My retail therapy damage this week...

Good Morning Y'all.....
I know, I am back again on a Saturday!
this will not be a regular thing, i'm off on the weekends but good deals are hard not to share with those you love!!
These giveaways are pulling from my "talking" time!!
Just thought I'd check in to see what goodies you all have found this week.
Anything new & exciting out there? Good deals online? If so, where?

Let me STRESS TO YOU, If you shop online, you must must sign up for Ebates! Here is my link to join. I just checked and my $$ has gone up yet, again!! This cash back below is from purchases from SAKS, Ballard Designs, PUMA, Orivs and Barnes & Noble.

I am so glad to know a few of your ordered the water bottle I blogged about! I am loving mine. Drank almost 90 oz yesterday. It really inspires you to drink more. Like to see, hmmm how many CAN I drink.

On to the goods...
Thanks to SAKS emails, grrr  {got cash back on this too y'all} I am the proud new owner of this.....

Longchamp bag-
this is will come in handy for my trip coming up!!
and while I was already making a purchase, I threw these in my basket....
liners for my Hunter Wellies.....
I think I WILL need these for my trip!

Then Mr Brown came yet again.....I love to hear those brakes out front & the sound that truck makes.....music to my ears! This time he was bringing Ballard Design goodies....
this was the large for front door
couldn't slight the back door, cause I know the garbage man/yard guys enjoy seeing it....
i was very surprised at how thick they are...
you have to step up a little...
kinda strange.
but i love them!!

I also ordered mini-me a little vanity for her birthday...hers is 2 days after mine:) ofcourse I had to give it her it when it arrived...I can't hide things very well-Christmas is hard for me ☺
she stole my leopard chair...i must either buy me another or
find her something. Ballard had a cute stool to go with it
but it was kinda pricy, cute but pricy!
hmm, lets see Brown also brought my Williams-Sonoma tiny cake plate.... have any of you that ordered gotten yours yet? It's so tiny & cute!! 

I also got 2 more as gifts....I am not sure if they have them
any longer but for $16.99!! wow, talk about a nice inexpensive gift
I hit my favorite florist/gift shop and had some bows made. I love this place...love..love..
They have a little house that is nothing but R I B B O N. I go in there and look through it all & tell my girl what I want to spend & she whips it up. I had to get some made to match my doormats......

back-for the garbage man, remember??
AND before my bows could be made, I found these beauties...I have no idea where they are going but I saw someone else make eye contact with them as I was looking...I think she was waiting for me to walk away......so I did....WITH THEM IN MY HANDS!

they are so tall.....beautiful!!
& then I discovered these...once again, not sure where they will find a place yet but I knew they had to be mine. I drive about an hour to get to this shop so I have to get all I want when I see it b/c it may not be there the next time I decide to make a special trip back.

I can't wait to do something for Easter with this!
see why I love that place??

then somehow, not sure, this made it's way back into my kitchen.....
I really think I am through buying this stuff.
I think I have all the peices I would need-
{at least for now☺}
I just love the Kiwi!

I stopped into Belk via my traveling this week....
this is where I hit the J A C K P O T!
Lilly Pulitzer
2 sleeveless tanks.....1 dress....1 long sleeve button up-
I dare ya to guess what these 4 items cost me.....
crazy crazy

Whew.....I'm stopping there, HA....those were the most fun & exciting items. I probably won't be shopping much cause I am saving it for my upcoming trip- I will be revealing it on my birthday! I hope you all have an awesome weekend-XO



  1. Good Morning my friend .. fabulous finds!! what wonderful memories mini-me will make with that dressing table (her friends will be swooning over it)!!! can't wait to read where you'll be off to for your birthday adventure!! xo HHL

  2. Ahhh…I want to come shop with you!!!! This is what I plan to do a little of this weekend! Thanks for sharing…lots of great ideas! Currently waiting on another package from Ballard's myself! :) XOXO

  3. I want to shop with you soooo badly..... I won't need to buy a thing, just watch you in action! Wouldn't that be tons of fun at the Summit and in Homewood and Mountain Brook? So many ca-ute shops there! Have a great weekend, friend!

  4. wow you really did have some retail therapy!! I didnt know longchamp did monogramming, but i love it.

    My guess on the Lilly- 110?

  5. Wow! you did well.
    Those Hunter linings you will love! I wear mine here in Spain (yes, it really is cold enough here sometimes). They really are snuggly; enjoy!

  6. You scored some GREAT items!! I want that leopard mat for my new home! And the wreath! I must find someone here to help me make a big bow!! Love it all D! :)

  7. Daphine, you made some great purchases! I love the door mat & wreath!
    Have an awesome weekend!

  8. You are on a spending spree...thanks for improving the economy! I love my Longchamp bag on a trip. Sometimes I just pack it in the suitcase in case I make some vacation purchases that I need to bring home.
    Mary Ann

  9. You are rocking the economy this week and we all thank you! Love all your finds and what is this about rebates from shopping online??? I must check that one out for sure. Have a fun weekend. :)

  10. man you scored some goodies! i wish i had a vanity like that!

  11. WOWZA lady. You've sure been lucky. LOVE all the leopard!

  12. Oh my goodness, I am loving everything in this post! I have wanted that Ballard doormat for a long time and just haven't taken the plunge. I seriously need a spool of both of those two ribbons. That green is my favorite color and I adore the leopard! I have looked high and low for leopard that I really like, but nothing is ever quite right. And the green moss fleur-de-lis!!!! Girl, you racked up!

  13. LOL the sound of the UPS truck pulling up always makes me sooo happy! I pretty much run to the door :)

  14. Love all the leopard! That wreath is perfect for your new doormats, and love the decorations for the garbage man. ;)

    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

  15. love your door mats and wreaths so pretty!!!! xoxo

  16. ok first off you rock! 2nd go shopping for me....3rd i want those mats! haha too bad i'd need a S instead! :o) you might have found them missing! (wink wink)

  17. I love it all! Those mats are adorable and I love the ribbon on the wreaths! I need a store like that near me! Love the Longchamp also!

  18. It looks like you got some great deals!! Love the fleur de lis & the cross!

  19. I hope you have a wonderful trip!!!

    When you get a chance, would you mind emailing me one or both pictures of your wreaths? I want to send them to my florist and have her try to find some ribbon like that leopard. Thanks!!