Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1 | quitters never win & winners never quit}
i am so sad. another week and due to being sick, i haven't gotten to run/train. i have even had to ice my ankle a few times this past week.my hip hasn'tbeen feeling "right".  yesterday is hurt throughout the day. i am going to run today. i will see how it works out. then i will make my decision about the half marathon. i am so sad. why? why me? who ever thought a sprain, what 8 weeks later, would still be hurting :( obviously not running for 9 yrs wasn't enough time to heal all the ailments that running had caused.

{2 | close to a nervous breakdown & loosing my religion}
thats what i get for trying to go christmas shopping this weekend. thanks to being sick and yada yada, i am behind. way behind. i was about to fall off the deep end with all the people in the boutiques (tenny tiny stores) with crying kids...these kids don't want to be here. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with taking your kids shopping BUT FOR THE LOVE OF thE HOLY GOD, if they are screaming, A C K N O W L E D G E that they are something you gave birth to OR at least brought inside with you. before i loose my religion on all of you DO NOT IGNORE them..... and if your kids are LAYING IN THE GROUND and customers with merchandise that want to check out HAVE TO STEP OVER THEM, is it too much to say GET YOUR FLIPPING A*&^^^&*&()@#&amp#@!$#; up off the ground and out of the middle of this 200 sq ft shop!! mercy......ok....i feel better now.... this little girl in her precious smocked outfit (probably cost more than my true religions) laid in the middle of the floor by the register... kicking my boots....kick...kick....kick..kick....kick.... momma could care less....

{3 | sometimes i want to throw my iphone from the window}
am I the only one?? I am so upset. i was out of town today, almost 3 hrs away from home with NO PHONE! FYI: don't try to do a hard reset when your phone is charging. You will get that ugly death screen that wants you to hook it up to itunes. SOOOOOOO I just got home, hooked it up, it said I had to do a restore. Y'all know what that means!!! I lost everything that had not been saved. I lost so many pictures. So many. grrrrrrr

{4 | daphne downer has left the building}
the above comments are really not me. I always see the best & wear a smile no matter what.  I think the running thing plus being sick has taken it's toll on me. I will end on a good note. My hubby flies out for a week of fishing in Guatemala today! I am so happy for him. He is going with a great group of men that he is on the board of our fishing club. I am so glad it worked out that he is able to go. He just finished finals last week. He has been working his rear-end off while going to school full time. He so deserves it. I am so happy for & proud of him. So, the kids and I will be hanging out all week. They have exams this week and then Friday, they are out for Christmas! THIS IS ALL AWESOME! #4 makes the other 3 all okay.


{5 | I can't comment on your blog}
Have you heard that lately?? I got it a few times via email last week. After a little research  I found it has something to do with the comment format. I have change it to "pop up" so that may remedy this. WHY would that matter? I just don't understand why it's an option but yet doesn't work.....who new? FYI incase you have had problems, this may help ya out:)

Just a reminder:
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  1. Bless your heart! Things have been rough for you lately! :( I'm so sorry! I feel sure they will start to look up - after all - it's only 11 more days until Christmas!! Hope you have a fabulous day!

  2. I know all too well what not running does for your mind and spirit. If you figure out how to pick yourself up without running, PLEASE share :)

  3. Glad you are able to find the silver lining in all that mess!

  4. Sending you a big hug. Brighter days ahead.

    Your husbands fishing trip sounds fantastic. What a wonderful and supportive wife!

    Happy Monday!

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  6. I hope today's run goes well for you. As a fellow runner, I can't imagine how frustrating it has to be to not be able to get out and do what you love. Have a great Monday!

  7. oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that you're still not feeling well. Have you seen a doctor yet? Is there anything that he can do at this point? I'm LOVIN' your "Keep Calm and Stay Classy" poster. So appropriate for me since I am a Chanel handbag-ho. I collect them like there's no tomorrow. As for the iPhone...I can totally relate. I'm about to trade mine in for an Android...I've been having a lot of problems with it too. I'm so sorry you lost everything...that sucks! I wish that I can join your home tour but we didn't decorate for Christmas this year. We are flying "home" to Washington, DC so there's no point in decorating for me. But I can't wait to see the pictures tomorrow. Have a great Monday!

  8. Ohhhh, I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better!!! Things can only get better, and I know they will for you. HUGS to you my friend!!

  9. I only went to two places shopping this weekend and I just wanted to die! Michael's had one lane open for checkout! ONE LANE AND A LINE OF PEOPLE!!! Of course I waited because their frames were 50% with an additional 25% off, but come on! I love #4 - I try not to be that person but I walked my kids at the grocery store yesterday who were reading the newspaper on the floor. WHERE WERE THEIR PARENTS? They were blocking the isle! LOL! :)

  10. Correction - I walked BY kids, not MY kids at the grocery store!

  11. Saw you BF this am... and I picked today to go out and start training again!! The wind is BRUTAL, just sayin'... good luck and thanks for the bday wishes for number 1!! He is beside himself.. if we can just get through these exams we can CELEBRATE!!!!! love ya! Mexican one night this week??!

  12. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Can't imagine who that e-mail was from last week. I promise to not make you regret changing it so that I can comment. LOL. Anyhooo, I am sorry about your running and pain issues. I hope all gets better, and if ya need me to come do your Christmas shopping for ya, just holler. Thanks again :)

  13. It sounds like you need to take a bubble bath tonight (w/ a glass of wine, of course!). I'm sorry about your phone, and your shopping experience. It bugs me to no end too, when kids act that way, and parents ignore it. Sigh.

