What an honor!

Good Morning Y'all!!

As I was going through my blog email, I read a comment from the Fab Bon Bon girls. Well, I recently discovered them. If you haven't ventured over, you must! Their motto: Faishon, Decor & everything in between" !! HELLO, that's me!
BonBon Rose Girls

Guess who was the featured Rode Bud? MOI! (((gasp))) What an honor to have been chosen from the many many Bon Bon Girls out there.

Her post was just fabulous & so kind-
Go take a visit & before you leave I know you will be "google friend connected"

So, it's Saturday here in the South. {pretty mulch everywhere else, ha}
Beautiful out.
Wind is blowing.
Leaves are falling.
THYMES Fraiser Fir candle is burning.
The Flip Flop Family is all sleeping.
I am blogging and sipping coffee.

We have no plans for the day, I love that!!
Not sure what all the weekend holds.
I think I will go wrap a few gifts and see what Christmas show is on Lifetime.
That's quickly becoming my new favorite channel.

I am going to make my Christmas Wreath with Geo Mesh...I have a love/hate relationship with it. LOVE to see it HATE to mess with it!

FYI- Tuesday's theme is: "Two things in the house I am thankful for"-
So, ladies, what are the 2 things that you just can't live without & are so thankful for? I am going to try to have the link up at midnight so you can link up and be ready to go in the AM.

On another note, did anyone see Oprah yesterday?? I didn't but my mother called me as I was driving down the hwy. As she was telling me all the goodies, I was in awe......then she hit on the TB Reva's & Tote! I almost went off the road :) WHY can't I be there when this happens? When I was at the Jimmy Kimmel show, Ice-T was the guest..... see my luck? lol
 {NOT that anything is wrong with "T"  but I'd rather leave w/ Reva's instead of the lyrics to the newest rap song}



  1. That is too funny! The Tory photo made me gasp...I love them...I need them... I will not be getting them, but a girl can dream!

    Congrats on being in the spot light!

    THYMES candles are the BEST!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  2. I love your blog! I too am sipping coffee now, but I am watching the news. I have been house bound with a broken ankle so I have had the time to check out a few blogs. I love the Hallmark channels Christmas movies as well! It is so nice to relax with coffee before everyone wakes up and the day really starts! Keep up the good work.

  3. I'm swooning, too! WOW!

  4. i was SO jealous of the oprah guests yesterday!!! congratulations on your Rose Bud!! Well deserved!

  5. Yeah, love the TB items featured on Oprah's FT's show!!

  6. Have a fantastic and RELAXING weekend with your family.
    Oprah's show was amazing.
    Watching made me teary eyed. Just seeing the joyful expressions on all of the audience members and of course Oprah's. Guess I am a little sappy that way....

  7. Congrats! I love this post, btw! (:

  8. Congrats on the honor.
    And have you seen those revas in person? I did today and I was underwhelmed. :( But I did get a new pair of blue revas on sale. :)

  9. Awesome new watch! And congrats on the post! Oh, and this blog reminded me that I need to watch the Oprah show. I have it on TIVO and heard it was fabulous! Gonna watch that tonite :)

  10. Congrats, I adore the Bon Bone Rose Girls :)

  11. Thanks for the shout out lady! And that bag...yeah...big fat SWOON!