{semi} Wordless Wednesday:Santa Baybee

Morning Y'all!! What is it that your asking Santa Baybee for? What is it that you can't live without?? Must have or you can't go on?? (tell me cause I may need it too!)

Honestly, I don't need anything. I like a lot of things but really don't need anything. But....
If I had to pick out something though for santa baybee to bring, these are a few items that would be on my list-

hunter original wellies in chocolate brown

burberry crinkled gauze scarf
{or the cashmere, i'm easy!}

{these are waaaaaaaaay more comfy than the reva's}
although i wish they came in chocolate-
upside, they match the scarf!

Thats all I got!

-be sure to check back later today when the winner of the Invite Cottage is announced!

Be blessed y'all!


  1. Love the shoes...I'm off to make my Christmas list now. Happy Thanksgiving, D! Enjoy your day!

  2. What a wonderful Blessing, to be able to say " I really don't need anything.." isn't? The past year or two I have really started to appreciate how much life has really given me ..depsite the many doors that have closed, If I take the time to really take inventory, I have everything I need... It seems the more I GIVE the more I'm recieving in blessings.

    My friend your posts are always inspiring and thought provoking ... The above choices are just wonderful.. love the TB shoes. May your Blessings grow with each and everyday day ... may all you GIVE come back with many warm felt hugs and know that because you are you the world is a much better place! XO HUGS HHL

  3. Weird, when I was in the shower this morning I kept thinking about those shoes and how I have SO many outfits that would go with them!

  4. I have been so busy fighting the traffic and people in grocery stores the last few days I have NOT given Christmas a thought. Guess I better start thinking that way huh?!?