WATER: Are you drinking enough?

I personally don't enjoy drinking water but I know how much my body needs it. I recently came cross an advertisement in a fitness magazine for a digital water bottle. It keeps track of your water intake! Genius! ( at least for people like me who loose count after 3 bottles & likes gadgets!!)

It has a fluid monitor, drink timer, and sip tracker. The HydraCoach allows you total control of your daily fluid intake & keeps you informed of the total amount of fluids and calories you need to meet your fitness goals. 

Mine arrived yesterday. This image is my water take yesterday. You can see by the reading that I only consumed 88 oz in a 14 hr time period. I started the timer this morning. You can also see that I was consuming 6.3 oz an hour.

I think this is so cool!! (some may think a waste of money but for me, it's less stress of keeping up and counting). I love the fact at any given moment I can look and know if I need to step it up a notch.

Get yours from HydraCoach.com.

Here's some inspiration to get in shape & ready to find that perfect bikini-


I want to be that girl...
You know her.....
The one you see running down the road
in her running bra and little shorts....
You call her a hooch ...
{jealous? no, she is a HOT hooch! ha}
as i am cramming my 3rd krispy kreme down my throat
Yeah.....I want to be HER!

{** i may be coming to a city near you...i just checked my email & had a great surprise from the mr....let's just say it was a forwarded email from DELTA!!}

Thank God it's Friday- Hope your weekend is awesome!!

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  1. I can't stank to drink it either - don't know why!! I need it, it is good for me, it keeps away wrinkles...oh and other healthy stuff...but still G-A-G

  2. I love water! When I made the switch, I started by adding a slice of lemon, but now most days it is just plain water. It's about all I drink all day. Well, except for wine....

    I want to be that girl, too.

  3. Wow! Did your mister surprised you? That is so freakin' cool!

    I adore that cute pink bathing suit. Love to have that "bod," too (one can dream). At my age those women are not "hootches" to me. They are HOT!

    Oh, and I am obsessed with water. Drink it like a camel at an oasis. Love the gadget. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. That is so genius. God as my witness I am buying one today. I love drinking water actually but I find I get so busy running around doing things that I forget to drink anything for that matter. This is so cool! Thanks sweetie!

  5. That is really cool, I want one!

  6. That's definitely an awesome gadget!! ANd I SOO want to be THAT girl too! ;) How exciting about an upcoming trip!! I wonder where... ? :) Have a great weekend!

  7. I SO need to drink more water. I'm usually good about it, but this winter I just want coffee and warm drinks!!! Thanks for the idea! I cant wait to hear where you are going!!! Have a great weekend! XO

  8. I am so bad at drinking water! This is a great idea...I am going to check it out. It would be nice to look like that hot hooch someday :)

  9. Alright - I just ordered mine! Seriously! What a cool invention! And now, of course, I'm all like "why didn't I think of that?!?!"

    Have a great weekend, lady! Xoxo

  10. How fabulous is that water intake bottle!!! I need one .. I add a Hydrate to my water hoping to help my body absorb more water ...

    I have a goal for a bikini shopping trip for June 30th with a friend!

    Happy week-end.. xo HHL

  11. I love the hydracoach -- what a handy gadget =)

  12. Ever since I had three kidney stone surgeries last summer you bet I am trying to keep a large stadium cup of water with me where ever I go. I try to drink about 8-10 glasses of water each day.
    The hydra coach is a wonderful item.

  13. i really might have to order one of those water bottles...i think thats so cool. I also read that you should drink water with lemon first thing in the morning. The lemons supposed to do something good...i just forget what!

  14. Oh wow! What a nifty little thing. I hate drinking water too and I often lose count of how many ounces I am drinking in a day. I might order one of these bottles! Does sweet tea count as water? I mean, I use water to make it! Ha!


  15. That is a really cool water bottle! I should probably get one of those to make sure i am drinking enough too!
    That bikini picture is definitely good inspiration! You crack me up!
    So exciting you get to go on a surprise trip!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Hey Hydra Girl! If you get on the plane with that bikini I bet they will take you anywhere you want to go!!! Hooch Air, will gitcha there :D XO, Kelly

  17. Y'all are cracking me up with your water counter fixation...seriously y'all are too much! Ha!

    I know where you're going! Haha, but I won't spoil the secret!

    Yay for y'all!

    Happy Friday!

  18. Ha! I don't drink enough water either... but i wouldn't remember to always use that cup! Cool idea though... and she is a hootchie. Just sayin'. :)

  19. Oh , wow.... first of all I love the pink bikini... and yes, JEALOUS!!

    Now, on to the news at hand. This is totally awesome!! It just may make drinking water fun!

  20. I want to be her too! There is a reason I have never been that thin or I would be the hooch running around in my sports bra...haha!

    How fun that you got a forwarded delta doc from your Mr!! I need to let Karl see this!

  21. Can I be that "THAT" girl too?!?!

  22. I have been working on being "THAT" girl since August of 2010. I am almost there. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I drink lots of water myself and this little gadget would be perfect for me too.
    P.S. Hope your love where ever Delta is taking you!!

  23. What do you mean ONLY 88 oz?! That's about 85 ounces more than I drink a day. I have been wanting to get a water bottle to start inspiring me to drink water period! I'll check into that one :)

  24. ahh i would love to be that girl, so jealous. oh and the water bottle is super neat!! hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  25. I do better about drinking water when I am at work due to the 22 oz mug I have there. I need to do better.
    That bikini is to cute. And i would love to be that girl too.

  26. My 40-1almost body will never look like HER again. Glad I read this...just realized I am parched from not having enough water today! Need one of those bottles!

  27. I want to be THAT exact girl in the pink swimsuit above...hot, hot, hot!