Things I'm loving Tuesday!

yea, this really isn't a theme......
but I have gotten a few items over the last few weeks/days that I love & wanted to share....
I always love to hear reviews on products...just incase:) Thankfully all mine turned out grrrreat!

Let's talk Ballard Design...
oh how I love thee.....
Mr Brown showed up with a few packages!!
{pardon the crappy iPhone images, I was so excited I couldn't get a real camera!!}

MY FAV thing was the rug...it arrived the day prior....LOVE LOVE LOVE my rug!!!
These rugs are 60% off right now!! What a steal!

LOVE these dishes...great thick quality....
rustic look.....
the blue is gorgeous!
LOVE the silverware......could be it the fluer de lis???

great deal on these monogrammed pillows.....mono was FREE....HELLO!

My new leopard hair Tory Burch Revas.....ahhhh Heaven:)
& my cross wrap leather bracelet.
This lil treasure was found in Baton Rouge at a little boutique off Corporate next to Whole Foods.

In an effort to eat dk chocolate {cause it's better for ya!} I tried this...
very different but in a good way!
And these jackets...I had to get green and orange:)

Well, thanks friends again for your sweet emails & comments... 
I go to the dr again today at 1:50.....
this will be a long day!
I hope you all are doing well and getting in the Holiday Spirit.
It won't be long and I will have all my favorite Christmas tunes streaming via the blog!
BEWARE... :)

image courtesy of google


  1. love the jackets(and the christmas music)!
    good luck at the doc's

  2. Oh how lovely! I miss being able to order from Ballard now that we're international, but there are always the parents who keep offering to ship things...

    By the by, the fleur de lis deatail on your utencils is my absolute favorite. As a New Orleans gal it is a symbol near and dear to my heart!

    What wonderful purchases! Thank you for sharing.



    PS-You've been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be.

  3. Oh how I adore Ballard! I would own everything in that entire catalog if I could. And yes, Mr. Brown is every gal's bestie...love his surprise visits and the goodies he brings! I'm droolin' over your home and the leopard! And hello, TB Revas...so jealous!

  4. Yeah !!! Love it when Mr. Brown visits ~ especially when it takes him a trip or two or three to get all the boxes in the house. Loving everything !!! The TB Revas and the fleur de lis deatail on the cutlery are speaking volumes to me!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful purchases ... now I must go and find out if Ballard ships to Canada.

    Sending you many hugs, prayers and blessings that you only receive good news with everything you do!!! XO HHL

  5. I love perusing the Ballard catalog.

    Best wishes & hope you have good news at the doc.

  6. I'm also obsessed with fleur de lis, so I love all your purchases with the fluer de lis. Love your leopard chair, leopard revas, and that cute cross bracelet! Hope your doctor's appt. went well! Sending hugs to you!:)

  7. Ok, you and I officially have the same GREAT taste!:) I love Ballards...love the rug and the pillows! But those jackets...they are adorable and all the rage. Of course, now I want one too!

  8. Hi Darling Daphne! You cleaned up!! I toast to you as well :) Great taste and great fun :) I have that jacket in apple green! XOXO

  9. I love my Friends... Sometime that just ins't enough...BUT it is worth the effort!!

    Praying for you this afternoon!! M

  10. Thinking of you today.

    I absolutely love the Revas. I need a pair!

  11. You are in my prayers today.
    And very cute stuff

  12. Mr Brown brought me some new shoes from Zappos yesterday. Yea! I am loving the flatware from Ballard that you posted about. That is so cute. I love everything that you got!

  13. love so many of your tuesday loves, especially that delicious looking chocolate!

  14. dude. everything is awesome. come to my house and save me from my decorative funk. or the lack of decoration. PERIOD.
    like mmmmm. on everything. LOVE the bracelet!!

  15. We have almost the exact same leopard print chair! (It was my grandfather's... how cool was he?!) And luuurve those leopard Revas!

  16. Cute, cute goodies. And bring on the Christmas music, I can't wait!

  17. Cute! I want those Tory Burch shoes!

  18. I love the jackets! Green is my favorite -- where'd you find them?

  19. i've tried that chocolate and it is absolutely delicious!