Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1 | Motivated Moms Winner}

Congrats to Mama K!!!
You are going to so love this!

ALSO, I spoke with Deann over the weekend & she shared some awesome news...guess what y'all?? If you have an iPhone, you can now get the Motivated Moms app! I am going w/ the app instead of the eBook for 2011. How cool is this?

{2 | health update}
Holy Moses....I have had so many sweet bloggy friends emailing/tweeting about my heart, ankle, etc. {you'd think I was 95 yrs old w/all my ailments!} Cliff notes version: Ever since my last visit to the cardiologist when I found out I was dying thanks to 2 nurses who can't read test results , what I will call my panic attacks have been few & far between. Although I have been experiencing several over the past 48 hrs. Weird. The ankle: ha....last Monday I said I was going to try to run. Not too soon after I published that post, it hurt to walk! My hip was giving me issues. {also another reason I stopped running a few years ago} Never made it outside. THEN on Tuesday, I went to sit on my little step stool thanks to OCD I HAD to organize every single cabinet/drawer in my kitchen and when I did, I went right over the back. Some how that ankle got caught in the legs of my step-stool on my way down. {and elbow-on the tile floor}Seriously I have no idea how it happened. So, today, 7 days later, the top of my foot is a little greenish. Pain. Balls. There goes my running. I have officially dropped out of the NOLA Rock n' Roll Marathon. :(  I am waiting on the Dr office to open so I can go in. I am going to try to see if I can get an MRI of my hip and anything else they will scan!! I am sick of hurting. If I can't run again, someone needs to tell me and I will just become a huge couch potato move on to something else. 
Mini-Me has a tennis lesson today. I wanted to go outside & hit w/her before it started but it doesn't look like that'll be happening. I mean seriously, a sprain??!! It was swollen last night when I got in from an epic shopping trip. I need to count up the weeks, this is getting ridiculous.
{if you really bored, you can catch up on this drama here, here & here}

{3 | Procrastinators Unite}
I am usually not like this. I am so OC about things being done perfectly and on time. Well, thanks to  leaving for Houston for almost a week after Thanksgiving> being sick for 2 weeks prior to returning> kids going in 2 directions> hubby taking a quick trip to Miami>then 5 days in Guatemala fishing> guess who didn't get "the prefect Christmas Card picture? Yea... yours truely! I had this great plan.......the prefect place..... I had it all BUT THE FAMILY!
Thanks to Trolly Cards, a few lucky individuals will be receiving a ca-ute card in the mail. You go in, pick our your card, personalize it & they mail it! The End!  No family picture, but it sure is cute! Look at the precious wax seal!! 


{4 | down to the wire}
Or should I say my last piece of hair??
 I have stocking stuffers to buy {will go with gas cards/Subway/Chic Fil A/Starbucks GC's}
I need to go to HELL Wal-Mart & grab some beer mugs {if you want a GOOD beer mug, get them at WM, they are awesome!} 
And I need to order the Mr's on the verge of ugly, metro-sexual UGGs that he just discovered last night. 
Thank You Jesus & not a moment too soon!

{5 | being thankful}
Ya know, as hard as I have tried to keep the focus of this season on Jesus, it's very hard not to get caught up in the shopping...gotta get this, that, this & that.....spending lots of money, always needing to get ONE MORE THING..you know, right?? 
Well, my husband just returned home from Guatemala from fishing. As we were looking through his pictures, we came across this.
This is our friend Todd. The little boy is his boat captains son.

This is Little Brian.
How precious is he?
I want him!

He wanted a football helmet.

A football helmet. 
That's all.
This helmet flew from Alabama to Guatemala.
Is just goes to show, it doesn't have to be in a Tiffany's box or from SAKS.
We {we in general, like ME} need to slow down & really see what is important in life. 
It's not how much you spend or how much something costs that puts the price tag on things.
May I tell you how I wept?

THEN I was looking at a relatives facebook. They volunteer to help the needy. This is an image that I came across....I sat in the carpool line bawling. My heart breaks to think of the children whom will wake up nothing from Santa. 
heart breaking.
{look at this childs shoes}

May we all say an extra prayer for these families. I pray that God would help provide for these moms and dads stressing out trying to get food/gifts. I know there are so many people in our community hurting and it breaks my heart. On the news they said there were over 200 children on the angel tree who has of yet, have not been adopted. 
lump in throat.


