Home Tour Tuesday {The Bambino's}

Happy Tuesday Y'all!! I am back from NYC-wow, what a different world. I loved it!! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present from the mr. {only to have stayed a littttttle longer} It was definitely colder than anything I have ever experienced but mercy, when the lights on SAKS lit up, I all of a sudden forgot it was like 20 degrees and flurries {a few} were coming down! I had tunnel vision & nothing else mattered. I realized that no matter how cold, I can still  S H O P  y'all!

Join me tomorrow for {semi} wordless wednesday. I will be sharing a little about my trip!

Welcome to this weeks edition of Home Tour Tuesday: {Show us your children's rooms} If you are new this week, please let Shannon & I know. I sometimes miss newbies because I rarely come back to look at my blog to check the links. {life, ya know!}

Children's rooms....lets discuss this topic. They are so fun to decorate. When your pregnant you have to get the best nursery decor. That's like 1 of the most important things next to the child's wardrobe!  {other than health, ofcourse!} Well, as the years go by, you all of a sudden don't have the final word. Are ya there yet?? Sometimes ya have to learn to pick your battles. I actually don't any complaints on the things in my children's rooms. {other than a zillion cords of electronics in little mans room and some RAPPER mouse pad in mini-me's room!} I am very lucky to have a 14 & 17 yr old who don't want posters everywhere.  Thank You Jesus!


{see the glasses hanging? drives an OCD momma crazzzzzzzy}

{little mr}

{slight Saints fan}

{these cords drive me nuts....I am waiting for our house to explode any moment!
you can see he has a basket with snacks and water so he doesn't have to get up}

That my friends, is my little blessings rooms.

Thanks to all our weekly HTT girls & welcome to all the new ones.
Be sure to play along next week for Whatcha Watchin'? {Show us your tv/family room}
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Link up lovely friends and show us where your little angels lay their heads each night. 

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  1. Welcome back Daphne!! I thought you were still there (tell mr. next year you need a week, not just a weekend..lol). I was thinking of you all weekend. I can't wait to hear about your trip. I hope you did alot of shopping and some good sightseeing!! Ok...love both your kids rooms :) The vanity on mini me'room is great..I want one for myself. I think for two teenagers, you are pretty lucky that you are so neat (I am sure you staightened up a bit..LOL). I will be back in the morning to link up.

  2. So glad you had a fun time in NYC! I have to ask where did you find those adorable fleur de lis candle holders in mini me's room-on her dresser? Love them! They have beautiful rooms! Can't wait to see your NYC pics!

  3. @Jennifer, thank you! We did have fun fun fun! You're right, I need to be there longer. We had to be back for the mr's Monday night class...3 hrs before it was to start, they cancelled it!!!!!! UGH

    Vanity came from Ballard Designs! {sign up for Ebates and you get 2.5/3% back!

    @TP, thank you! The candle holders actually have crosses on the top. (with flameless candles, lol). I got them from Hobby Lobby ☺

  4. Welcome back girlie!!!! I can't WAIT to hear/see all about it! I have to say that I am very impressed with the bedrooms..VERY neat! :)

    I'm sorry I can't link up today.. I've been so busy with Valentine's day teas and parties, I haven't had time to do anything else!!

    have a great day!

  5. I love the way you decorated your kids rooms. They will never out grow them!

  6. I love both their rooms. And I was so that teen with her room covered in posters.
    Glad you had fun.

  7. Your kids rooms are AWESOME!! Although I am having trouble believing you have teenagers ;-)

    Do they each have their own bathrooms? That's instant headache relief... Seriously, they are pretty, practical and comfy...what more could you want.

    Welcome back from NY ~ hope you had a fabulous trip!

  8. HI! I'm a newbie and just added my space to your home tour (#5), thanks for hosting!

  9. I love both rooms!! I'm especially loving all the Fleur De Lis I spotted! :)

    Have a great day!!

  10. Hey! I am lovin' the green and brown in BA's room and the Who Dat Nation sign in Little Mister's is so fun! Your kids' rooms are so tidy...hope GG keeps a tidy room when she's a little bigger! Ha!

    Glad you're back and looking forward to pictures!

  11. i have to agree with shannon, your kids' rooms are so clean. nothing like my kids' rooms. drives me insane. they have very lovely rooms though. i love the colors.

  12. I'm so glad you had a great trip! What I would like to know is how do your kids keep their rooms so darn clean? It's amazing! Oh, and I love both rooms a lot!

  13. cant wait to see pictures from your trip! Im always a sucker for getting pulled into stores on 5th avenue.

    im also really jealous of your kids' rooms

  14. Oh Wow! Both of those rooms are amazing! I love your daughters bedding

  15. The kids' rooms look great! That Who Dat sign is just perfect about Little Mr's bed! Lovin' that green comforter in Mini Me's room too!

    Can't wait to see pics from your NYC trip!

  16. Welcome back!!! I need to show my daughter your daughter's dresser and how clean it is!! You can't even seen the top of my daughter's . . and glasses - I think she has about 7 pairs going across her mirror - ugh!!

  17. Such beautiful rooms! WOW - such inspiration for decoration and I just PRAY that my son is as clean and tidy one day!!!

    Thanks for hosting!


  18. Welcome BAAAACK!!!

    Love their rooms!!! =) They have an awesome in-house decorator!

    Can't wait to see some pics of your trip tomorrow!!! I know you had a blast!

  19. You did a fab job decorating your kids rooms. They look awesome! My daughter would have loved to have had her own bathroom! Instead she had to share with 3 boys! I sometimes think that is why she wanted to get married right after college, so she wouldn't have to share the bathroom again!!
    Glad you are back, and had a wonderful time with the Mr.

  20. Both rooms are gorgeous but I LOVE the Saints room!!

  21. I'm pretty sure my room wasn't that clean and uncluttered as a teenager. (Okay, it might not be that uncluttered now!) Love both of your children's rooms--especially your daughter's gorgeous bedding.

    Glad you had a fabulous trip! Can't wait to hear more about and see pictures. :)

  22. All the rooms in your house are absolutely gorgeous. You have such an amazing home.


  23. Looks like you two had a fabulous time. What beautiful photos to capture all those memories!

    Thanks for asking me to link up today, I always forget to do that... but today, I did it! :)