Giveaway & Fun Photo Friday: where I am coming from daily

I be bloggin' baby from this spot! Have you ever wondered where people sit to blog? or is that just creepy ? Well, this is where I try to sit & blog/read. If not here, I take my laptop to the bar  {the one in my kitchen, not downtown} or upstairs to watch DAYS OF OUR LIVES :) Oh and if you like DOOL, let me know...we need to discuss!! {another days post fo' sho!}

Y'all need to hook up with my dear friend Shannon for PPF!

FYI: While I was sitting at this spot early this morning, I got onto EBATES, my newest additction and LOOK!! OMGAWDDDDD- TB?? You can get $$ back straight from TB!!
Click HERE to join via FF&P's, tell your friends & start making some cash! To learn more read yesterdays post....what a hidden jewel-and today is FREE SHIPPING FRIDAY!  {i may have a slight shopping obsession... after the holidays I may shop more  seek therapy}

How about a giveaway to help stay on top of things?

I try not start reading blogs until I have done my "chores" but isn't it funny how we seem to get sucked in like the computer is a vacuum with this horrific force that we aren't strong enough to withstand? I strive on routine, ha, if you have read my blog more than once, you already know this! A few years ago a friend turned me on to Motivated Moms , it's a chore chart that is a straight forward system to help us stay balanced and organized! So, I am abt to order my 4th year. The 2 ladies behind this system are true genius!!  I love love love it. LOVE IT! And guess what y'all? Deann from Motivated Moms is giving 1 lucky FF&P reader a 2011 download! {it comes via in a printable ebook format} If you want to have your daily work written out in b/w for you, this friend, is for you. You can even choose the version that has a devotional! {there are 8 versions to choose from} It will keep you on top of everything. You will be cleaning things you normally wouldn't just choose want  to do.  Like today I had to declutter/organize a hall closet. {told ya!} I mean, I personally would only do this when it needed it, not just because, ya know? Here is a sample of what todays chart looked like for me-
Nothing but awesomeness!!!

To enter-
Tell me about your blogging space- Easy Peasy.

Additional entries:
{must be in spereate comments}
-be a follower via google friend  {let me know you already do}
-be a fan on facebook {or let me know you already are}
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Winner announced in Mondays post!

I will be away from the the above spot until Monday....
I hope y'all have a blessed weekend-
stress free... 
be safe at your holiday parties...
patience while out in the crowds shopping...
xo, daph


  1. My blog space is....everywhere in the house. I am currently in bed blogging way...with hubs sleeping next to me. I got up really early (first day of Christmas vaca) and decided to blog in bed this morning. What a great start to the day. Now, if I could only get someone to bring me coffee I wouldn't need to move for hours. :D
    amerskine at hot mail dot com

  2. My blog space is usually my bed at night...or during Little Man's nap...and as of a few month's ago...I started watching DOOL :) I don't get to see it everyday (if my husband's taking a long lunch break) but I try to catch it when I can!

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway! And that's great that they have one with a devo!

  3. I now have your badge! :)

  4. I wish I had a little blogging space like yours. If Im at home Im usually sitting on my bed with my laptop. but 90% of the time I am at work. (8-530 everyday). So I sit on my laptop at work so I dont have to use the work computer.

    Wonderful giveaway.


  5. Thank you Samantha!!

    I love hearing these! Thanks for entering y'all!

  6. Love your blogging spot! :)
    I can't wait to visit ebates- i saw that they have free shipping today!!! Hope you have a great weekend! I may break down and go to the doctor! :(

  7. Shh....I blog a lot at work!!! Otherwise, my office at home - which is always a crazy mess. I wish it looked as cute + tidy as yours!

  8. What a great giveaway!!! I love Motivated Moms and have used their system a few years back.

    Your blogging area is adorable. The computer I use to blog is in my husband's den. After seeing your space, I think I need to give our den a little makeover because I'm in it more than my husband is.

    Happy Holidays.

  9. I'm a follower of your fabulous blog.

  10. my blogging space is on the couch. not as lovely as your space, but it is comfy!

  11. You're blog "spot" is awesome! Mine is the couch, with my laptop! Lame, I know. Hoping to have a better space, whenever we decide to move!

    I would love that "To-Do" List. I'm all about them - and have way too many...but it's better than none, right?

  12. My blog space is any and every where!

    Love yours, by the way! But I must say I am NOT surprise you'd have a totally awesome nook from which to blog!

    Thanks so much for linking up! I'm off to the post office to mail off your goodies!

    Enjoy the weekend!
    Hugs, S!

  13. My blog space is my desk in my office at work...shh don't tell or my laptop at hoem on the sofa!

  14. i blog wherever i have dragged my laptop.

  15. Your badge is on my blog....

  16. And when i opened twitter i believe i followed you... never check it though.. sorry!

  17. I blog on the sofa.... unless I'm at work, then it's at my desk.

    Great giveaway!!!

  18. How am I not a fan on Facebook? Just sent the request, though.

  19. Tweet, tweet! And lots of them.

  20. Your blogging area looks so cute!!!! I am a follower


  21. I dearly love your blogging "nook"! and the sign that says, "blah blah blog"! HAHA! :)

    Thanks for the kind comments about my big move to NY. You MUST come visit, it would be fabulous! I'm so excited!

    Have a great weekend Daph!

  22. Love your desk! We have Round Top in common. That lil chalkboard is my kitchen :)
    Great giveaway just in time for the new year.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  23. I just signed up for Ebates! What a great site. Have an awesome weekend.

  24. My blog space is my home office.

  25. I am a fan on Facebook

  26. I follow you on twitter

  27. Hmmmmm, might be time for me to finally pull the trigger on those leopard print Revas!

  28. I've spent the last 20+ minutes reading your recent entries and have so enjoyed myself. You put a smile on my face and I see so many similarities in our personalities (I'm just a lot older). :o)

    A most wonderful Christmas is wished for you and your sweet family!

  29. At my desk in my office/ den. If I had a laptop I dould be in bed/ on the LR Sofa with my feet up, etc!!!

    I have a New Giveaway from My Sparrow, do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  30. Love to see where people blog from, that is a cute idea!

  31. I have that same chalkboard in my kitchen! I love to peek in ppl's homes! Thanks for sharing