Home Tour Tuesday {Airing your dirty laundry} & Recipe Share

Good Morning Y'all! I hope that everyone had a great evening. Ours was a great ending to a great day. The Mr & I started getting ready for the gym and ended up at our favorite Thai joint! Today is a new day, right? i have yet to make it there, not once since i posted that i joined  If I can going to ever run again and rehabiliate my ankle I guess I better shake a leg. although i have lots of other things shaking The Mr had school last night so the kids and I hung out. Mardi Gras tree lit, fire burning, bread pudding, AU game & laughter! possible a glass or 2 of wine  Thank you {1} for your sweet comments/emails about my son. I appreciate it so much. He went to lunch today, but didn't eat. Lunch room is better than the library- I'll take it! I am going to blog one day soon specifically about him, to give you a lil background! {2} Again, thanks for your concerns on my car. I will just say, they haven't even called!! I am starting to get really scared. i wish it would just get stolen or something from the shop REMEMBER: BMW=Break My Wallet....just give me Yugo & give me my freedom!! Oh yea.... WAR EAGLE! 

Shannon & I, once again, are so glad to have you all participating on Home Tour Tuesday! I hope that you will share our badge w/link on your post to help spread the word. It's fairly new but spreading rather quickly, yay! We want to hear about see all your dirty laundry!

Todays Home Tour Tuesday Theme:
{Airing your dirty laundry: Show us your laundry room}

Here is my laundry room.  A little background: I spend a lot of time in this room, as I am sure most everyone does. I want it to be a place that I like the look of: that I want to be in: that I don't mind looking at, A LOT. I have yet to add paint to any walls in the house since we moved in over the summer. In time. But for now, this makes my laundry time a little more pleasant.

entering into the laundry room-this is a space by the pantry/laundry room/stairs/garage-or as I like to call it, KHAKI JAIL. it has a gate to the left to contain her. sorry but after a while, you can only take so much dog hair!!

this is where i spend alot of time...even more time that i spend online if that tells ya anyting!

i love these bowls... they hold the items i use daily

extras.....need tp or paper towels? 

ugh i see towels in there... guess what i will be washing today?

mirrors.....cause we all want to see ourselves while we do laundry :)

see the lights? ha...they never turn off.....BUT i choose to say: thank you Lord that i get to wash...not that i have to wash- {cause you know i could be rubbing them on a rock in a field like the old days!}

Now....how about a recipe?? Since it's all about HOME, we must fill our bellies while we wash the clothes that are getting too tight, right? ;)

"Healthy Bread Pudding"
{or as healthy as healthy can be in bread pudding}

I totally slaughtered this recipe and made it MY own. I will admit, I was a little scared but mercy, I totally impressed myself;)

1  c milk {i used 1% organic} room temp
16 oz whipped cream, room temp
1 c sugar
1 stick butter {i used Smart Balance extra virgin olive oil butter blend}
6 beaten eggs {I used all natural}
1 loaf of bread, torn up into pieces {i used whole wheat white}
as many pecans as you'd like {i used a ton}
3 tbsp cinnamon {or more, i added a lot}

Mix EVERYTHING together well. {don't layer like most recipes read}
Pour into a 9 x 13 baking dish.
Bake @ 350  for 30 min or until brown.

Hot Rum Sauce
1/2 c butter
1 c sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1 egg
3 tbsp of Rum {i held the bottle up!}

Cream the butter and sugar.
Add vanilla.
Stir in 1 egg.
Add rum.
Heat and stir constantly over loe/med heat for 5 min.

Cut a slice of bread pudding and pour some hot rum sauce over and ENJOY y'all!

I am adding pics at the end incase you want to print to make it easier-

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  1. YUMMM!! Thanks for the awesome recipe! Can't wait to check it out! :)

    Wish I could link up today, but I don't actually have a laundry room. Just a boring little closet. I'm going to have to breathe deep and try not to get too jealous over all of these gorgeous BIG/fancy rooms with sinks/lights/space/etc! ha!

    have a great day!

  2. Okay first of all, love the laundry room~ It is perfect and I honestly woulnd't mind staying in it all day! lucky for me or lucky for my husband and son- our laundry room is literally right next to the kitchen so I often find myself doing laundry or ironing while waiting for something to cook!
    Speaking of cooking- that bread pudding looks FANTASTIC! wouldn't mind a slice girl!

  3. Okay first of all, love the laundry room~ It is perfect and I honestly woulnd't mind staying in it all day! lucky for me or lucky for my husband and son- our laundry room is literally right next to the kitchen so I often find myself doing laundry or ironing while waiting for something to cook!
    Speaking of cooking- that bread pudding looks FANTASTIC! wouldn't mind a slice girl!

  4. Your laundry room is adorable! That bread pudding looks great too! :)

  5. I agree with you on how much time I spend in the laundry room. Far too much. Next house I want to have a large lavish couch with a flat screen, chandler, bar, and most importantly a maid.

    Your looks very nice and has room to move. I am impressed how clean it is.

  6. Your laundry room is SO nice! You do NOT want to see mine! It's down in our boiler room, next to the oil tank. :/ I wish we had a pretty laundry room like yours!

  7. I have a laundry room, but won't be featuring it! :-) I have yet to decorate it, paint it and bring it up to snuff to my tastes (yes, I recall my blog post in July 2009 when I said it would be the first room I re-do....it will be, I've been lazy!) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your laundry room...a closet, never thought of that!

