Home Tour Tuesday {all wrapped up}

Happy Tuesday Y'all! Can you believe that it's Tuesday the 20th!! 4 days left til the birth of our Savior!! 4 days til we are traveling from house to house, eating and eating,  going non-stop......it IS the most wonderful time of the year!! 

I had a not-so-good ortho appt. Let's just say I won't be running in the marathon. Not sure when, but I hope to soon.  Just gotta pray this one out because at this point, running isn't worth ruining my body. That's pretty much where it looks like I am going. The Dr wasn't very optimistic.  He wants me in therapy for my ankle and I have bursitis in my hip. He said he "hates" runners...... another post another day. :( I just typed an email to my running team letting them know I was dropping out of the NOLA Rock N' Roll 1/2 Marathon & wished them much luck & wishing them all a new PR. That was hard cause I was so excited. But ya know everything happens for a reason. I am not meant to be there & that is okay. 

Ahem, moving forward.....I assume your here for Home Tour Tuesday, right? So, let's get on with it!! Todays topic is {All wrapped up} I am split. I like to wrap & I also like bags. Not just one or the other. My favorite wrapping is polka dots. Same with bags. I have bought all I could find. I am a big polka dot girl. There are only certain things you can do polka dots with. Ya know? It's not like I would  can wear polka dot clothing or have a polka dot couch....I DO have a black polka dot rug :) I also love the curly ribbon.....gotta love Hobby Lobby.

It was a no brainer on my favorite Christmas gift. It was 2005 and the Mr got me a new wedding ring. TOTAL SURPRISE. He designed it & had it made all by himself. It is a larger version of what I had, this time set in platinum vs white gold and added some baguettes. The best part about it was the way he gave it to me. {he copied me from the year prior when I had given him something very special & I fell for it!!} He unsealed the bottom of a brownie mix and pulled out the bag of mix. Put the ring box in first and put the bag back in. Hot glued it back together. Then he asked for brownies, nothing out of the ordinary since we make them all the time. When I opened that box, the ring was on top of the bag. I just about fell out. What a beautiful unexpected surprise!!!

Gift Giving:
I think the most rewarding gift we have given/do give would be when we buy for the angel tree or a local organization. There is nothing more rewarding. My heart breaks trying to find "the" perfect" items that these families have asked for. There is no better feeling than knowing that a child and parent will have a smile on their face because of something you have done for them. That YOU were able to bring a little peace and happiness during such a hard & stressful time.

With all the traveling & busyness that we all have going on, this will be our last post for 2010!! Shannon & I can't wait to see you all back here on January 4th for the first Home Tour Tuesday post of 2011.

January 4th 
Home Tour Tuesday
 Out with the Old, In with the New---Show us your one room remodel, reno, or makeover!

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  1. SOOOO SOOO sorry about having to drop out of the race. There will be another race in the future.. it's just not your time right now. :(

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the polka dots! I, too, am a HUGE lover of polka dots!

    And OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!! That ring!!! I also have an emerald cut diamond..so when I saw the SIZE of YOURS! I about fell out of my chair! Maybe I'll get an upgrade in a few years! ha!

    Have a great day sweets!

  2. So sneaky! I love the brownie mix trick! Pretty packages!!

  3. Ugh, shame on your doctor. I recommend finding a doctor that deals specifically in sports medicine, and a runner themselves. I went to an ortho doctor once, and it was ridiculous that he couldn't even diagnose my problem as runner's knee. This last time, when I had IT Band syndrome, I found a female triathlete doctor, and she is AMAZING!!! Nonetheless, I'm sorry you can't run. I wish I could run it for you!

    Love your post too! Have a great day!

  4. Shesh, I can't remember anything! I totally forgot to post about my favorite gift...I am totally losing it!

    Your packages look amazing!

    Sorry about your doctor's appt. That's definitely not what you wanted to hear but good for you to knowing when to give in and let your body heal!


  5. First off, sorry for not linking up today. Things were crazy and I just didn't have time to write a post. But my presents aren't too impressive anyway :) Sorry to hear about you not being able to run the marathon. Sometimes our bodies need to tell us when we need to take a break. And I guess yours is telling you now :) I am sure once you are rested and healed, there will be a marathon in the future. And I love all of the polka dot presents!! They look great. What is even better is your beautiful ring. It is stunnging. What a great gift and the brownie box is awesome. When the hubs and I got engaged, he put the ring in the bottom of a jar of tomatoe sauce. I was shocked!! Have a great day.

  6. What a SWEET gift from the husband! Beautiful ring girl!

  7. So sorry about your news from the ortho. I understand. I had to stop my 3 mile walks almost two years ago because of my right foot and bursitis....turned out my back was the culprit. Just keep swimming! BTW, I am a polka-dot kinda girl too!!!

  8. i love all the polka dots. i may have to find some polka dot fabric to go with my brown paper wrapping. thanks for a great idea.

  9. I'm sorry to hear you won't be running! =(
    Your home looks beautiful all wrapped and decorated!
    What a cool way to give you your ring! =)

  10. oh so sorry you won't be able to run the 1/2 marathon. that stinks tons. wishing you a speedy recovery.

    happy holidays!

  11. Can I confess that I haven't wrapped yet?! Eeekkk! (Well, I did wrap 3 presents, but I am by no means close to done.) Your wrapping is just lovely, though! Happy 4-days-to-Christmas! XO

  12. Can't believe your doctor said he hates runners!! So mean! Sorry about all that mess.

    Love your wrapping! And the ring is sooo awesome! What a great gift!

    I agree with you on the buying for a local organization! Definitely my favorite as well!

  13. Sorry to hear about your ortho appt.

    Your gifts are so pretty and what a beautiful ring!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  14. Love the polka dots & the ring is beautiful. Don't you love it when hubbies surprise you?