friday!

  12. just linked up my christmas swap -- finally! phew. thank you for organizing!!

  13. Cute, cute, cute! I got my package yesterday & working on a post, so I'll link up then.