Y'all gotta check out Ebates & Ornament Exchange

Both of these issues are equally as important so you get to hear my spill & check out my ornament today!! Whew, I went shopping today. I have come to the conclusion: I need to start asking what people want {extended family} instead of trying to find "that extra special something that no one else has" item. I really stress myself out. ugh I wonder if people put that much thought/stress into it or if it's just moi? Finally I asked my MIL what she wanted.... a Wii Zumba game.... ha, WHY didn't I ask sooner? I was looking high and low for something special when all along I needed to go to Wal-Mart?? bwahahahaa Then I asked my mom, all she wants is a Chanel purse:) {apple doesn't fall far!} I am almost finished...just gotta order mini-me's iPhone4, a few things for the Mr & some restaurant gift cards for siblings and I DONE...STICK A FORK IN ME!! Keep the polka dot wrapping paper & scotch tape out of my sight! {at least til Nov. 2011!!}

So, speaking of spending money, let's talk about making some money, while your spending it:) Last week, Lori over at Shopiholic in Ala blogged about Ebates. I had no clue what she was talking about. The more I read, the more in awe I was. Get cash back to shop? Hello, sign a sista up!!

Shop through Ebates to get EXTRA cash back on the purchases you're already making from all of your favorite stores-sounds like a win win situation to me. Ebates is the leading online cash back shopping. They will pay you cash back each time you shop online via their site. You can earn up to 25% back! Sign up is FREE and they will even drop the money in your PayPal acct!! I ordered some shoes from Puma & a plate from Ballard Design- and look! I only spent $100.69
I could kick my butt for not finding out about this sooner. I just ordered my son a PC last month via NewEgg...$999 @ 2% back! ughhh Then my rug, pillows, dishes and silverware through Ballard several weeks back- I am not even going to do the math on that. I am just sick! OH GIRLS, if you want your TB Reva's from Nordstrom.... 5% back! So, what are you waiting for?? Click HERE to join via my link, for FREE! It's another great company that has benefits for referring members too. So, shout it out to your friends. What this says to me is this: By joining & shopping, we get more $$ to shop with-sounds like a genius idea to me!
here are a few participating stores hat may interest you:
Lands End
Toys R Us
Apple Store
Canvas on Demand
Bass Pro Bath & Body....
and the list goes on and on and on......

Oranment Exchange
I am so happy to have participated in the Ornament Exchange over at my sweet friend Shannon @ The Webbisodes. I had the honor of having her mom as my partner:) Sweet Toni sent me the most beautiful large glass ornament. Just beautiful! I have nothing like it on my tree as I am always scared I am going to break these delicate glass ornaments. I think she may have created a monster out of me y'all! I apologize for the lack of pictures b/c I lost my images of it last week when I had my iPhone screw up. The pics of the pretty wrapping w/ my card were lost:(

front                                                                                   back

isn't it just beautiful?
Thanks S for hosting...
Give Momma T a (((HUG))) for me!

xo, D


  1. wow that ornament is absolutely gorgeous!


  2. I was so excited to cohost the exchange and can't wait to do it again next year! I know Mom was so excited that you liked it! I was with her when we picked it out, just thought it screamed "classy", like you!

    Sorry again about the Iphone drama and losing so many pictures! Technology is great...when it's working!

    Have a great one, friend! (Oh and thanks for adding me to the list...I'm guessing that was you!)

  3. so beautiful. i wish i had gotten in on this. :(

  4. Doing the ornament exchange was fun, and I love checking out everyone's ornaments this morning! And I haven't used ebates yet, but my sis was going on and on... Now I just have to remember to buy things THRU ebates. I am a big Amazon shopper bc usually I get free shipping, etc... So I am going to have to get started on this ebates thing! Have a great day!! ~Heather

  5. I LOVE e-bates! I've earned like $50 in the last 6 months. AWESOME. Also, check out swagbucks. It's a search engine, like google, but you win random "bucks" for searching. Plus, you can earn bucks for other things, but I don't really do all that. Anyway, I've cashed in bucks for $5 paypal, and $10 starbucks card, just for doing what I do anyway. :) Have a great weekend!

