Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
thanks to carissa for hosting miscellany monday-
thanks to her, all my ramblings  kinda sorta make sense!!

{1 | want to talk to a moviestar?}
well, call me.
i sound like "froggy" from the little rascals.
when i cough i sound like a 90yr old smoker crossed with a cat hacking a hair ball.
uber sexy.
this stuff is all in my chest, i ache, even my fingers hurt.
i can't even wrap a gift

{2 | i may be saying adios}
as sad as i am to type those words.
i may hang up my running shoes if i don't get better soon.
between my ankle (yes, the same sprain),
my hip is starting to hurt (hasn't in months),
shin splints and
now this, i am getting way behind in my NOLA 1/2 marathon training schedule.
i want to cry.
not saying i am 100% sure yet -
see how this week goes.
this morning, i think i need some geritol.

i had narrowed down my outfit to this one,
sorry to possibly disappoint :)

{3 | i caved}
somehow these came home with me from the galleria
-i saved santa some money

{4 | this christmas is ever harder than the last}
i am so saddened {yet blessed and happy} that my kids are growing up so fast.
no more running around making outfits for christmas plays.
no more buying goodies for christmas parties at preschool.
no more sitting on santa's lap.
no more wish lists.
this year it's like this:
kids are doing their own things with their friends.
tree lighting/christmas parade with friends.
instead of hot wheels, he wants a gucci watch.
no barbies, she wants her hair permanently straightened.
{no idea where they get their taste their dad  }
it's gone right.before.your.eyes.

{join me on wednesdays post for a collection of the past 17 yrs!}

{5 | all the cool kids are doing it}
 they will once word gets out on the street web!
on tuesdays,  shannon over at the webbisodes and i have teamed up to offer a home tour tuesday- we have a theme each week, super fun & fab, you must join us!
{themes are posted on the sidebar for you to prepare}
on wednesdays, i just started a {semi} wordless wednesday link up for all us who want to post pictures but have a hard time not adding words!

grab the badges below and share on your blog-
all we ask is 1. please leave a comment on each of our blogs so we will know you have come for a visit & can come see you and 2. PLEASE have a post relevant to the topic :)
{getting new boots & a tank top doesn't really relate to home tour tuesdays turkey day post, get the idea? shannon and i thank you in advance!}

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{6 | fat cheeks are a good thing}
when it's a poofycheeks, that is-
how about a poofycheeks holiday giveaway??
come back this afternoon to see what goodies she has for 1 lucky ff&p's girl!



  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the 1/2 :( I hope you heal quickly and don't have to give it up. Running does so much for my mental state and I am lost without it. I cannot wait to run again!!! Cute shoes :) Can't wait to see the 'over the years' pics - I need to remember to joined you for WW!

  2. Sorry you're injured D! That's just awful! Love your purchase from the Galleria...I'm jealous but just can't bring myself to pay that much for shoes that with me, are sure to get scuffed and messed up! Plus with GG's tiny feet always on top of mine, they'd destined for a quick demise!

    Yay for tomorrow! Take care of yourself!


  3. I sure hope you can get healed soon!!! I would hate to see you stop running. Sending my prayers your way!!! XOXO

  4. @Kelly, Please do link up with us!! The more the merrier:) Grab our badge and spread the love <3

    @Shannon, LOL. WHen I was buying smocked dresses from the Holiday, I was on the back burner. NOW it's my turn, HAHA!!

    @Gwen, thanks girl. I know. Yes, please keep me in your prayers! xxoo

  5. I so get the kids growing up thing. One has a home of her own to take care of and decorate and the other is wrapped up in the friends thing. I'm left to decorate the tree and bake cookies by myself. Next year Keller will be able to "help" so things are looking up!

    I understand the foot and hip pain. I'm no marathonner but I was getting a good three mile a day walk up until two years ago when my back started causing me so much trouble ..... foot/legs/hips first to go awry on me. At least I still have feet, legs and hips, even if they don't work like they used to! Heck, what does?!! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  6. I hope you feel better soon!!
    Love your new revas...I wish I could just go to the mall to get them! Sheesh and a coupon too? I am having a rare bout of jealousy lol!

  7. What's wrong with your hip? Is it IT Band related? I ran the Mercedes 1/2 in B'ham last year injured. I did it, and I did it in a pretty decent time - but, I couldn't walk for a week! Ahhh....

    Anyhow, I hope you get to feeling better all around SOON!

  8. oh so sorry your injury is taking so long to heal, that stinks tons. thanks for posting about my giveaway too. How do you do that? That is a blogger skill I haven't learned yet

  9. i love love love those tory shoes!!! i'm sure santa is very appreciative of you making room in his sleigh for other gifts :)

    also, i loved working with poofy cheeks when i did my giveaway - she's great!

  10. Those TB flats... YES PLEASE!!!

  11. My heart hurts for you and your ankle! I am contemplating just biting the bullet and having surgery on mine now, since after 3 months apparently I still can't skate on it the way I'd like to. So I know just what you're feeling and I'm sorry you might have to give up your 1/2 training. Hugs, hugs, hugs to you, my friend!

  12. @Terri, ugh Don't tell me that!! But on a postive side of that, y'all seem so close & have a great relationship! I pray that mine will come over every holiday, every Sunday, well, everyday, HAHA!!

    @SP, honey I had already bought them before the email came out!! grrrr I tell you what, they are way more comfy than Reva's:) Go get you some :P

    @Regal Pup, I am not sure. I ran a 1.2 in 2001 and have never been the same! NEVER. I just started back a few months ago...I was fearful it wasn't a good idea :( I hear you on the week, lol. My hubby had to do EVERYTHING for me , haha!

    @CT Cupecake, You need to go to your dashboard, click add gadget, scroll to where you see add picture, click add, then stick your image in, add your text, viola!

    @Little Miss, I know, right?? Now I need to find somehting to fill that space, teehee! About the giveaway, yes, such a generous soul!!

    @Jen, go get you some girl:) They have a great lil piece of cushion that the Reva's don't have.

  13. Hope your feeling better soon! Let me know when you post the giveaway and I'll post about it on my blog too! :) I'll be back tomorrow to link up!!

  14. I hope you start feeling better -- my hip started hurting about 3 weeks before the 1/2 marathon. I sucked it up BIG time but I'm paying for it now...haven't been able to even walk normal in 2 weeks =/

  15. Sounds like we have identical voices! I have been fighting this cough/congestion since last week now... I call it my sexy raspy voice. LOL Feel better soon, doll!

  16. I sure hope you feel better soon! And Im sorry to hear about the running situation. It's probably better to let things heal properly.. :( I know it's frustrating!! LOVE your new purchase - only thing I've been purchasing lately is goodies for Cate. But it's so worth it right now! I love to see her light up with excitement! :) Have a great day!

  17. Praying for good health and healing for you. Xxooo ~dawn

  18. The new weeklys look super cool! I am following you and excited to see them unfold. What fun ideas for linking up! Thanks for the visit and the follow today!
    :) Kerri

  19. Thank you for your sweet comment! I'm sorry to hear about your running injuries. Hopefully time will help them heal. And love your new Tory Burch flats!

  20. I hope you heal soon so you don't have to give up something you enjoy

  21. so sorry about the injury! i know what you mean about running... i was in track and cross country all through school and it was such a major part of my life. now when i run it feels like my knee is going to come apart. ugh! hope the marathon still works out. those shoes are superb. love them. i wonder if i could order them online?! maybe i'll just put a bug in santa's ear. ; )

    thanks for linking! you are a sweetheart!

  22. I'm drooling over those Tory Burch flats. Love them! (and love your cute little blog... I'm hooked).