    Ok, I hope you have a good week! :)

  14. Sorry to hear you're having pain while running. I go through the same thing periodically and hope your paid subsides quickly. I'd like to say I'm training for a Rock and Roll Half, but really I'm just in the carbo-loading stage (ie eating the cookies before I can even get them baked).

    I have an addendum to your Blog Ettiquette as well, one that says that you don't completely fall off the planet after making a comment. I'm making a dedicated effort to view all I can, but I'm in retail and fully agree with you about shopping during this season. I've laughed several times about "you at least brough them in the store".

    I may steal the Blog Ettiquette idea if you don't mind(and of course I'll link back to you).

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  15. I haven't been able to run for the past 2 weeks =/ I am way more emotional and a little more down because I don't have that outlet. I have decided that come hell or high water I am RUNNING this weekend! I HAVE to. I just can't stand it! I feel your pain -- though you have been down and out longer than I have =/
    UGH I am so glad I have family/friends who appreciate the hard work that goes into DIY -- I can DIY presents this year instead of buying woo!! good luck with your shopping!

  16. Okay, amen to the screaming child comment! GG is a sweet sweet girl, most of the time, but on occasion she just has enough! When that time comes, we leave! Bret and I had to do this on Saturday when we headed home from shopping with nothing to show for it! It's not fair to drag an upset kid around...not fair to the mom, the kid, or the other shoppers!

    Sorry you're having such a rough go of it, D!

    Mom said you emailed! Yay! I saw her ornament, I'm jealous! We must do lunch after the holidays and all the craziness is over!

    And for the love of Pete, please don't put pressure on yourself to run! You can't force your body to do something, you know! I just don't want you to hurt yourself more, sweet lady!

    Hugs to you!

  17. Love that keep calm poster!

  18. I'm sorry about your injury. That alone is enough to make a happy woman grouchy AND crabby kids. Blech. This IS my first time visiting your blog and I enjoyed your misc. post!

  19. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how long it has been for you sprain. It just takes time to heal. Be careful running today! I know what it is like, with my broken ankle, it starts to feel good and last night I put some weight on it and hurt my fractured knee! Things will get better. As for screeming kids, working in retail I see so many parents that do not teach their children how to act in public. They do not know how to disapline their children.
    Hope you feel better soon. Have a good run today!

  20. I'm sending you my prayers. Just remember everything happens for a reason and He has a reason He doesn't want you running right now. XOXO

  21. Such a good post! Loved it!!!!

  22. Hope you get to feeling better!! We all need to rant every now and then!!

    Keep positive. Your posts are always so good, I really enjoy reading them!

  23. Oh, sorry about your running. I so feel you about the kids in the store! I love kids but when they're not behaving in a store & the parents don't say anything it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

  24. I totally agree with the screaming kid comment. I have been out shopping and kids are screaming in the carts and the parents are totally ignoring them. I would have been taken out of the store and gotten whipped for that.

    I hope you can run again soon.

  25. Aww, I'm sorry your ankle is still causing problems, that is no fun.

    And I feel for you on the other issues, somehow this time of year seems to amplify *everything*, at least it can for me.

    Please know I'm sending you a hug and lots of smiles for your spirit. :)

  26. what a fun take on the "keep calm!" gorgeous!
    i am so very sorry to hear that your running is going so sporadically. my advice to you: Just Keep Swimming (just like in finding nemo!!)

  27. The dude has been known to throw himself on the floor. That's when he gets carried kicking and screaming out of the store. HA!

  28. Oh my sweet friend... I know all too well about the ankle situation, I'm sending you healing hugs ~ that the pain goes away. I find the cold really plays havoc on your joints once they have been hurt.

    #2 ... I often wonder where people went to "Parenting School" .. oh yes, one does not have to attend classes to have a child... just to get married. I'm so with you on this one, especially since my ABI, I find such situations horrible environments for me.

    Ok they misery loves company .. so I'm with you..my blackberry had a habit of powering itself off ... and then not rebooting or taking way toooo long to do so.

    And yes I love your number 4!~ quote...may have to print out that image and place it close to my desk area. I was sharing with hubby ... about your hubby's fishing trip and he wants me to ask you to please have him take pictures and share on future post!! Yes, I have a fishing enthusiast over here... he has been on Fly-Ins to Quebec... where there is no one else on the island other than his fishing buddies ...

    I'll stick with the spa ~ thank you. Yeah!!! for having some bondng time with minnie me and Little Mr. that will keep you smiling... wishing them good luck on their exams!!!

    Sorry I haven't been visiting as often ... its been hectic on this end. xo HHL

  29. Sorry to hear! I hate to hear it, but things really do happen for a reason. i hope you start to feel better soon. your in my thoughts.

  30. it feels nice just to let it all out sometimes:)

    my Palm died a while back and took All of my addresses and such to electronic heaven with it! it was real fun trying to make my Christmas card list this year with out it.

    oh and my hubby would be so jealous about the fishing trip. He and my son are headed to Arkansas this week for some man time and duck hunting, my son is so excited to get to go since it is his first "hunting trip":) my hubby is so excited to get to share another thing he loves with his son. He has become a great deer hunter and now hubby hopes he loves duck hunting also.