It is more blessed to give than to receive

{Acts 20:35}

Don't you agree? 

I love to see a smile on someone's face when I give them a gift, esp. one that is unexpected. I love it so much!! Don't get me wrong, I love to receive gifts but the greater joy for me comes when I am the giver verses the receiver.

So, with that said, I have a birthday right around the corner, t h i r t y - e i g h t . yikes  (((gasp))) What better way to celebrate than to have a giveaway? How about 11 days of them?

{thanks Shannon for my precious badge!}
I am so thankful to have so many awesome friends who are designers & have some of the best sites on the web! I am thankful to call them "friend" & so blessed that they want to help me, help you, celebrate my special day!

Starting bright & early tomorrow, Saturaday (yes I am blogging on the weekend for this!)  I will post a new giveaway each day for the next 11 days! All winners will be announced on my birthday, Feb. 3.

{seperate comments}

-There aren't many hoops to jump through to enter. I want it to be fun. Being hard isn't fun. Lots of work isn't fun. Did I mention I want it to be F U N ???

I don't want you to "follow me" just to enter my giveaway. I want you to follow me because YOU want to. Period. ♥

-Mandatory: I will want you to visit each sponsor. You must check out these awesome & lovely ladies!! They have such great items that if you didn't already know them, you'll wonder how you lived without shopping with them:) Tell me what you would love from their shop.

-For an additional entry, post my Birthday Badge on your blog. {besides, it too cute not to!}

-For a 3rd entry, you can "like" me on facebook.
(let me say now, I don't get on there, it automatically updates when I update my blog- God forbid you miss an update, right?)

3 chances for each giveaway......easy easy peasy!

Whatcha' think?? Excited?? I am!

Here is a sneak peak of what the next few days will bring......blessings y'all!! xo daph

ps- get a jump start....here is precious birthday bash badge!


  1. wow! definitely looking forward to that, birthday girl!

  2. Happy Birthday (soon)!! Getting the jump start and adding the badge now :) Can't wait!

  3. oh yay!! Happy Birthday!!! :) I'm excited !!

  4. Woo hoo! What a fun way to celebrate your birthday! Ok, don't know how I am just reading your "Who Is That Girl" section, but um, I'm pretty sure you and your family are the cutest! Can I please come be a part?! I have never had a big sister!


  5. Happy Birthday! SO awesome!

    I'm having a GIVEAWAY right now, too!


  6. Happy Birthday girl! Sounds like tons of fun! Can't wait! :)
    But I gotta confess...I don't know a thing about this badge issue. I'm a little, ok ALOT, on the outs with this...I don't have a public blog....yet. Does it have something to do with that???
    HELP ME !!!

  7. It is so great that you are giving to us on your birthday. I am so excited for your giveaways...so FUN! And by the way, my b-day is Feb. 7...no wonder I like you...LOL!

  8. ahhh yayy! I checked out some of the sponsors and I'm loving them especially monogram chick..since I *love* everything monogrammed!! xoxo

  9. I knew it'd be fab! Can't wait!

  10. How fun! Happy Early Birthday! :)

  11. I love birthdays too!! I love to give presents and see the expressions on faces. Happy (early) Birthday girlie! Hugs!

  12. Daph~

    I am sooo with you on the giving! I just hosted a Happy YOU Day party for my birthday buddy at the schoolhouse yesterday. She is a summer b-day and her 1/2 b-day fell on Christmas vacay...so I picked a Day and made it her YOU Day! We had a lovely breakfast mtg. with her favs. lemon bars, pink strawberry cupcakes, ChexMix, and fimosas (sparklin' and non-alcoholic)! It was a total surprise to her all done up with her favorite things in black/white/red! I even made her a Happy You Day banner! Surprises are a blast! Can't wait for your give~away, sounds FUN!

    Mrs. Kindergarten
    (enjoyin' my Snow Day today)
    (woohoo for 3 day weekends)

  13. Woohoo! Can't wait to see all of the goodies! Love extended birthday celebrations!! :)

  14. Happy *early* Birthday!! 38 is the new 22 (I know cause I'm turning the same in March lol!)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Yay how exciting! Happy (almost) Birthday! I already have your adorable birthday badge! :)

  16. Who doesn't love a giveaway? I'll be visiting tomorrow! =)

  17. This is so awesome! I do love to give...My family always tells me to stop buying things but it is too fun to see somethign you know they would like and just pick it up for them...big or small!! Happy Early Birthday!

  18. Yes! I got my package on Tuesday, and LOVE my newest TBs! I've already worn them twice!

  19. Woohoo!!! Love giveaways!!! It sounds AWESOME!! =) THIRTY EIGHT!!! =) (I love your badge too!)

  20. What a wonderful treat you are giving us readers!!! These are fabulous sponsors!!! Can't wait ... I have aleady put your awesome birthday badge up on my side-bar... To the Birthday Girl ...lets get the party started!!! xo HHL

  21. Happy Early Birthday! Can't wait for all the FUN!!! Have a great weekend! XO

  22. Bless your heart! 11 days of giveaways! Well Missy, I must make sure I choose the want I really want...'cuz I don't want to look greedy:) 38?? You're still a baby! Hope your weekend is fab!