Gurrrrrrls look at the email I just received. I almost choked on my gumbo!!

FYI- I just got the Eddies {somehow they hitched a ride with us from TX!} and they are SO MUCH MORE comfy than the Revas!!

Now, go shop- Thank me later!!

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  1. Hey, hey, hey...

    Don't mean to bug, but if you can get me your MikWright selections, I can get the information to Tim asap.


  2. So I just ordered a pair of the Eddies. Excited to try them out. I actually just blogged about it. I ended up ordering the Royal Tan ones - figured they'd be a great neutral, plus every other color was sold out. What size do you wear, compared to the Revas. I wear an 8.5 in the Revas, and ordered the same for the Eddies. Hope they work out!

    P.S. Just saw Cool Gal's comment above...girl, you're so lucky! I swear I see your name as the winner of so many giveaways! Haha. Are you just a lucky person in general?

  3. GIRL!!! I just got in late last night and totally forgot!!! Thanks for the reminder....you know me well!

    @SSP, Thats the color I bought!! I wear a 6.5 in Reva and that's what I got in the Eddie. I just got back home and now I am off to shop! OFCOURSE less than 48 hrs after I buy them, I get this email.....grrrrrrr That's ok, lol, I will make the most of it:)

    Oh, and as far as luck goes, I do win a lot of giveaways....1 of our lotto tkts came in while we were gone too.....A WHOPPING $3 !!! ha

  4. Oh good! That's such a relief to know I ordered the right size. That sucks you bought them right before. I did that with a lot of J.Crew clothes recently. I ordered a loot, and then re-ordered the same loot the next day, after receiving the 30% off, plus free shipping code. I returned the first order, and kept the second. I know you can't do that since you've already worn the Eddie's, so sorry. Have fun shopping! I'm still deciding on what else to purchase...a pair of sunglasses, maybe?

    Hey, $3 is $3, right? :)

  5. LOL, yes, I am thinking like you....what do I need since I can save some $$ HA!! Yea, also, I bought them about 9 hrs away from home!! I am making chicken & dumplings before the kids get home and then I am plopping my butt in front of that site and finding SOMETHING..so far I am not seeing anything but the gray flannel revas and purse, lol! I don't want to but something just cause it's a good deal, ya know? Glasses, oh girl , you can always use another pair;)

    The back of them feel SO MUCH better than that of the Reva. The leather is super soft too.

  6. Cracking up and your back and forth with Ashley! Y'all are funny! I don't own any TB but hoping to change that soon!
    Off to do a little shopping!

  7. I had to make myself resist that TB sale, especially since I ran into a smokin' pile of TB in Destin last week! :-) XOXO