miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1 | answered ✝ prayers}
thank you to those whom have commented/emailed/prayed & kept miss harper in your thoughts. she is slowly getting better. although she isn't gaining any weight. :( seems to have been a mixture of things but thankfully nothing that couldn't be cured with prayer, medicine and time! i will be traveling to attempt to get a glimpse of her today. i hope to check back in with a praise report!!

{2 | tis better to give than receive}
that's why i am going to have a giveaway for my birthday!
it's a good one y'all!
10 straight days of giveaways-
stay tuned!!

{3 | thankful i can run again}
those of you have followed me know that a few months back i got a horrible sprain.
3 dr visits later & multiple xrays revealed a bad sprain, each & every time. i even had to stop training for the NOLA 1/2 marathon :(   i really thought my bone was in 20 pieces.  i am happy to say that my big ole ba donka donk is moving and shaking again! i think the bursitis in my hip has gone & ankle about 90%. i'm trying to stay on the treadmill as much as possible though. blah
{my lil feet}

{4 | ted williams}
huh.....i was going to blog about his story cause every time i saw it, i teared up. broke my heart.  before i had the chance to blog, he was getting taken to the police station & now to rehab. then i hear he lied. lied about his sobriety. swung at his daughter. yada yada {i know there are 2 sides to every story and i really wanted to give him the benefit} makes me sad. what did/do you think of this story?

{5 | bring on summer}
somehow these cuties made their way home with me yesterday!
i can so see these paired with a pair of white crop pants w/some cajun shrimp opi slapped on my piggies! you can get them online here but mine have the logo in silver, LOVE!
{6 | rue la la didn't break the bank}
thank gawd. even though i ❤ lilly,
i still prefer alot of her solids but will venture out a little.
did ya get anything??
all i ended up with yesterday from the sale was this cardi-
the hayden cardigan...i have  a strapless COLORFUL lilly dress that i recently
bought..still has the tags on it...can't wait for warmer weather to enjoy it!
and for 2 of my nieces i got this....its for Christmas next year...yay, i have already started!
flossie dress....i love the little fish!

{7 | too much is never enough!}
i am linking up with my wes over at life through preppy glasses.
he emailed me last night to let me know of his "too much is ever enough:denim" post.
{ya think he knows i have an addiction since i got a personal invite??}
so, here's my image ....
you can nev-ahhh have too many pair of true religions...
i have crop, flair, skinny, stretchy & even sequins:)
-i just acquired my 2nd pair of sequin ones...they are skinny/stretch...love
if you don't own any, you must add a pair or 5 to your collection.
once you swallow the price tag bullet, you'll be hooked!
i had a few more pair but recently they found a new owner because my butt wouldn't fit in them the dryer shank them!

{8 | less is the new more}
i am trying to do the less is more thing.
the more you say, the less people remember.
so with that, i will say-
happy monday y'all,
be blessed & i hope you join shannon & i tomorrow for home tour tuesday!



  1. yay for running again!! that is very exciting!! =)

    I have lots of jeans -- I use to be able to wear them to work but then the owner decided to make the dress coade business, booo! haha =)

  2. your collection is so impressive!

  3. I'm so happy to hear about Harper .. she has been in my thoughts and prayers since I read your post. Can't wait to read more on this precious blessing who is now part of the FFP family!

    Ok missy, so glad your ankle and hip are feeling better ... but take it easy ..please don't over do it.. I know its tempting to push one's self ...

    TRs are awesome - I had a couple pairs (those darn dryers ... there fabric shrinking here in Canada too..lol...)..I also love Sevens.

    Great score on the sales .. and its never too early to start shopping ... I like to keep some presents on hand for those just in case moments ...

  4. That's great news about running! What kind of tennis shoes are those? I like! Also, I am in love with the sequin true religions -- that's some major weight loss inspiration, because I don't think those jeans look good on big ol' booties like the one I have right now! haha!


  5. Good for you about running...and glad to hear H is doing better! Happy to see the button I made proudly displayed! Happy Monday!

  6. I just love reading your posts! I am tickled pink and green for the back to running! And those sandals, COME ON SPRING! I could not agree more! So tired of winter already and it's not even February, yikes!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  7. Cute button!! I can't wait to see your Birthday Giveaways!! :)

    And I'm happy to hear that you are running again - fantastic news!!!

  8. Yay for answered prayers; glad you are getting to run again; and boy do you have a lot of jeans! ;)
    I enjoyed your MM! I posted mine.


  9. Glad you are able to run again. And that Harper is improving.

  10. Praying for Harper! And I need to check out those jeans!

  11. Yay for being able to run again! That Ted Williams story is insane... they had reports that he became homeless because he didnt want to pay child support...seriously what is wrong with people. I am sure we'll never know the real truth. I so wish I had as many jeans as you do. I am now down to two pairs. DKNY doesn't make the kind I like any more and I cant find new ones that I like anywhere :/

    xo have a fabulous day gorgeous.

  12. So excited for you for running again!! Time heals all wounds :) Can't wait to here about your birthday giveaways...I am sure there are going to be some awesome prizes. And those jeans....great collection!

  13. i honestly cannot run. i look weird doing it & i hate it. i do walk fast though! ;)

  14. Yea!! Running again! You go girl! And love the jeans!!! We have been having JEANS MONTH at work..love it!! Always thinking I need more when I can wear them every day! ha!

    Glad Harper is on the mend...praying for her! :)

    Have a great day!

  15. Daphine, Harper is always in my thoughts and prayers.
    Glad you started running again, I know you love to run. Please be careful and take it easy!
    It is ashame about Mr Williams, people tried to help him, he coule have had so much. It is hard to have faith in people who lie.

    Have a great day!


  16. We have the same running shoes!

    Ah, Mr. Williams.... when will people realize the truth always comes out?

    Praying for Harper!

  17. Thinking and praying for Harper. Hope you have a great start to the week and love those new sandals! :)

  18. So happy to hear the good news about Harper and your ankle/hip! I'm SUPER bummed about the negative Ted Williams stuff. Hopefully he will straighten up soon and take full advantage of rehab!

  19. I'm so happy to hear Harper's doing better. Great news about your hip & ankle. I know you must be excited! I did a little shopping this week but only came home with a cute little bag!

  20. So glad you are back to running again... I am going to start up again soon! Need to get this body back in shape! So ready for warmer weather to exercise in and wear flip flops and sundresses!

  21. SO glad to hear Harper is hanging tough! Been prayin' for all of yall!

    I LOVE those shoes!

  22. Loving the Tory sandals! And I'm so glad you can run again. I think I'd lose my mind if I couldn't...

  23. I'm going to steal your denim collection! Love it!

    And, 10 days worth of giveaways! Whoa! Can't wait!

    Have a great night!

  24. 1) prayers will continue for harper! 2) so glad to hear you are running - we still need to pick a race to do together!
    3) love your lilly purchases.. i logged on too late and missed all of the good stuff :(


  25. just found your blog thru misc monday and I have to say I am excited about reading!

    oh and happy early bday! :)

  26. LOVE the flip flops, and yes, they will perfectly pair up with white crops and slapped-on-cajun-shrimp! And yes, I did get something on RueLaLa...yay :) Can't wait to lounge around in Lilly's red white and blue silk tank/pants at the lake over the 4th of July weekend :))
    Must get to know this wes over at life through preppy glasses...thanks for the heads up!

  27. i am SO jealous of your jeans collection -- gorgeous!!
    also, the ted williams story made me sad. i was very hopeful he would be a success and that he would be able to turn his life around. i do hope it happens for him and he is able to get his life together and make amends with his family.