Drama for Yo' Mama + NYC Wishes

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Good morning, loves, and happy Tuesday!

In case we haven't met, I'm Julie, author of Brown Eyed Belle and one of Daphne's biggest fans :) While our sweet girl is prepping and packing to jet off to NYC she asked me to take over today and clear up some drama that unfolded yesterday. I hate to be paying you all a visit under these circumstances, but alas...

I'm sure you saw Daph's post that came late yesterday evening about her url change. (It has been deleted since the change took effect). Our girl (and others, including myself) fell victim to identity theft of the blog sort yesterday. A sweet blogger (who I won't name here) contacted Daph about a blogger who was using her blog name, Flip Flops & Pearls. Daph emailed me for advice and upon becoming Sherlock Holmes and doing some investigating I found that she had in fact swiped our girl's blog name and stolen posts from me and the blogger who contacted Daphne (we're talking 'verbatim, word-for-word, pictures in the same order' stealing, gang). The girl has since deleted all her posts and changed her blog url but is still blogging under the name Flip Flops & Pearls, unfortunately. We're hopeful that the drama will be sorted out peacefully and done with soon. I'm not the type to put people on blast for all the blogosphere to see, and I certainly hope it doesn't come to that.


Apologies if this is all convoluted and confusing. The bottom line is this: copy cat bloggers are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. It's so sad that people feel they have to copy other's work to make their mark. The people I've come to know and respect in the blogosphere are those who are original and one-of-a-kind. Sure, we share pictures, we love many of the same things, but we give credit where it's due and we don't steal from each other.

Be real. Be yourself. Otherwise, Daph and I will hunt you down. Just kidding. Kinda.


Now for happy thoughts...

Enjoy NYC, sweet lady! You deserve a fantastic weekend with your honey continuing the birthday celebration!

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Here's to New York, birthdays, being showered in gifts and love, champagne, our sweet Daphne and being original!




  1. Absolutely! Cheers to originality and personality :) XOXO You both are such delights!! Kelly

  2. Honesty, integrity and originality are key ingredients for not only blogging but living life. I hope the person who used "bad judgement" had a change of heart and will do the right thing...shame, shame, shame. Enjoy NY!

  3. Oh my gosh. I am so sorry that happened to you. I cant believe someone would have the audacity to do that. I am glad you are miss detective though. No one can stop you! LOL! Great pictures and hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. That is just awful!!! I can't believe someone would do such a thing. It's so sad. Love you sweet friend!!!! Hopefully it will all work itself out on it's own.


  5. Oh wow. I was wondering what was up with the sudden URL change. This incident is simply scary. Thank goodness Daph has such a great friend in you, Julie!

    Run on.

  6. I watched this drama unfold over twitter and my heart goes out to all you lovely, talented ladies. Just know that your blog fans will always know who the originals are! Xoxo

  7. I celebrated my birthday with a trip to NYC too - great minds think alike, oui? Keeping my fingers crossed (for you both) that the drama is all cleared up... you are both so fab I can see why someone would want to be like you, but come on! Beautiful post Julie, and have an amazing birthday celebration, Daph! X's and O's to you both!!!

  8. Oh no...that is horrible! Can you please e-mail me your new URL...that post is gone and I want to keep reading your blog Daphne! Have so much fun in NYC!

  9. holy cow! this is terrible. i would love to stay in touch and continue to read. please keep me informed. hope you have a wonderful trip.

  10. Have the bestest trip to NYC Daphne, enjoy every moment and treat yourself to something fabulous to remember your wonderful vacation and birthday celebration!! :)

    Hugs and thanks to our Julie for helping you through this...we know how authentic and real you both are, and I'm so sorry someone disrespected you both by stealing your beautiful work. Stay strong, I love you both and support you 100%!!!!

  11. You are all over the place lately Julie honey! Great post. I'm so sorry you all had to deal with this mess yesterday. I hope the unnamed blogger learned her lesson. Have a great trip Daphne! I hope you take lots and lots of pics! Kori xoxo

  12. Wow! That's awful and unfortunately I just saw a very similar incident posted on another blog last week. Hope everything works out.