  6. I love the ornament!!! I've been looking for a beautiful hummingbird ornament for years. My mom loved hummingbirds and I want an ornament for her to keep her part of the holidays. The one you have is gorgeous!! So now I know they are out there some where. LOL!!! XOXO

  7. Thanks for sharing such a great find!

    I had to laugh about your mom's gift "suggestion" .. see you come by it honestly!! LOL.. I come by it honestly via my aunt and grandmother. lol..

    Your ornament is beautiful!!xo HHL

  8. I love your ornament! Glass ornaments are my favorite, but maybe not such a good idea with a toddler? Jack decided to bite into one last night when I wasn't looking - not good! No blood and he survived, so all is well!

    I'm going to sign up for Ebates through your link right now. I do so much shopping, I wish I had taken the time to sign up sooner. Oh well, as Shannon says "better late than never"!

  9. SO PRETTY!!

  10. That ornament is gorgeous!
    Great job being finished (mostly) with your shopping!

  11. it's beautiful! What a neat idea - I'm sorry I didn't stumble onto your blog sooner!! hope you can visit and enter my book giveaway @ http://needcoffeeplease.blogspot.com

  12. I need to do this ebates thing...I would have some major money since I did a lot of my Christmas shopping on-line! Oh well...more reasons to keep shopping!

    You got a beautiful ornament!

  13. Hey girl! Thanks for the link back - I also rec'd an $11 deposit from Ebates yesterday! soooo easy - for something I was doing anyway - shopping! LOL
    Beautiful ornament! Have a great afternoon! XOXO

  14. Love the oversized ornaments!! Have a few myself! Momma T did good!

  15. That ornament is beautiful!!

    And thanks for the ebates tip! I had no clue either!

  16. Dear Santa: I want a Chanel purse too. :)
    And Ebates? Genius! I must sign up for this and start raking in the cash... thanks for sharing, darlin'!

  17. What a beautiful and very elegant Christmas ornament! Lucky you!!!

  18. The ornament is just beautiful. Love the colors.

  19. I participated in the Ornament Exchange this year and love your blog. I also just found out about ebates 3 or 4 days ago and ordered my boyfriend's new Nike's from them and got 9% cash back. I was hesitant but have already seen the money drop into my account. LOVE IT! Glad to see other people like it too!

    Thanks for hosting the ornament exchange! So much fun!

  20. Phew! I made it home from work after it snowed/iced all day. And what a treat to hear about ebates!! I can't wait to try it! And i love the ornament! I definitely want to participate in the exchange next year!

  21. i want to be in an ornament exchange. how fun!

  22. We all stress at Christmas, love the ornament!

  23. How cool is this??!! And how awesome are you for showing your account summary :) I always love your visuals, such a the cordial thing to do!!! I really wanted to participate in an ornament exchange, but thanks for letting me live it through you. Next year, big plans, big ornament :) Your background is super cute with the updated cane pattern and btw, the loading time factor is still kickin high and registering at "awesome" :) XO, Kelly

  24. Gosh... your shopping trips sound like mine!!! Ahhhh....

    Thanks for the EBATES tip, I had no idea???

    The ornament is beautiful and I'm so sad I missed out on the swap! I'm ready for 2011 though! Hehe... :)

  25. Oh I love Ebates I have been on it for a little over a year and have gotten $86 in that time. I alos got hubby to sign up so when he shops online he will make us money also:)

    another is ShopatHome.com I just started using it and haven't gotten a check yet but I have started comparing the 2 to see which has the better cash back ;)

  26. I am going to check out ebates.

    The ornament is beautiful

  27. I'm new to blogging & I love your blog!! Can't wait to read more!