{6 |taking a blogging break}
with the holidays here,
kids at home,
a zillion things to do,
a million places to go,
FF&P's is taking a Holiday!
My last post will be the 24th-
I will be back on Jan 3rd with an awesome giveaway!!

Home Tour Tuesday will resume on the 4th.
{Shannon & I will have the schedule posted on our sidebar}
Don't forget to link up {and back} with us tomorrow for HTT-
this weeks topic is:

 {All Wrapped Up}
How do you wrap? 
Bags? Boxes & Bows?

Also, share with us one of your favorites gifts you have received & share one of your favorites you have given.

I will also be sharing a recipe for Tasty Tuesday if you want to share one also!!

{7 | making money while I shop}
Just have to show you this.....
what are you waiting on to join? 
LAWDY, I am having too much fun spending and making money!
and I think I joined, what, a week ago?
Click HERE to get on board-

Be Blessed Y'all!


  1. eeesh!! Good luck with the MRI! =/ I finally ran a mile this weekend! It was my first time in 3 weeks and I think I'm going to be OK! I hope everything is OK with you too!!

    Enjoy your holiday next week!! LUCKY! I will be at work so I may as well have posts going =) So glad I will have you to help get me through the rest of the week though

  2. Heartbreaking is right. Those child's shoes made me tear up, too. We really do have so much to be thankful for - our kids, too!

    Oh, that poor ankle. I hope it heals soon.

    Happy Monday!

  3. I sure hope your 592 aches and pains go away soon! I've been praying for ya!!! And goodness gracious - thanks for posting the last few pics with the children in them. I think we all need reminders of those in need.. *tear :(

    Off to clean and wrap presents! Sure wish I had some elves to help!! ha!

  4. OH my sweet friend.. I hope your ankle is going to get better so you can enjoy your holiday time with your family pain free! My thoughts and prayers to the Bone Gods for you!!!

    It is a GREAT reminder , of what simple things life should really be about. This year we started to cut back on the amount of gifts we give each other and others .. Christmas or I should say the pressure of Santa giving has become to strong - it really out shines the reason for celebration.

    We are getting ready for our trip ..and having a few more birthday celebrations with friends, before we leave.... xo HHL

  5. Random, indeed! Here's to you survivng your ailments and the holidays. Hope you get some rest!

  6. I've been thinking of you and I hope you feel better soon....have a relaxing and fun holiday, you deserve it!!

  7. I hope your ankle heals soon!

    Ok, the post about the kids, yeah, I cried too.. =( I'm so very thankful...

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  8. You trumped me! I haven't even addressed cards. Getting sick during the holidays is the ultimate pits. Sorry about your ankle. It's always something, isn't it? Ugh!

  9. Those pictures are heartbreaking! Definitely makes me appreciate all that we have. My husband and I are participating in the Advent Conspiracy and not buying each other gifts this year. We will give a little extra to charity.

    I hope you figure out everything with your foot/hip pain! I know it's hard not to be able to run!

    And YAY! So excited I won the giveaway!!! THANKS! :)

  10. Right there with you, girl!
    :) Kerri

  11. Definitely the season to be grateful, especially with so many far less fortunate than ourselves! Sorry about your aches in pains, friend. That's no fun! Sending oodles of well wishes your way!

    I am so with you on the whole bloggy break...I'll be on the same plan although I am thinking Wednesday may be my last post until the New Year!
    Time to focus completely on family...and REST!!!!!

    Hugs to you!

  12. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you hurt your ankle again! You will be in my prayers.
    We are all so lucky to have what we all have, some more, some less. We are so thankful.
    Have a wonderful holiday, rest, enjoy your family and enjoy the Lord's birthday!

  13. I hate things are not getting better with your ankle and you had to withdraw from the race.
    I didn't get my cards out this year until today. I am usually done the first week of the year. But it is the thought.

  14. Well, bless your heart! I do hope that you have gotten to the bottom of the health issues. That's just no fun, especially for a young lassie like yourself.

    Yes, we are so sheltered from the way things are for so many folks. Thanks for the vivid reminder.

    I do hope that you will stop by my blog when time allows. Enjoy your time away and make a whole bunch of awesome memories with your sweet family as we all celebrate the Christ child.

  15. So sorry you have a sore ankle and had to drop out of the race! Aren't you ready for some quiet January nights?!

  16. I wish I could play Santa to every single kiddo that won't have a merry Christmas. It just breaks my heart.