    Have a great time in NYC, Daph!

  13. Wow...there is even identity theft in blogging!! I guess there will always be people who are 'jealous'...shame on them. We will all be here to love and support you. I will be sending you an email with a few things to do in NYC....be on the lookout in the next day.

  14. I'm so glad it seems as if this has been worked out to some extent. It's so sad to know your gorgeous, unique, inspirational posts weren't being contributed to you both. I hope this incident is over and neither of you have to deal with this again.

    Best wishes for a fabulous trip, Daph! Hope you're enjoying every moment. ;)

  15. That is so uncool. I am very sorry this happened.

    Have a great trip, Daph! Take lots of pictures! Can't wait to hear about all the fantastic things you experienced in NYC!


  16. sigh.. what a jerk. i'm glad it has been cleared up!
    have so much fun in NYC!! i hope your clutch gets to you in time!

  17. I can't believe someone would do that!

    Daphne, you are the best and I hope you have a wonderful trip to NYC!

  18. i cant believe people have to do that...just give credit for the pictures ect...whats the big deal right??

    See you in New York soon!

  19. Woo! Hoo! New York New York!!!!! I'm so excited for you!

  20. Even after your email yesterday, I'm still speechless! Hang in there, Daph and have fun in NYC!


  21. Some people are just so darn tacky... I mean seriously! Looks liek you have lots of supporters here though! The flip flops and pearls wannabe will go down!!! =) People like that have somethin' comin' to 'em! <--in my best southern redneck accent!

    On a lighter not, I hope you have a BLAST in NYC!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  22. You would think after seventeen years in tv, mostly in news, that nothing would surprise me. Unfortunately, this surprises me. I don't get it, seriously do not understand.

    I just need to remember how wonderful 99.99% of the blogging world is, generous, gracious and highly supportive of one another, just as with this post, Julie helping out Daphne. Which reminds me, have a blast Miss Daphne, whoo-hoo!

    Hugs at you both,

  23. So sorry that she had to go through this! It's to bad. I'm glad she has a friend that can take over while she's on vay-cay so she doesn't have to deal with this right now! I love the images!

  24. Yikes, who would do such a thing? This is why I sometimes want to go private! Grrr.

    I'm glad you're in store for a fun NYC trip - you need it, after that! :)

  25. This is just plain awful, and I hate that it's happened to you at all, but especially right in time to put a bit of a damper on your NYC trip. I'm sure you'll still have a fabulous time, and we'll be here when you get back!

  26. I can't believe this happened! I hope it is done with.
    Have an awesome time in NYC!

    I do have one question. I haven't heard anything about winning the birthday contest. Am I supposed to contact someone? Who?


  27. Man, can't believed that happened! Enjoy NY ;)

  28. awww such BUBLE GUM Julie! I love the inspiration! Boo to drama!

  29. I am still totally shocked that someone would do that to either of you. By copying either of you will not make me them loved like y'all are in the blog world. I hope it is all resolved soon.

    Daph, have a blast in NYC.

  30. Somehow, I missed this drama Miss Daphne! Lord have mercy, somebody stole your blog name?!! People just crack me up. How very tacky! Well, it seems y'all have almost gotten it straightened out...so now you are FlipFlopsandPearls.com. Okay. I shall make a note:) Have a wonderful time in NYC and buy some cute loot!

  31. Love you Daph!
    Great post Julie!!
    NYC Birthday Blessings to you : )

  32. That is so messed up! Who thinks they can really get away with that crap? Glad to know that Google is supposed to begin tracking that kind of stuff so they copy bloggers don't get the numbers and traffic the original bloggers receive! Good for you guys getting on top of this and taking care of business!


  33. Good morning from Tokyo!

    Daphne, I am so very sorry to hear that your life was intruded upon in such a underhanded way. Imitation is always the highest form of flattery, but copying is just plain creepy.

    Thank goodness for the kindness of real friends who watch out for you!

    Enjoy New York. We'll all be here, waiting for the genuine Flip Flops & Pearls and her triumphant return!



  34. Sorry you had to deal with such drama. It takes a lot of audacity to steal a url and posts from another blogger.

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