  8. Okay...your laundry is my dream!! I love it. I love everything about it. The bowls are awesome, so are the pictures on the walls. It is so true that we spend more time in the laundry room than most of the places (besides the kitchen), why shouldn't it be awesome. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and the bread pudding looks so yummy :)

  9. I agree with everyone so my comment will be somewhat unoriginal...your laundry room is lovely! I am envious of your space and sink! Maybe some day for me, right?!

    And I make a pretty good bread pudding too (Paula Deen) but of course it's not considered healthy! This looks great, thanks for sharing!

    Have a great one!

  10. loving the laundry room. Absolutely gorgeous. That recipe is fab as well.


  11. Hi! I am super new to your site, but already loving it! You are hilarious, I am going to really enjoy following. Also, real quick note,
    I wanted you to know I have linked your site up to a Stylish Blogger award on my site: texagermanadian.blogspot.com! I am sure you have been nominated for this award before, but I thought you needed to be shared with my readers. Thanks for all the entertainment!

  12. If a laundry room can be stunning, yours is! I've added mine to the home tour, but it pales in comparison....although I am getting some great ideas for a makeover ~ thank you!

  13. I absolutely LOVE bread pudding! Thanks for the recipe. And your laundry room revamp is kicking me into gear. Mine needs some serious organization!

  14. Your laundry room is wonderful! I just love the black and white look/feel! Very pretty! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  15. ok, your laundry room is the CLEANEST laundry room ever! I am too embarrass to even show you mine!

  16. I am SO envious of your laundry room!

    Winston probably leaves must of his dog hair in mine, b/c that's where his bowls are too. I hate it!!! Drives me crazy. Do you have that same problem?

    Yay for the Tigers! What a great game to watch!

  17. So jealous of your laundry room!! Mine is so small! And I love your washer and dryer...when it's time for us to get new ones, I want front loaders!

    Maybe I wouldn't mind doing laundry so much if I had a room that looked like yours!!

  18. loveeee the colors in this room! and the baskets.

  19. Yummy! That bread pudding looks heavenly! I cant wait to try it in 18 days when i am done fasting :)

    Thanks for sharing your laundry room, it is adorable! I like your organization in the bowls & baskets!

    Have a great day!

  20. I never knew a laundry room could be so beautiful and peaceful. Yours looks great and I love the black and white theme.

    Thanks for sharing that decadent bread pudding recipe. I love bread pudding so I will definitely be giving your "healthy bread pudding" a try!

    I hope you have a great day!

  21. gosh- I would love a laundry room like yours! amazing!

  22. Wow, your laundry room is amazing girl! Huge and perfectly laid out. I would love to spend time there, also. Debating whether or mot I show mine....right now it's a dumping ground for all my ongoing projects!

  23. Love your laundry room! I wish mine were "fun" to be in and look at, but it's not. And I have so many home improvement projects on my list that laundry is definitely at the bottom. But, yes, Thank God that I get to wash!

    That bread pudding looks amazing!

  24. I am so jealous of your gorgeous laundry room!!! I can't wait to have a real room for my washer/dryer one day. :) XOXO

  25. Gorgeous! Love the idea of using beautiful bowls to store some daily items in. Looks so much nicer than just plopping them on the counter

  26. Thanks for stopping by the blog today! The drink is a skinny girl margarita! I am 8 months pregnant but dreaming of a cocktail! haha.

  27. Now that the Christmas stuff is put up I have to get out my Mardi Gras wreaths! That's all the Mardi Gras decorating I do. It's too close to Christmas! So happy to hear that your son went to lunch!!! Speaking of food, that bread pudding looks AMAZING!!!

  28. Your well organized home at least inspires me to someday participate in the house tour. :) The bread pudding - OMGosh sounds delish! xoxo

  29. Girl, you're laundry room is awesome!!! I mean that from the bottom of my ♡. Hehe...

    I would love to link up and share mine, but I can't even get in it to take any pictures! It's crazy and scary in there... I promise! Ugh...

    Seeing yours makes me wanna go in there right now and get busy! I ♡ the bowl idea too...

    I'm officially jealous of a laundry room. No that's sad... :)

  30. You laundry room is nicer than any room in my house :) enjoy it!

  31. beautiful laundry room. and that recipe looks yummy. i might have to try it out. thanks.

  32. I can't link up. My house is not clean enough LOL!
    Love your posts. Happy your War Eagles won. Happy to hear your baby boy ate in the cafeteria. Blessings over your family! You are an encouragement to so many. xo

  33. Hey Pretty girl! Im SOOOO GLAD you found me! Im LUVIN your blog!!! AND...I LOVE meeting new FRIENDS , But MORE, Sisters in Christ! So I do believe we are sistas! I am your newest follower! I will be prepared to link up this next week FO SHO! I dont have a pic of my laundry room...I AM gonna go ahead and Grab your buttons though...I would LOVE IT if you would link up at my Whassup Wednesday Linky tomorrow!!!
    I SOOOO look forward to getting to know you! Hope to see you tomorrow :0)

  34. i dont do laundry at home (Thats what moms are for! :) ) but your laundry room is so organized!

  35. I love your home with the black and white contrast!

  36. I know a lot of women won't admit it, but we do spend a lot of time in the laundry room, and I don't think we need to compromise comfort or style, right?

  37. I am new follower of yours... and I am IN LOVE with your laundry room & washer/dryer. *seething w/jealousy*